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An artistic woman’s plight

June 23, 2013

My lease is up soon. “Why not move in with me?” Brian asked a few weeks ago. He lives on the Upper West Side, has a two-story apartment, and a backyard. “There’s plenty of room for you and Moosh....

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Jun-26-13 2:07 AM

PR24601 Well said. Sarah is too self centered for motherhood.

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Jun-25-13 12:48 PM

stweeney hands down ! ! he rambles the same mumbo-jumbo whatever the topic...

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Jun-25-13 12:20 PM

Sarah is experiencing the same concerns that many women without children do at her age. I went through it to and understand. I would advise you not to worry about what anyone else thinks and just follow your heart. I'm sure you will do a great job of raising an open minded forward thinking child. Just know you still have a lot of time to decide. Good luck.

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Jun-24-13 9:30 PM

I don't know which confused me more - Sarah's column or Steiner's posts. :-)

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Jun-24-13 12:49 PM

Sarah.. please DON'T have children. You're either going to raise a neo-feminist daughter or a sexually confused son. Your website is a de facto homage to radical feminism. And please spare us, you're not an "artist". You're a continually underemployed liberal arts graduate from SUNY/Fred who is realizing that time may be running out on your "change the world to the way I see fit" gig. At this point, either go big or go home.

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Jun-24-13 7:44 AM

Hey Sarah, guess who the most successful women I have met in 40 years in the chemical field did before getting a chemical job ? Why they were waitresses and or cheerleaders ! yes ! their phrase was, we did not make the system, male and female for you dunderheads, but we will use our feminine charm to advance. Of course they did have a working knowledge of chemicals, but the gals who did not believe like this did not advance like the girls who did. thats why womens lib was invented ! To help the dunderheads and the not so attractive gals gain access to the market ! You will find this approach in books written by experienced women in business. Charm, gals, has worked. i am not saying and they are not sleeping your way up. Just good old fashion charm. But of course, the same sex stuff dulls all the minds. Those dumbacrats.

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Jun-24-13 12:53 AM

This is the same woman who claimed, in her own article "Costs of Motherhood," that statements such as "just wait" and "I thought the same thing at your age" got under her skin because she does NOT want children and seemed insulted to think that her views could change on this topic.

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Jun-23-13 7:58 AM

Sarah, liberation then means being like men. Diversity is just a sham or cover, fetishizing I think is the buzzword. So to all women who think like sarah, get your tubes tied, cut your hair and be like a man. Look at some of the so called liberated gals we see. why, they look like men. They are not womanly attractive. You are fighting against what is.

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Jun-23-13 6:58 AM

Sarah, I thought the modern gals were liberated. Your last paragraph would indicate otherwise. why, the woman needs help with raising a kid. How the hades did the WW2 generation do it . I mean rationing and a huge war effort. Not too mention the great, fun depression before it . To tell a woman what to do diminishes her ? hey gals, its your kid, you and the father raise it.Its not my problem. Is that hard to understand ? Choices ,choices and choices. they always seem to need a govt mandate or funding. By the way, how is the fight against the 4 inch heel doing ? need govt help for that too ?

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