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Downward spirals

June 19, 2013

As I have watched this past week’s news headlines I am no more shocked today than I was before....

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Jun-19-13 7:55 AM

Vicki , what you write about is considered a successs by the democrats . yes! we have a jobless recovery and high unemployemnt of educated youth. They are are our future you know. The New (raw) deal did not work, it gave us the great depression.Thats why Obama and the libs gave us another one, it does not work. A success in the mind of a democrat as it causes people to have a fanatical belief in the govt. everything you mention is considered a success to the libs. Why even learned judeye here wants another jobs bill ! The first one did not work so she wants more of non working things.(against fracking too) Ida Tarbel would love judeye. Multiply her attitude by scores of millions and you see why we have the mess we are in.The dumbacrats in action . Hydro fracking is safe. we should all be keeling over by now and we aint. It has changed the world energy scene. The modern dumbacrat, like woodrow wilson think we will run out of hydrocarbons. Never. they are renewable. .

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Jun-19-13 8:04 AM

vicki, if one drives around erie county , one will see lots of work done on the electrical grid, off road and on road. wires and poles strung where there were never wires and poles for 40 years ! It cant be for the expanding population or business base as it is collapsing.Success to a lib. At least the south towns are now hooked to the tonawanda plant.If dunkirk kaputs,as the libs hope it does, to save the planet, the grid reaarrangement is already in place. the lights wont flicker, except for maybe the hottest summer days. then we will import power and export jobs and people. Exactly what underwood tariff did. It is a democratic dream to do this. As to fracking, the saudis are worried as on a btu basis, gas is much cheaper than oil. Anti frackers, we need to see serious mental illness here.You can do it ! Work with our dumb public employees !

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Jun-19-13 8:29 AM

Vicki, fracking vs green energy. Windmills work on average ,due to fickle wind, about aa third of the time. every time you double the wind speed, the power goes up 8 times. thats why everything blows down in very high winds and the mills are feathered out. Plus , as an added bonus, they kill birds ! We would need 1000's of acres of mills and solar panels to equal one coal or nuke plant. In a nutshell, the dream of a democrat is being realized ! How ? By killing birds, business and babies ! Life does not get any better for a democrat than this.

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Jun-19-13 8:42 AM

There is so much MIS-information in this article I hardly know where to begin.

You made the statement "Hydro fracturing has been hotly debated and yet while proven to be safe,"

Please list you sources as this if FAR from the wide majority of scientific studies based on real information and scientific evidence. That is why so many France, Switzerland, South Africa, and Germany (among MANY others) have BANNED this type of unconventional drilling.

The dangers from this type of drilling can not only affect our water supplies but our air quality and soil composition.

Please read more on this before advocating for the ban to be lifted. You might want to go to an information meeting such as the one that will be held tonight in Randolph or on July 9 in Fredonia. Come and learn why so many of us are actively working to keep the ban on this type of drilling.

You might also look into how much MONEY from oil and gas industry people like Rep Reed get.

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Jun-19-13 8:51 AM

The economy’s recovering, but not the jobs – for the first time ever in post-WWII boom-bust cycles. The Dow’s hit record numbers above 15,000, so major companies are doing great, but with far fewer employees. The ueber-rich are doing great, while the middle class sees its buying power continue to diminish.

Export of natural gas is opposed by the giant US chemical companies, who fear the inevitable price increases in the US market. The cost of higher education skyrockets, with students making unwise choices of majors and then facing high loan repayments while unable to find a job in their majors.

Congress is dysfunctional and beholden to special interests, not its constituents. The Spurs should have closed out the Heat last night, but couldn’t make free throws.

I started out this morning in a good mood, but now I’m depressed. :-)

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Jun-19-13 8:55 AM

Where did you get your information on the number of people on public assistance in our County and how much they receive in benefits? Please share the numbers

The vast majority of people receiving benefits are WORKING.. many FULL TIME. We the tax payers are supplementing the profits of companies who are too greedy to pay their workers a living wage or provide them with benefits such as health insurance. Their greed translates into us having to pick up the tab.

