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Layoffs taking place at Brooks Hospital

June 19, 2013

It appears the Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York is laying off more of its employees, but this time in Dunkirk....

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Jun-19-13 5:51 AM

Why won't the CEO of this operation admit to a specific number for Lakeshore layoffs, and then Brooks? I don't think I want to do any "business" with a hospital that might be sadly understaffed.

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Jun-19-13 9:05 AM

Christopher you know that companies do not give out that information especially in the early stages. They keep the number low so that people won't stop coming then little by little the number grows and grows. Soon Dunkirk will not have enough jobs to sustain the city and then what happens? Dunkirk as a city is small potatoes and the costs are rising and business is leaving. It always was and always will be money. The hospital owners do not care one iota is people have to travel miles to get help. Now how can a city maintain itself without tax dollars from business? It can't. So unfortunately the future has been decided. The job of the mayor is to try and convince there companies to stay but he is not. He did not even know Brooks was laying off. Our leaders seem to think that Dunkirk can survive on events in the city. Well it ain't gonna happen and no one seems to understand that.

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Jun-19-13 9:26 AM

I heard 90 in the area lost jobs. Also Cott just release another 15 jobs.

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Jun-19-13 10:27 AM

I notice the comment about "don't want to do business with a hospital that might be sadly understaffed". Sounds like typical union scare tactic. What unionized entity or business ever had too many people to suit the union? Public employees, fireman, police, teachers, nurses, the list goes on and on. For them, there is never enough staff, inflated benefits and soaring salaries. This self-serving attitude has led to the demise of many a city or business. Detroit is a great example. I am sure the professionals at all local hospitals will continue to provide excellent care and service. The key is to support local providers and the hospital. I am sure they are all dedicated, good people, and will continue to give excellent care.

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Jun-19-13 3:47 PM

New York...we're open for business!!!

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Jun-19-13 5:56 PM

CHRISTOPHER - when I had a heart attack I was lucky to have Brooks Hospital only minutes away. I think under similar circumstances you would feel the same way. Much like other local employers the hospital is taken for granted and unappreciated.

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Jun-19-13 9:31 PM

Here's a "cold" layoff for you - - This guy was a regional manager for a large company, and had to go to all his regional offices and lay-off staff.

He got back to the home office, received the boss's thanks and then..."You're done today, too."


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Jun-19-13 10:08 PM

Maybe, this area can get one of those proposed casinos and hire all these laid of workers. Another, employment problem the area is starting to see is alot of your stores, restaurants and businesses in the area are now starting to reduce employees and/or their hours. So i wonder maybe the hospitals are following suit.

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Jun-20-13 12:31 AM

Why the abrupt hatchet job? Why all the secrecy? Why no "two weeks" notice? You come to work, your told your done and turn in your badge. End of discussion. Why stonewall the news media? All of this says a great deal about the administration.

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Jun-20-13 7:24 AM

The sad part is the cuts will come in those who care for patients, clean and maintain the building and/or those helping the nursing staff, such as ward clerks, but I bet not one administrative position will be cut.

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Jun-21-13 11:52 AM

For the usual naysayers, I guess I'm a dinosaur, but I just felt that all employees should have been notified of their impending layoffs before the newspaper, and eliminating all that anxiety and conjecture. Call me old fashioned, but I just think people who've worked for any place for a time deserve more respect and concern. But I forgot, this is America 2013, and nobody cares about their employees anymore. Their are just too many Phil Julians around.

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