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Fighting poverty

Area officials debate ways to help those hurting financially

July 6, 2013

Concerns over a dwindling middle class were on the minds of many people during a recent public forum on the current status of poverty in Chautauqua County....

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Jul-06-13 7:58 AM

Blah blah blah..yes, we all know the problems. I just don't hear any answers. The working class keeps working and paying. In today's world, you make/get more benefits for being on welfare. So why work. That's the problem-we work 5 jobs to pay our bills and taxes(and we don't live in luxury)but then we know we work to pay our taxes and bills, but our great state of NY just continues to hand out the money to those who don't have to work and can have everything handed to them. Whats the incentive for them to work..tired of everyone knowing the problems but never any solutions!!

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Jul-06-13 8:28 AM

i havent seen any welfare people do work programs, i am a cashier and wait on they all the time. welders do not make that much a year to start. i welded in a factory and got $9. and hour. one factory I assembled in and got $12, and hour. BUT factory jobs are hard to find, my good one ended in 2003 when a Factory that had 500 workers in 1995 and now 100 if that. there are no jobs in this county, or state. I know a lot of young people who moved to other states so they could get a job. the welfare system is BAD. people are lifers on it, not ment for that

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Jul-06-13 8:30 AM

Tisher, you are doing exactly what the liberals want. working and working to support our great govt employees. Ask Paul Christopher, he thinks the govt employee is indispensible.In Pauls eyes the govt employee gave us everything, like Gore invented the internet. Hey liberals, I thought the great society program by LBJ solved poverty. Look at higher education, run by the libs to keep people stupid by darwin.Choice only for womens health, apparently. If costs escalate as they have, much faster than inflation or those greedy oil companies, higher education will cost a million bucks for 4 years. But the libs are never greedy, just those who want to keep what they earned. Libs ?

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Jul-06-13 8:31 AM

What this article did not mention was the film that was shown at the beginning of the forum.

It was on wealth inequality in the USA and how it has grown squeezing out the middle class.

Although I can not post a direct link (have no idea why they do not permit that here) can watch the film by google.."youtube on wealth inequality". It is a film made by politizane.

I hope people will watch that short video then comment. This is where our outrage should be directed not on those on welfare..but towards those at the very top who keep taking more and more and more...greedy....from ALL OF US.

Before hitting disagree...I dare you to watch this video then make comment

Will see how many truly care about poverty and the great wealth redistribution that has been going on in our Country.

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Jul-06-13 8:37 AM

Rep Goodell and Sen Young also did not seem to be aware of a study that shows how a single payer health insurance (such bills are in our legislation right now) would SAVE us money. Will send them the study so they can read it for themselves.

It also was confusing when Sen Young said that we have many jobs, such as welders, needed but no skilled workers to fill the jobs. Yet when I asked about the free training PIC used to provide, including welding, Greg Edwards said they now do it at JCC. So if they are training welders why do we still have a shortage?

Does Chautauqua Works provide short term skill training like PIC used to such fields as clerical, welding, machinist, etc? If not why not?

Training and education is the pathway out of poverty. That and JOBS that no one seems to be really working on in this area. Where is the JOBS BILL Rep Reed?

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Jul-06-13 8:53 AM

We are crushing the middle class and not really planning to help improve the poverty levels. How about support for apprentice programs that teach real skills. I keep hearing about all the jobs, but don't see many and fewer that pay living wage. Want to reduce or redirect taxes? Look at spending in Albany, fighting in Albany, paperwork and wasted time in Albany. Stop talking, stop wasting money arguing and studying and DO SOMETHING that really makes a positive change. I am tired of our politicians fighting with each other about their differences instead of working together to benefit the the taxpayer.

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Jul-06-13 8:54 AM

Hey judeye, we had a jobs bill. IT WAS THE STIMULUS ! remember that ? memory failing?it did not work. judeye, try and understand that it was not the govt that made or makes jobs, it is private enterprise.Income inequality ? Since when is that a govt problem ? Single Payer health care cheaper ? Are you kidding ? Confused as usual ? Obama delayed the employer mandate as even democrats, except judeye know that obamacare is a train wreck. Judeye, tell us about the glorious govt and all the jobs it has created. rather, the govt employees have stolen our money and made poverty increase. Judeye, you think rich people should have their money confiscated, Soviet style ?You said you were a granny, did not you learn anything as the years rolled by ?

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Jul-06-13 8:59 AM

hey judeye, at least you could support fracking and let landowners, who pay taxes make some money. Suffering from end of the world scenarios ? No more water ? Climate change ? Income redistribution via the income has destroyed america. started by a dumbocrat wilson. Tinkering via the raw deal by FDR gave us the great depression.And it was great as all my WW2 relatives said before they passed away. are you completely clueless ?

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Jul-06-13 9:03 AM

Read the other article on the front page...State ranks low in logistics, manafacturing report. How can they try to say they are doing anything when you see those results.

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Jul-06-13 9:19 AM

judeye, other published report on unemplyment. Longest stretch of >7.5% since 1948 ! Democrat years. Judeye, give us your plan to increase poverty, save the planet, end income inequality , etc. In short all the democratic diversity you want as long as it is democratic and poor. just like those inner cities , loaded with crime too ! You just gotta love democrats, stupid as ever but they keep on going.

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Jul-06-13 9:23 AM

85% o f food stamps recipients are working,75% of them have full-time jobs. Contrary to this never-dying-even-though-its-been-dead-a-long-time "welfare queens driving Cadillacs", TANF, the current welfare system has a 60 month in a LIFETIME limitation.