I agree with the need for more training and educational opportunities to help empower people to get out of the strangle hold of poverty. We need to help people escape from poverty...and STOP blaming them.

Please come to the PUBLIC forum on Poverty on June 28 at the Clarion that will include Sen Young, Rep Goodell and Greg Edwards.

Poverty is defined as a family of four making about $23,000 a year. And You think this is too high? Good grief...

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Jun-19-13 8:55 AM

Vicki, why apologize for being " a little harsh" about restrictions on public assistance? You have nothing to feel bad about. Welfare has single handedly destroyed this country. If it did work then there would be FEWER people living in poverty. Of course that isn't true. The number of people in poverty is climbing. And it's not because of the "rich people". It's because when you give free money and food and housing and child care and medical care.....a person never learns what it means to fend for oneself.

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Jun-19-13 9:07 AM

One point to touch on in this article - she mentions that property owners are leaving the state, and that got me thinking about something... why are property owners the only ones paying school taxes, when a large subset of DK residents (for example) with kids in school are renters. Unless all these PRs own their homes?

One of two things need to happen - either everyone residing in the city/county pay the city/county/school tax, OR .. only those paying the taxes get to vote on local affairs.

I have no problem with everyone having a vote at the state-wide or nation-wide levels (provided they're paying income tax). However, why should Joe Renter get a vote on the school budget that spends MY tax dollars? Or determine who gets elected to city hall or county seats to spend (waste) MY tax dollars.

Think about it. We're overrun by enough liberals and welfare hacks here, skewing the results for most of us actual taxpayers. Once again, the hard working, homeowning man gets the sha

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Jun-19-13 9:20 AM

Pssst Judeye-you might want to look at how much money your Buddy President Obama got from the big oil and gas PAC's! It's not a one way street sweetie.

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Jun-19-13 9:23 AM

PR24601-I always thought that as well,good post!

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Jun-19-13 9:33 AM

Ms Westlund: If you're auditioning for a position on the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board, then you're a shoo-in.

Your opinion, er, column is so adrift with wholly unsubstantiated facts & data; it is nothing but an tired, boring exercise in parroting all the delusional victimization RW bigotry since the 60s.

If only all those welfare queens would stop having kids, get jobs and become taxpayers...then world peace. ROFLAMO.

Start with food stamps Vicki: 85% of the 15.4% have jobs, 75% of which have full-time jobs. The glaring truth: they simply aren't getting paid enough to feed their kids, period.

But no, to you & all the other pity-poor GOP/RW/TBGers , hungry kids, er, food stamps are unacceptable. Face it, you're a mean, callous woman.

The only downward spiral evident is your decency & humanity. And yet, we liberals still believe someone as undeserving as you shld receive SS & Medicare, no questions asked.

And of course, you'll gladly take it,

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Jun-19-13 11:47 AM

Sounds like Dcronig is one of the freeloaders or has family that is. Right on Vicki. Welfare to work workers are lazy and don't show up. Their favorite quote is I can make more on welfare. Welfare freeloaders should not have cell phone, computers, pools, cars and all the other perks we have to work for. In the grocery store they are buying shrimp to use for fishing bait. You should feel shame to be on welfare not entitled!!!

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Jun-19-13 1:06 PM

PR24601 Unless all these PRs own their homes?

what does PR refer to? I know it could not possibly be racist.

By the way..the taxes are reflected in the RENT people pay. Most landlords are in the business to make money. All of the expenses plus some extra is how they figure out what the rent should be.

Am amazed so many people do not realize this.

I pay taxes...even though we have not had a child of our own in school for over a decade. It is called common good. Education benefits us therefore we all share in the cost. Even those who RENT.

