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Silver Creek to explore policing options sooner than expected

July 2, 2013

SILVER CREEK — With the Chautauqua County Legislature’s decision to shorten the agreement with the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office and the village of Silver Creek, the village will now consider......

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Jul-10-13 12:37 AM

Bronski, the next time you think you have the answers you should check with Civil Service. As with many Civil Service positions, you have to have the job provisionally before you can even take the chiefs test and they have one year to take it and pass it. If you think for one minute that Civil Service would allow someone who hadn't passed the test to remain as chief you are sadly mistaken.

For those who think the mayor saved us a bunch of money, he will actually cost us money with his behind closed door politics. Gerace is known for undercutting the competition to get a contract and then after the initial contract you get slammed as the Town of Hanover is going to be this tot he tune of 6%. Now instead of having a 2 yr deal it was cut to 6 months because the legislature said he wasn't charging enough and did not follow their policies for initiating a contract. Read the paper folks the facts are there in the articles from Mayville.

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Jul-04-13 9:39 AM

OURnotgonalikeme: are you kidding. They placed Roche provisionally like many civil service jobs can. He was required to take the Chiefs test and pass in the top 3. From my understanding the test was never given. His predecessor did not recommend him for the job. If it was the administration then blame them all. Don't place blame on the new administration for trying to make Silver Creek a more affordable place to live. You may want to talk to the former officers and get their take on who was to blame. You must be a friend of Anna and Roche. The majority of locals do not wish to continue to pay the high taxes. The police department is one step. Now I hope they are able to merge with the town. We do not need 3 clerks, 6 DPW workers, 3 in the water department etc. for 1.2 square miles. Change is hard and if you have lived here 40 years I assume you are elderly and like things status quote. Times are different and costs are higher. We have to move on and help everyone not just the minority

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Jul-04-13 5:46 AM

This all came down to people thinking Roche was a power mad chief and them wanting to get rid of him. He didn't high-jack the job, they put him into it. 2 years ago he suggested that the village police the town and because it was his idea everyone lost it. Now after running him out of a job by way of eliminating the local police some how Nic is a hero for suggesting we some how develope a town police force. Wouldn't need cost cutting if it wasn't for bad management.

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Jul-03-13 10:18 PM

My wife and I went thru SC on our way to Buffalo around 4:30ish, last Thursday afternoon. There was a CCS Patrol car neatly hiding next to the old Hoggs Dairy. After we took care of our Buisness and stopped at a restaurant for dinner we drove back thru SC the same way we passed before. This time it was roughly 6:45. The CCS was STILL sitting in the same spot as before. Not sure how many traffic stops he made in those 2 hours, but it sure didn't look like he moved any to me. I made sure he knew that I seen him--both times. The more things change, the more they stay the same in that village. The armpit of America.

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Jul-02-13 8:33 PM

Silvercreek finally has a mayor and council who aren't afraid to do what is best for the village despite the cry babies hats off to them we need more of this at all levels of government. ournot you could have your way if you want to pay for it all just don't expect everyone else to pay for your wants!

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Jul-02-13 5:50 PM

Its a smart move towards the future, Silver Creek taxes and the costs of operation for a tiny village are a huge burden for anyone living there. Maybe the village will lose some in traffic stop revenues but the savings will be there.

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Jul-02-13 2:52 PM

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Jul-02-13 8:54 AM

The mayor and the village board have done exactly what the majority of this village wants. The people with common sense appreciates what you have done to cut the cost savings down. I guess if some want to spend that kind of money to perform property checks and Vehicle & Traffic stops, I guess they don't see the real picture. This village is very busy, alot of traffic flows through everyday, we need a police car here 24 hrs a day. If the village board can negotiate to have a police car in the village at a cheaper rate, by all means do it!

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Jul-02-13 5:20 AM

- saved, was tore down because who cared from Park Place and beyond. I once made a comment about wanting to run for office here, but not being a buddy and was told that wasn't the case, well frankly it is here. Here in a village where patronage is the hiring policy and pulling the trigger first and asking questions afterwards is standard policy. The board and their favortism is what ran the police out of town. The past officers would probably be patrolling the streets if they hadn't been treated the way they were causing them to look else where for employment. People generally understand that times are hard and I am sure they would have worked with changes in benefit and pay if they would have been given respect. Mr. Mayor and board members you really screwed up this time..

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Jul-02-13 5:08 AM

I am going to fill you readers in on a little something here at the Creek. I have lived here over 40 years and my family is from here. My father was well respected and my relations have been firemen, police, and village employees in the past here in Silver Creek and the one and only constant to this Village through out the years and personally a good reason the village has gone in the dumps is the fact that only a handful of people get what they want here. Others have come into the village with plans, but if a certain group didn't get anything from it, then it was nixed. Back in the day the Hideaway owner had a grand ideal to fix up the creek mouth and surrounding areas, but then where would the firemen drink? What would happen to a 10 x 10 foot plot of sand the is called Borrello Park? Nope won't happen here. The main street school could be gone now, but greed sat on the deal and the buyers walked away. The footbridge that connected Buffalo St to down town could have been historicall

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Jul-02-13 4:54 AM

Let's recap... New Mayor gets in along with buddies. Decides that Local police is the first cost cutting thing to do and not all the other wasteful spending. New Mayor and buddies lie and say Sheriff's are just a "test" thing, but go off and strip and sell equipment. New Mayor and buddies go against majority of locals wishes and do away with police for Sheriffs and now agreement with Sheriff's is shortened by county. AND WE NOW HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER OPTION!!!! Maybe we should have fixed what we had instead of trashing it like every othe f'n thing in Silver Creek.

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