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IRS: Official admits a strategy

June 27, 2013

An Internal Revenue Service official in Washington now is admitting she knew of the agency’s discrimination against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status....

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Jun-27-13 7:47 AM

The Observer nails it. DC did play a role in targeting tea party groups. they do not enjoy equal protection under the law. Only liberal groups and same sex people. Holly uses a great double speak, a liberal tea party group. thats why the activist gals excel in science and logic, right from their own mouths !Those libs, they would be funny if not for the damage they do !

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Jun-27-13 8:12 AM

And now the Deputy Director,Roseman has as well invoked the 5th. And these people are going to be heavily involved with Obamacare? Hide your wallets!

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Jun-27-13 8:34 AM

Furthermore, the documents confirmed the agency’s screening of groups suspected as being political was broader than previously thought. In addition to “Tea Party” and “progressive,” the IRS investigators screened for another dozen or so terms including “Medical Marijuana,” “Occupied Territory Advocacy,” “Green Energy Organizations,” and “Healthcare legislation.”

In light of all these facts and evidence, the hardly-ever-clever-or-original church lady gaggle OBSERVER board sounds like Inspector Clouseau when proclaiming their case of "an IRS strategy targeting conservatives".

Unsurprisingly, their acolytes aren't too particularly bright, either.

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Jun-27-13 9:12 AM

Let's stop worrying about the IRS scandal for a minute and move on to something far more important that will have far worse implications for years to come...

That is the immigration reform bill being concocted by the Senate right now that will grant amnesty to thousands of ILLEGAL residents of this nation. ILLEGAL resource-sucking Mexi-ricans that chose to BREAK OUR LAWS, and reproduce a "golden ticket" to "welfare freedom" so to speak.

All illegales should be deported, and their offspring with them. Laws were broken. Next time you get in trouble, ask for YOUR amnesty... hah! You won't get it. But if you were an illegal ******* non-American they'll shower you with benefits and erase your criminal record.

Sad sad days ahead for America.

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Jun-27-13 9:24 AM

Surprisingly enough Dcrack only provides half truths and misinformation to obscure reality.

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Jun-27-13 9:37 AM

What is laughable is how right wing conservative groups (and this very paper) ignore the FACTS to try to keep this story going.

What I want to know is why were the liberal groups who were also targeted left out of the first audit report? Why did this report not include also the words "blue" "progressive" and "occupy" in a group that would receive the extra scrutiny?

Perhaps it was due to the fact that the audit came in response to Rep. Darrell Issa, who "specifically requested a review of IRS actions related to conservative groups,"

Where is the story of how Rep Issa misused his power to try to promote his own radical right wing agenda?

Now that would be a real story.

By the way, anyone who has read about this so called 'scandal' realizes what we must do is change the law that allows groups to engage in "some political activity' and still be tax exempt.

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Jun-27-13 9:43 AM

PR24601...It is difficult to respond to your very ignorant, racist comment.

It is not only MEXICANS who would benefit from this bill.

By the way...unless you are a Native American..YOU are an immigrant.

I hope you will take a moment to actually get some facts on this bill before just jumping in with comments that are very mean, misinformed, and unjustified. Try some compassion.

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Jun-27-13 9:43 AM

@judeye, what we need is no more tax exemptions for groups. Period. Simplicity is often a good solution. But after all, this is the IRS and taxes we're talking about.

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Jun-27-13 9:48 AM

@judeye.. now regarding the immigration bill - which is far more important than the IRS "scandal" - it is 100% factual that the hispanic group is going to benefit most from the bill. It is also factual that many hispanic illegals know that their ticket to staying in the USA and deriving benefits is simply to get here and then have a child. The "golden ticket" so to speak.

And spare me the Native American mumbo-jumbo. My ancestors emigrated from overseas legally, through Ellis Island in fact. The settlers that paved the way for this great nation were Euro-descent. I have empathy for Native Americans, but just as has happened thoughout history, one group conquered another, and right or wrong, any LEGAL resident of the USA is a "native".

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Jun-27-13 9:53 AM

Also, judeye: "By the way...unless you are a Native American..YOU are an immigrant"

Factually incorrect. 100% false. I am not an immigrant. You are probably not an immigrant. No one born in the USA is an immigrant. Even the children of the illegals I so despise are not "immigrants".