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Jun-19-13 1:12 PM

joew..NO kidding

I know how much he got. I know how many of our lawmakers are bribed ..I mean take campaign donations from large corporations who although in the business to make money..would never expect anything in return.

Get the money OUT of our ballot boxes. Let us have elections and not auctions.

I think Buddy Romer was the only candidate who did not take any money from big corporations. I could be wrong..there might be others as well. what is certain that BOTH of the candidates from the two leading political parties take MUCH money from huge corporations and industries.

Why do you think NOT ONE of those crooks on wall st that stole from us all has been prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to prison.

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Jun-19-13 2:32 PM

Judeye-you did not mention by name who"he" is as you do with others. Just can't bring yourself to say it? Now you still have not said if you agree that the SEIU,AFL-CIO,and the BIGGEST contributors (dollar wise) to the Obama campaign which is the teacher unions, should lose their tax exempt status as well? Pretty easy question right? yes or no????

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Jun-19-13 2:42 PM

@judeye - "Public Resident"s? What'd you think it meant? Haha. Look at me, Public Resident #24601.

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Jun-19-13 2:54 PM

Take a drive along our rural roads,the vineyards,the farms which use boots on the ground to cultivate,maintain,and harvest crops and tell me/us who you observe doing the work. Look at the license plates along the grape vineyards and tell me why we need "imported" workers to tie,and trim the grapes? Simple,lazy people and liberal handouts with no regard to hardworking men and women who have a backbone and pride.

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Jun-19-13 5:44 PM

Renters DO NOT pay taxes. Property owners pay taxes. Three times a year property owners get stiffed with increases on property taxes. Renters get, maybe, one increase per year that does NOT equal what they would pay in property taxes. Try to justify it any way you want I repeat RENTERS DO NOT PAY TAXES!!!!!!!

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Jun-19-13 5:52 PM

I’m kinda renting space here on earth – I think my “use by” date is 2040. :-)

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Jun-19-13 7:08 PM

commentor, Sorry there guy but taxes and upkeep are built into the rental charges. You think anyone is going to pay any extra charges such as taxes without passing it on to whoever the consumer is. If you believe that I have some ocean front property in the middle of the Sahara for you.

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Jun-19-13 7:14 PM

I suppose retailers don't pass on cost increases either?

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Jun-19-13 7:41 PM

joew run some of the license plates of the grape pickers and I bet you will find many are on the to use judeyes favorite term CASH ASSISTENCE rolls and doing grapes under the table!!!!

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Jun-19-13 7:43 PM

I know judeye will be jumping up and down because I don't have a study to back that up!

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Jun-19-13 9:47 PM

Dc, your lack of anything coming close to common sense advertises your political leanings. Calling SS and Medicare an entitlement when there is a mandatory tax for both is ingenuine at best and raw stupidity at worst. You have become a troll, and the sad part is you aren't even interesting while you troll. Why don't you stay up late tonight and see if you can't learn a different off the wall comment from one of the cable channels? "clueless church lady gaggle" is so tired I can't even work up a decent yawn to it anymore. And you had such promise before the accident. At least I hope it was an accident, you didn't purposely stuff your head up there, did you?

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Jun-20-13 7:58 AM

Judeye gets it wrong again and again. A fracking ban in California was defeated. Do you understand anything about life at all judeye. Your lungs are fracked so gas exchange can happen.Look at a picture of the amazon river from space, its fracked via its tributaries. Put this underground and you have a fracked gas well. Do you know that the world needs hydrocarbons to exist ? are you that naive or just another Ida Tarbell ? Judeye, are you learning disabled ? Corporations bad ? Why, we have unions which you love.They dump money into campaigns judeye. NY not in a downward spiral ? huh ? Cronig and judeye, the two most disinformed liberal posters here. Judeye, you never explain what the world will do without hydrocarbons. Lets see that feminine intution at work , judeye. tell us what a modern liberated woman like you would do . Other than raise taxes, etc

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