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City group has ‘agenda’ as well

June 26, 2013

What a joke! Opening my OBSERVER dated June 22, on page 3, I saw the article “CAC holds elections, looking to fill empty seats.” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry! Maybe a little of both....

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Jun-26-13 7:18 AM

we are not surprised that an applicant was turned down, we know others who have volunteered to serve without strip ends or strings attached, but the general consensus is these committees stack the deck with like minded people, so new ideas don't have a chance to see the light of day, here is another example of the small mindedness, that holds back any chance of progress, we guess the sheep and rubber stampers will always hamper progress

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Jun-26-13 7:45 AM

Hey Valerie, it was exactly because of the prior experience you listed you were rejected. In the olden days , you would be called a busy body. Running around , doing good, feeling better and saving the planet. In real life valerie, noone likes or wants to be around a busybody.This simple fact is hard to grasp today because of the constant drumbeat saying that " we gotta do something ! ". Val, step back, get a hold of your self and try not to be a busy body. people will like you more. Stop trying to save the planet. You will annoy people.

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Jun-26-13 8:09 AM

Someone that would change their minds. to new ideas are you. There are a lot of groups like this. Another reason why nothing happens. Let's do the same old thing and expect a different result. They should be looking for people with new ideas for sure their's aren't working. I don't know if it's Valerie looking for the Grant Fairy but they should not be looking for clones of themselves.

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Jun-26-13 10:06 AM

I agree with Steiner. The liberal "change the world" mindset is annoying. They always know they can do it better. Rules for this, rules for that, blah blah blah. Save the planet, don't frack, windmills.. is there anything they don't think they know better than everyone else?

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Jun-26-13 11:47 AM


I'm about as far from being a liberal as you can be but I have to ask, are you saying you know better then liberals so they should just shut up?

Pot meet kettle!

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Jun-26-13 12:11 PM

DarkStar.. uhh.. no.. moron. Read my post. I say nothing about "knowing more" than anyone. I simply stated I find their "change the world" mindset annoying. Because it is. They have to have an opinion (the right one of course) on everything. Can't they just shut the*****up already?

So.. DarkStar.. read much?

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Jun-26-13 1:36 PM

DarkStar.. sorry. A little peeved at your comment. Apologize for the moron remark. I usually agree with you. However, you should have read my post more clearly.

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Jun-26-13 1:47 PM


no offense taken, we all fly off the handle and go on a rant occasionally..... well except for me (don't listen to what my boss says on this, since he'll lie!) LOL!

While I don't disagree that the "change the world" leftists are annoying, but the point I wanted to make was that "change the world" right wingers can be just as annoying.

As with most things, both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of this attitude, and of course both also bash the other for doing it.

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Jun-26-13 3:07 PM

Valerie is a dedicated resident of the city. She has made numerous contributions to the area in the past and I'm sure she will continue to do so in the future. The CAC has no budget and very little authority. I don't think the organization is taken seriously by city leaders and that's unfortunate.

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Jun-26-13 3:18 PM

"...I don't think the organization is taken seriously by city leaders and that's unfortunate."

Well if they insulate themselves from anyone with views other than their own they shouldn't be taken seriously.

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Jun-26-13 3:38 PM

Hey darkstar, take a look at Obamas just announced war on carbon. The last several EPA heads all women, change the worlders, have been a disaster for industry. we have to face this ugly fact. Activist women from the left know very little about anything. Thats why they are so sure of themselves.Know nothings usually are. who gals have done all the significant business and science in the world dark star and who exactly is trying to undo it. the unlearned left.

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