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How are those state fixes working?

July 1, 2013

How much better are we in the new New York? Well, looking at all of the ads on television, costing thousands and thousands of our tax dollars for what amounts to free campaign material, I’d say we......

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Jul-02-13 9:17 PM

Dc..trolling again. I do appreciate your following my advice though, at least you have a new catch phrase. But really, using it three times in the same column? Not very bright. Somehow managing to bring Sarah Palin into this? That's funny. Good job there. She's light years ahead of you in intelligence and that's what really makes it funny. As for Buffet and all his multi-million dollar investments. Big whoop-de-do...Berkshire Hathaway has billions in cash. Investing (gambliing?) a billion dollars (that would be 1,000 million to you Dc) to this guy is like a working guy tossing a couple of penny's at a homeless guy and saying "Don't spend it all in one place". Great analogy there Dc. Please just take your trolling little mind and go away.

Paul, good column with easy to understand (except for the extremely intelligent apparently) suggestions that should be brought to the attention of the people that were elected to make the difference the people of western NY desire.

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Jul-02-13 4:17 PM

How come with all that DRACON sez NYS lost seats the US House because of a loss of population. Maybe New York city is booming however not WNY. Can a fellow buy a man's suit from a store in the city of Dunkirk?

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Jul-02-13 12:09 PM

It appears that Dcron is completely happy with high taxes, no new business and people voting with there feet. Steiner is onto something when he says this state is a liberal dream.

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Jul-01-13 2:56 PM

Looks like Dcron has come up with a new schtick to pompously attack everyone else she disagrees with. No doubt she'll quickly turn this into another bromidic sermon.

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Jul-01-13 9:56 AM

DUNKIRK, NY (AP) Multibillionaire Warren Buffet fired his entire M&A analytical staff for recommending all the new companies, expansions, acquisitions and all other multimillion dollar investments he has made in New York State.

"Why, if only I had known about the analytics from the Demetris' Monday morning coffee-&-donut tax policy brain trust, I wouldn't have made the investment decisions I did. I apologize to all the Berkshire Hathaway investors"

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson and Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula are reportedly interested Demetris' Monday morning coffee-&-donut brain trust for their thought and analytical guidance in turning around their losing franchises.

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Jul-01-13 9:30 AM

So move.

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Jul-01-13 9:10 AM

Indeed, its amazing how broken we are.

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Jul-01-13 9:09 AM

I can almost see the list-written-on-palm, & hear the voice ex-governor quitter Nobel-laureate Sarah Palin with the title, "How're those state fixins' workin' for ya?"

This column has a typically inane understanding of tax & tax policy, but worse is its glaringly evident, & unsurprisingly from the usual cacophony of sycophants, simple linear mental processes from the Demetris' Monday morning coffee-&-donut bunch when it comes to discussing our 3rd most populous US state & 13th largest dynamic economy on the planet.

Here is a fixin’s sampling just how NYS is failing: #5 in US in private sector job growth; #1 in 1st tier universities; 56 Fortune 500 firms; 336K new jobs added since 2011; 50K fewer unemployed than in 1/2011; Unemployment rate, 7.6%, lowest level in 4+ yrs; $24.4B in High Tech payroll; 32+% of NYers have 4+ years of college; 350K+ scientists & engineers; $57.3B tourism industry supporting 714K+ jobs & employs 1 of 12 NYers...


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Jul-01-13 9:02 AM

Government is not he solution to our problems - it is the cause of our problems. New York State is controlled by Drug companies, hospital organizations. unions and all those other fat cats that contribute to political campaigns. As for Andrew Cuomo he is just a clone of his father, a big spending New York City Democrat preparing to run for president.

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Jul-01-13 7:44 AM

bulldog10-it would take a two page editorial(a double truck)to list all the mandates. One example is when the state sends regulatory requirements to local governments. They do so electronically(Email)and then guess who foots the bill for printing and postage. While that is a small example,the mother of all mandates is far and away medicaid. Many of these mandates(unfunded)can be seen by accessing the county and local budgets including the school budgets on their respective websites. Good hunting and have fun.Oh and take Larry "the cable guy's" advice,ingest a Prilosec before you start reading!

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Jul-01-13 7:41 AM

we need cronig to tell us how great this state is. Paul , I actually agree with you. Imagine that. The state is keeping people poor and yet people keep voting for them. Dumbed down people, democrats at heart.

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Jul-01-13 7:07 AM

Paul,you really don't need a degree in anything other than common sense and in in this case I believe you demonstrated that you possess a PHd in that discipline!

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Jul-01-13 1:56 AM

Next column, give us a listing of all these unfunded mandates that are killing the local taxpayers, I always heard about them but no one ever mention them one by one. I think its just an excuse raised by those that support higher taxes for schools. The reason the mandate is in place is because someone or some school district abused the system and now the state has to hand feed the schools and tell them every little thing that needs to be done. Face it when you do something, anything there are mandates and requirements. Just look at building a house or an additional it starts with a building permit and then look at all the requirements after that. So please, if you gonna use the term mandates please list them.

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