I think what you meant to say, although far be it from me to put words in your mouth, is that unless you are a Native American, at one point your family were immigrants - which could then be factually correct. But not necessarily - tey could have been settlers, conquerors, explorers, prisoners, or "property" - shudder at the thought.

I know that's getting nitpicky, but facts and reading comprehension are crucial to successful online debate.

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Jun-27-13 9:58 AM

The truth about PR's comments is that the focus is on illegal. Judeye doesn't want to see anyone as doing anything illegal, unless its the Tea Party.

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Jun-27-13 10:29 AM

The Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration sent a letter Wednesday to congressional Democrats telling them that while several liberal groups may have gotten extra scrutiny, the IRS didn’t necessarily target those — but it did do so for conservative groups.

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Jun-27-13 11:04 AM

"My ancestors emigrated from overseas legally, through Ellis Island in fact" really? good for you as many if not all immigration back in the day was not regulated at all. everyone was welcome "land of the free" " send me your tired" what happened by the way?

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Jun-27-13 11:06 AM

so whe was the IRS looking at tea party groups? hmmmmmm lets see, might it have something to do with a requirement stating that they couldn't use more than 49% of their funds for political activity and still be given a tax break? yeah, i would have targeted them as well, I am sure they came out of the wood work all these economic terrorist so called patriots. Back in the day they were called libertarians.

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Jun-27-13 11:37 AM

There they go again. Can't the left post without calling people bigots or racists? Is that all they really have? Sad when you think that is one of their main talking points. Without it they have nothing.

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Jun-27-13 11:39 AM

"Double O" Bob has enlightened us and has vetted out the bigotry issue. Thank you Bob.

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Jun-27-13 11:50 AM

I call them like I see em guys! Act like a racist and you should not be surprised when you are called one.

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Jun-27-13 11:52 AM

So when you act like an a s s you shouldn't be surprised if someone calls you one. Is that how it works "00"bob?

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Jun-27-13 11:59 AM

that would be correct, I am sure you are well versed in that area

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Jun-27-13 12:28 PM

PR24601, the only requirement to getting in the US through Ellis Island for Europeans was to pass a physical. So we should give all of the so called illegals a physical and let them stay. Of course the policy at the time was racist, because of you were Asian you could never achieve legal standing or become a citizen, just work on building the railroad. The more things change the more they stay the same. We have always been Euro-centric racist nation.

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Jun-27-13 1:34 PM

Marcia, there you go on another anti-American rant you worthless drivel-spewing Arab apologist. Please find a new country in which to live rather than trifle us with your verbal diarrhea.

By the way (for all) the terms racist and racism are the most grossly misunderstood and misused words. Not surprising since usually it's a dimwitted left-winger tossing them around since they cannot intellectually compete with libertarians and conservatives.

Regardless.. observing groups of people (perhaps connected by their race) and applying beliefs based on observations about that group is called stereotyping. One need not be racist to stereotype. I steroetyped hispanics in a previous comment. To be racist I would have to believe that by virtue of being hispanic, all hispanics are incapable of anything other than being welfare rats. This is not true as we have many successful hispanics legally residing in the USA. Best to understand big boy terms before using them.

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Jun-27-13 1:36 PM

Ah, the ol' change-the-subject strategy for the nonexistent IRS scandal to the non-existent illegal immigration problem -- again, hardly-ever-clever-or-original.

Illegal immigrants are approx less than 3% of our population -- again, less than 3%. However, they do the majority of the work with produce & fruits in the fields; maid service with hotels/motels; yard,lawn and golf course work; scullery work in almost all major city restaurants; & any other manual labor work available.

There's a word if you really, really believe that the less-than-3%, doing the most uneducated menial of jobs on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, are a serious source for the economic concerns & govt spending problems of the remaining 97+% of our country: pathetic.

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Jun-27-13 1:40 PM

oh yeah, racist....thats it.

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Jun-27-13 4:23 PM

Thanks robert, because if you admit that your country isn't perfect you are "a worthless drivel-spewing Arab apologist." Wow, a little over the top there.

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Jun-27-13 4:27 PM

But if you spend millions of tax dollars constantly investigating every word spoken or move made by a democrat and never pass any legislation you're Senator Issa.

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