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Jul-06-13 9:23 AM

Isn't it about time our elected officials pulled their heads out of the sand and face reality? Look around, what do you see? Nothing. The county and Western New York has been for years a place for illegals to go. New York state with its high taxes, business unfriendly environment, high utility bills, and free government hand outs has been a haven for those on food stamps, section 8 housing and Medicaid. Now the numbers have been so large that it is affecting those who work. It will never change so get used to it. Times have changed the county and state have not.

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Jul-06-13 9:25 AM clearly did not understand the stimulus bill if you think it is the same as a Jobs bill.

But that is nothing new is it?

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Jul-06-13 9:27 AM

Isn't it funny that the administration of our welfare system, which was originally set up to combat poverty, is now doing just the opposite by creating high taxes which drive businesses and people from this county. At the same time, this poor system administration, is encouraging people who have no desire to work to move to the area.

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Jul-06-13 9:30 AM

hadenough..would you please share the numbers with us?

"free government hand outs has been a haven for those on food stamps, section 8 housing and Medicaid. Now the numbers have been so large that it is affecting those who work."

How many illegals do we have in the County? How many on food stamps, and of those how many are working? How many on medicaid and of those how many are seniors or disabled..or children?

Please share the numbers

No one bothered to watch the video I see....truth is sometimes painful...

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Jul-06-13 9:41 AM

Judeye Judeye you keep asking Rep Reed where is the jobs bill and I keep telling you Sen Reid has yet to put them (about a dozen) on the docket. Yep you can look it up at the Congressional record website. Why isn't your congressional friend putting them on the docket? Why we have a shortage of welders Judeye is very simple,once trained they move somewhere that has lower taxes and better pay. Should I explain why some employers in other states pay better or better yet read the other article about the business climate here in NY. Remember that the county must adhere to state laws and thus hamstrung to a great degree.

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Jul-06-13 9:44 AM

Assemblyman Goodell is asolutely correct. Our manufacturing is in competion with the rest of the world. A good example is NRG. The company can't sell electricity at a higher price than the competition and they may go out of business. Taxes are a major factor. NRG has to generate $8 million in profit just to pay their local taxes. Reducing the size and cost of government is absolutely essential and to those of you in Silver Creek, yes, that means accepting the Sheriff's Department for law enforcement. All eight law enfocement agencies in the county need to be merged into the Sheriff's Department.

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Jul-06-13 11:37 AM

Dcronlg - yes the TANF limit is 60 months federally however, NYS has the wonderful constitution that allows them to be on a long as necessary. The program is responsible for paying there rent and utilities. Anything past that is theirs. I agree that we need to do some work but there are more and more young people that have no drive or ambition to work. They want high paying jobs as well as continuing getting their benefits. It is a society of entitlements. This we should blame on the parents raising these children. I can understand receiving food stamps but I would kick my kids a**** if they ever resorted to TANF. A job is a job, maybe not a career but at least it is something. Time to stop the crying and take responsibility for yourselves.

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Jul-06-13 11:43 AM

PhilJulian-I agree with you wholeheartedly. To much government in this county, actually across this state. The times when small villages where necessary have been long gone. It is time to stop gouging the middle class. Silver Creek is the highest taxed village in the county. Remtronics left and now Petris. There is nothing left to sustain the need for local government. The Town of Hanover is certainly capable of taking over the 1.2 square miles. We need a leader that will take the bull by the horns and get this done and make Chautauqua County viable again.

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Jul-06-13 1:33 PM

Thanks Bronski-saved me a bunch of typing trying to explain why the lazy's come to NY and stay in NY.When you have the Dcroaknigs of the world who have no idea of how after the 60 month FEDERAL program expires the state(we need the votes)kicks in.

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Jul-06-13 1:43 PM

Thanks Bronski-saved me a bunch of typing trying to explain why the lazy's come to NY and stay in NY.When you have the Dcroaknigs of the world who have no idea of how after the 60 month FEDERAL program expires the state(we need the votes)kicks in.

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Jul-06-13 3:31 PM

All of these answers crack me up in their unabashed simplicity. (or is it simple mindedness)Blaming one party over the other is just nonsense. GW Bush spent us into the largest budget deficit in history and oversaw a total collapse of the economy. Barrack Obama has done nothing successfully To deal with any of it. Having people point the finger at the opposing party is just what those in power want you to do. by the way, most states don't have a Town Government, only cities and the county. Town government is an anachronism from old English law, which is why they only exist here in some if the 13 original states. Look around you, what does the Town do besides plow roads?

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Jul-06-13 4:50 PM

Bronski, Toadeeeeew -- NYS TANF is mandated & regulated under the federal TANF law -- there no way NYS welfare supersedes TANF.

Check a website or two before you spout something you know nothing about -- or as with Toadeeewww, don't bother with facts.

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Jul-06-13 5:20 PM

Dcroakniggggggggggg-ever hear of the NYS program that kicks in after the federal 60 month program?????Its called safety net!!!!!!!!!!! Read up on it and get back to us lamebrain!

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Jul-06-13 5:41 PM

All you haters there is a 5yr. limit on collecting welfare benefits ... look it up ,if you stop your hate mongering, You might have a clue whats going on ... there isn't family generations living on the public doll anymore so get over yourselves or hate on the IRS $250K weekend getaways...

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