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Considering a tough call

July 7, 2013

It can be an uncomfortable topic to consider for traditionalists, but it deserves some discussion: should the village of Forestville be dissolved? Forestville, with a population of around 700, has......

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Jul-07-13 7:00 AM

Yes dissolve the village. Why is former Mayor Brewster not being investigated for misappropriation of funds?

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Jul-07-13 7:09 AM

Changeweneed, same reason Frey, Kory and Tim are not being investigated for misappropriation of funds in Dunkirk.

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Jul-07-13 7:40 AM

Any government entity less than 2500 people ought to automatically disappear, at least for starters.

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Jul-07-13 8:37 AM

If the little town of Pontiac , near evans, on versailles plank and pontiac road, dissolved about a hundred years ago, then Forestville, Silvercreek, hanover and irving should all merge for starters.

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Jul-07-13 9:22 AM

Christuufuu -- nice, totally unsupportable, pulled out of some orifice arbitrary number...

I believe the same reasoning developed & applied to Forestville by the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board should be applied to itself.

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Jul-07-13 9:30 AM

Christopher should just disappear off these boards. Now THAT would be an article worth reading.

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Jul-07-13 9:44 AM

Nothing screams "model of efficiency" like unneeded multiple layers of government.

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Jul-07-13 9:56 AM

Not only should Forestville be dissolved, all 27 towns, 15 villages and 2 cities should be dissolved in favor of one county government. There are those who will say that local control is best. To those people I ask this question "what has local control done for you?" I see no reason why a restructured county government can't efficiently provide quality services to the entire county and that includes law enforcement, public works, job development and recreation.

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Jul-07-13 10:27 AM

Well, Phil, it got us "development agencies" that don't account for their funds, a "peace pole" that cost $170,000 to drive a 12' 4x4 into the ground, a county home that consistently runs red, a boardwalk that will take decades to recover the initial investment, village inspectors that threaten violence, possible sex-offenders in office, school districts hugely overspending and with (again) unneeded layers of administration, a chamber of commerce head who thinks that putting welfare housing on the main entrance to Dunkirk is a good idea, etc., etc....

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Jul-07-13 11:32 AM

The shrinking of far western N.Y.S. continues. A slow death of a thousand tiny cuts compared to a mortal hit.

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Jul-07-13 9:19 PM

Good post, local, and I also agree with Phil. I keep saying' it - but here's my example again...

My consolidated, county-wide school district has over 3x the number of students as in Chau Cty -- and we get by with 1 superintendent of schools, for $3 million less per year - per year - than Chau Cty taxpayers spend on all their superintendents.

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Jul-08-13 6:49 AM

a "peace pole" that cost $170,000

What Peace Pole cost that much?

You do know that a peace pole was GIVEN to the city of Dunkirk. After was removed and now is in the front lawn of a private residency in the city.

Do not know the cost to the city to put it in..and then remove it..but gosh I would have done it for half that amount...and made a ton of money along the way.

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Jul-08-13 11:16 AM

Judeye, the pole was part of Frey's $173,000 renovations to memorial park that really amounted to little more than some paint and gobs and gobs of "overtime".

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Jul-08-13 11:19 AM

And as far as making a ton of money, the development board in Dunkirk could tell you all about it, but has no receipts to explain it...

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Jul-08-13 8:03 PM

DK, we could offer 1 super paid twice the current average super's salary in WNY and still save a crapload of money towards education. Obviously, it isn't too much for one person to handle (not sure how many secretaries he/she has or what they're paid) a student body several times chautauqua county's. Residents here are used to it and have a hard time with change.

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