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Heat in kitchen all on Deen

June 30, 2013

Paula Deen, the 66-year-old Savannah kitchen celebrity, has been swamped in controversy since court documents filed last week revealed Deen told an attorney questioning her under oath last month tha......

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Jun-30-13 8:47 AM

Hey sarah, did ya ever hear of something called free speech ? how about equal protection ? You know the thing the same sexers used to undermine heterosexuality. rap music uses slurs all the time. Is it only for them ? No equal protection. Paula can say anything she wants. we are to listen to you Sarah, the mommie of speech control ? I dont think so.You just proved, sarah that free speech is agreeing with a liberal. i dont need or rather society does not need any more mommies like you to tell us adults what to think and say. What is it with you libs always trying to control minds, money and power ?

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Jun-30-13 9:02 AM

Sarah, sensitivity in this country has gone way overboard. It is getting to the point where we can not say anything without the fear of hurting someone's feelings. We need to learn to deal with criticism and humor, even if it is aimed at race, because all races do it. Some cultures are a little more extreme than others, and most of the time people get really offended is when there is a vengeful or political motivation for doing so.

I also have to give some credence to what Steiner says, (as eloquently as he can), in that I never hear you speak out about the biggest violators of racism in the US, Rap Music. Rap music not only blatantly over glorifies racism, but also violence, drugs, sexism, and greed. I think if you really looked into it, these are all the biggest problems in our nation now as we speak.

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Jun-30-13 9:21 AM

Hey Sarah, Obama made comments about rap music glorifying violence and maybe they should change the emphasis away from this. He was told to stay out of free speech. The sex industry uses free speech all the time and wins, thankfully , in its attempts to keep the dirty magazines and videos produced.Since test scores have remained the same since the 70's, the sex industry is a way for gals especially to pay off their huge school loans. Now along writes sarah and says we need restrictions on free speech, when the very thing she complains about is making billions of dollars in sales in America. A little out of touch sarah ?

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Jun-30-13 9:49 AM

Where was the outrage when Jesse Jackson called Jewish people HYMIE"S and referred to NYC as HYMIETOWN? Where was the outrage when Clint Tarvers(a black man) hotdog stand was destroyed by the union thugs during the Scott Walker recall demonstrations? Where was all the outrage when Jerimiah Wright was spewing his racist remarks toward white folks? Maybe Sarah could do a aricle on one of those huh?

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Jun-30-13 10:41 AM

This isn't the Libs coming down on Paula. It is Capitalism. Don't be mad at Sarah. She is giving her feelings, but it really doesn't matter what she thinks or feels. You old, angry, white guys have misplaced anger. Be mad at Capitalism, not Sarah and the Libs, for Ms. Deen's fall from grace.

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Jun-30-13 10:54 AM

Free speech isn't an absolute right -- you just can not say what you want, where you want, how you want and why you want and not incur consequences. You can't yell fire in a crowded theater when there's no fire, cause a ruckus, cause injuries and then be held blameless. Libel laws are another good example.

What are all the other faux outraged commentators are totally ignoring (unsurprisingly) is that multi-billion dollar global Wall Street corporations -- hardly the liberal bastions -- are the ones who are dropping Deen like the plague.

Like Sarah, these leading market-driven MNC's are hardly out of touch.

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Jun-30-13 10:58 AM

Small town-read the last two paragraphs again and that is why I said what I did. Sarah said she"was glad" did she not?

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Jun-30-13 12:36 PM

Paula can say whatever she wants, and Sarah did not say she can't. She said she deserved what she got. However, people can shop where ever they want, and these companies knew they would lose money if they continued to endorse her. That, my friends, is capitalism, pure and simple.

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Jun-30-13 12:37 PM

And i believe Sarah has often discussed misogyny, Steiner's hallmark, many times.

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Jun-30-13 7:45 PM

Sarah, racism will never go away in this country as long as race hustlers like of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are getting rich off it and those who suffer from white guilt look for every misspoken word. Face it, its big business that’s made a lot of people wealthy and powerful. As long as the hustlers can get rich and powerful and the Democrats can win elections, racism is here to stay.

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Jun-30-13 8:57 PM

Marcia-really strange that Clinton lied to the American people(lied)unlike Ms Deen who told the truth under oath and the american people accepted his apology,why not Ms Deen? Incidentally I think Clinton was a pretty fair President except for a couple three screw up's.

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Jun-30-13 9:37 PM

IMO, there are just as many (if not more) black American racists than white in this country. I base it on what I've personally seen & heard throughout my life.

The unscrupulous media "created" this current frenzy by targeting Paula Deen, reminding folks how powerful it is. The media, as well as corporate America, clearly practice a double standard when racist remarks are made by black entertainers, politicians, religious leaders, etc., yet never takes any collective action against them when similar comments are made.

The critics and sponsors who condemn Paula Deen, but don't publicly express contempt against blacks who spew the same thing are hypocrites trying to portray themselves as being intolerant of racism, more commonly known as being politically correct.

This article would've been much more credible had Sarah listed a few names of black public figures who are just as guilty as Ms. Deen.

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Jul-01-13 7:32 AM

The learned libs get it wrong again ! misogyny Marcia huh? Where ? hey cronig, capitalists to blame huh ? Golly you libs are confused. The libs have made race such a hot bed item that every one just falls in line so as to avoid any taint of being a racist. Libs , do you read anything at all or just make up stuff.hey Marcia again on TV a successful women talking about lack of women in business despite fact women have had more college degrees than men for 30 years. She said men run everything , yes everything. She said women are their own worst enemies ! So here we have a lib gal sarah attacking a succesful woman and Marcia and cronig goof it up. What part of my earlier posts dont ya understand , learned libs .

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Jul-01-13 7:36 AM

Marcia, be specific on the misogyny qoute. You sound like Sarah . What part of equal protection and free speech dont you understand . Cronig, get a pell grant in here. leading black leaders like jackson would shake down corporations with the threat of racism, the more it was fought, the more the charge was levelled . So libs, you have to stupid or something. Hey Marcia, gals have taken to exotic dancing and dirty sex movies to pay off debts. Is this misogyny. cant think clearly Marcia ?

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Jul-01-13 7:46 AM

marcia, more facts for your limited mind. Without the white male inventor, we would not have the civilization we take for granted. You know the civilization that lifted the burden off peoples backs, women too so they could keep fanciful ideas of misogyny in their heads like you do. These are historical facts Marcia. Gals like Curie are the exception, not the rule. Gals like Carrie Nation, Maggie Sanger , Ida Tarbell etc only have screwed it up. Like a good activist women should. Whats wrong here Marcia ? My facts or your mind power, lacking in its historical facts. Marcia , lets hear from you and cronig too!

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Jul-01-13 9:00 AM

I think we all missed a great opportunity in our country to discuss real racism. And no, it is not just kept alive by some to make money. There is real racism that keeps people from getting jobs and incarcerating others.

Just look up the stats for unemployment of young Black men or the numbers incarcerated in our prisons.

I disagree with Paula being fired and losing her endorsements over this. But as Marcia said..that is how capitalism works.

Too bad, we cannot use this to really look into racism, how it affects ALL OF US, and what we can do to help eliminate it.

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Jul-01-13 9:27 AM

JOEW has it right. We have a double standard in this country and freedom of speech has fallen victim to political correctness. Would the media have rsponded the same way if Paula Deen used the "D" word or te "P" word? I don't think so. Successful people tend to become targets of the media. Another good example might have been Martha Stewart who spent time in prison for a violation that might have only been a slap on the wrist for someone less well known. Racism is smply being promoted by those who make a good living off of it like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Example, the Zimmerman and Martin fiasco in Florida. Jackson and Sharpton declared Zimmerman to be a guilty racist long before any of the facts were known. Discrimination is wrong but I think violators should be judged by society and not the media or government. I once owned a home on Taft Place and in the deed it clearly stated "this property shall not be sold, leased or otherwise occupied by ayone of

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Jul-01-13 9:30 AM


Did Italians run to their attorney's offices or government claiming discrimination? No, what they did was role up their sleeves, go to work and gain the respect and acceptance of society. I think that might be a better solution to today's problems.

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Jul-01-13 9:32 AM

My first posting got cut off. "by anyone of Italian decent"

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Jul-01-13 9:57 AM

Phil: I know a lot of decent people of Italian descent. ;)

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Jul-01-13 10:06 AM

Another tired liberal rant by Sarah. Yawn. Other than self-professed anti-Americans like marcia, you're preaching to the wrong crowd, woman. Go find yourself a group of TIME magazine reading, arab apologist, freedom hating lowlife underemployed neo-hippie liberal schmucks to yap at, would ya?

Get a real job already. Just because you went to SUNY/F doesn't mean we still want you around. Heck, most of us wouldn't have wanted your kind here in the first place. Give a SUNY/F grad a laptop and an outlet and they think they're the most intelligent creatures on Earth, when in fact I believe Sarah's bulb is pretty dim.

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Jul-01-13 10:33 AM

judeye: What would you call colleges that deny admissions of white people, or a TV network or magazine that specifically targets white audiences only, or a national beauty pageant that excludes white females from entering, or political caucuses that advocate for white issues only? I trust you get my point.

Whites are NOT the only ones guilty of racism. In fact, black rappers promote some of the most hateful and violent words against society in their songs, yet you make no mention of this. By not including cases of blacks being just as racist in your post, I'd say your views are just as biased as Ms. Schwab's.

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Jul-01-13 10:40 AM

Free speech??? wow, is that what this is about? she is free to say anything she wants righties. just as she is free to pay the consequeces. Her sponsors felt that someone who talked and acted as she does doesn't represent the face they are putting out to the public. obviously Steiner practices free speech or he would be in Jail and as to Joe, I haven't researched Joes "facts" yet but there is a history of just making things up that support the argument LOL

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Jul-01-13 10:42 AM

pr24601, you sir have no right to call anyone hateful. talk about the pot and the kettle.

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Jul-01-13 1:26 PM

Judeye-just curious,do you as well disagree with Rush losing his advertisers over the Sandra Fluke comments? Just asking????

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