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Can you believe the politics?

July 15, 2013

It a strange world we’re living in, my friend....

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Jul-15-13 8:40 AM

Paul, you proved my point. Liberals are mimickers, having limited brains ones at best. They need a repub to show them what to do. This started at the civil war and continues to this day. Spying bad when a repub does it, but good when a lib does it. Drone attacks same thing. If there was no republicans, liberals would be clueless. Even air conditioning had to be invented for them. Libs are just plain dumb. IRS a bush thing, no . They take their orders from DC. benghazi would not have happened if Libya not destabilized.Like Egypt is falling apart, so did Libya. McCain is right to sell arms.The conflict in mideast goes back to the followers of aristotle, Alexander on one side, the west(us ) and the followers of haroun al raschid and his unnamed counselor, the east, (them). Of course no lib understands this. It requires a mind.

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Jul-15-13 8:53 AM

Et tu, Brute?

It's a strange world to the simple-minded, who process information and possess beliefs in 1950's childish terms of zero-sum, unilateral, bad-good, black-white.

It's a highly complex, globally diverse nuanced, no-simple-single-answer 21st century world for the rest of us.

So, yes, I can believe the politics. And I can also tell you who is going to win in the long run: adaptive diverse progress.

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Jul-15-13 8:54 AM

Steinerdzzz...if it requires a mind, then how do you qualify?

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Jul-15-13 9:08 AM

Part 1 of 2

Interesting perspective, Paul.

From the ‘checks and balances’ department: The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board was a 9/11 Commission recommendation and created by GWB/Congress in 2004 as part of the Intelligence Report and Terrorism Prevention act.

It is supposed to ensure the Patriot Act and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act don’t trample on the public’s privacy rights. So far so good, right?

But…it’s been ignored by Congress and two presidents, and has been dormant with no members for 7 of its nearly 9 years.

The bill was crafted by Congress and the White House such that the Oversight Board was beholden to and even subject to White House approval for a press release – a case of the watchee controlling the watcher. It took two years, until 2006, just to get organized. It disbanded in 2007 when Congress yanked control away from the president and made it independent like the FCC.

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Jul-15-13 9:15 AM

Part 2 of 2

The Senate then refused to confirm GWB’s nominees - it had no members for the last year of GWB’s term. Obama didn’t nominate anyone for 2 years, and took until this May – 8 days before Snowdon’s leaks – for a chair to be confirmed by the Senate. (Obama met with the Oversight Board for the first time a month ago.)

The Oversight Board represents the public, but it never discussed the NSA’s Prism program prior to Snowdon. It’s supposed to tell the public if the government is overreaching, but it can’t reveal any classified details. Spy agencies are supposed to cooperate, but there are no penalties if they don’t.

“Our idea was that the meeting should be open,” said 9/11 Commission chair Thomas Kean. “What they should be worried about is civil liberties, and that’s not something they should be keeping secret.”

Instead, it’s been ignored by two presidents, and we’re all supposed to be like Alfred E. Neuman? (“What, me worry?”)

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Jul-15-13 9:18 AM

hey cronig , you have a talent for saying much but not actually saying anything, just insults, name calling etc. You have no historical knowledge. Certainly not the knowledge the european leaders like churchill and others did when they made Iraq. How do i qualify, as you allege I have no mind ? proof, you purchased my chemical stuff in the store. And to Dk's anguish i built steinertrons based on historical data, ancient writings and the minds of giants. of course, you cronig understand none of this, so you insult. The world is a times balck and white, wave vs particle. even the libs view life as zero sum. The rich exploit the poor.You just gotta do better cronig, your slipping at every post.

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Jul-15-13 9:24 AM

I dont know why people are upset at Snowden. On PBs a couple of months before his story broke was a program on the NSA and what they do. Snowden and guardian were not mentioned. . Then after snowden broke, i saw the very same pix or video on the 3 major networks. Everyone was suprised. Not if you watched PBS. I imagine the govt will want cameras in our homes to look for pressure cookers or nitrate fertilizer etc.Surely the 4th amendment is kaput. All because we cannot profile. Those libs, again . Cronig ?

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Jul-15-13 9:27 AM

Hey cronig your beloved govt could stop the boston bombers even when tipped off.Do they , the govt have a mind cronig ? we are to believe data mining is better, based on probabilities. Are you ill ? Tell us some historical facts cronig, not just rants.

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Jul-15-13 9:34 AM

hey cronig, you missed your beloved liberal types demonstarting about the zimmerman verdict.It reminds me of Hogans Heroes, you will be shot after a fair trial or sent to the russian front. you can have any verdict as long as it agrees with a liberal. this is a case of black and white and its by the libs. Those mindless libs. Too bad Pauls article was not just a few days later. I would have hope he would mention it. we are hearing gun control for trayvon. Cronig tell us about those mindless mimicking libs ? Understand ?

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Jul-15-13 10:00 AM

Pres Obama is NOT a liberal.

He is a moderate...who might be slightly left of center..but far from liberal.

Go to any true liberal sites and you will read many articles critical of many of his policies.

Yet, many of us still support him as many of his policies do work for fairness, equality, justice for all, and freedom.

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Jul-15-13 10:01 AM

Steiner..oh you mean like all those bills that the GOP used to support..or all the nominees that the GOP used to support...or....

yep they all do politics with OUR government.

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Jul-15-13 10:10 AM


oh..politics as usual...

like this... "President Bush nominated three board members in early 2008. Congressional Democrats proposed two names; Bush accepted only one, and in retaliation the Senate refused to move on any of Bush’s nominees."

and then... Then Obama’s nominee for chairman, David Medine, was held up by Republicans in the Senate for over a year. Without a chairman, the board couldn’t hire staff and had no full-time members. Medine was finally confirmed last month, and he’s still putting the wheels in motion; the board doesn’t even have a website yet. Now, at last, the board might actually function as the commission intended."

Wash post...

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Jul-15-13 11:42 AM

Judeye, the obvious always eludes you here. Obama not a liberal ? huh ? What planet you on ? His war on coal, oil, gas , keystone , His mandate for healthcare. Travon guilty and obama weighed in on that.judeye, saying fairness ,social justice and the like means nothing ! it has no relevance. It is intended for the women so they feel good.They are from venus you know. Obama has done many flip flops all the while accusing repubs of the same and you stick up for him.My favorite is saving the planet.How did that stimlus work ? How is your science knowledge ? Still parroting ? Your critical thinking skills need improvemnet as they say.

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Jul-15-13 12:13 PM

Hey judeye, take your mental outlook and multiply by scores of millions. Take my outlook and multiply by a few dozen or so.The nobel types . We have right before your eyes, why women and libs lag in science and business since time immemorial.Add some cronig circular reasoning, christophers love of the govt employee, dks lack of science foundation and we have an accurate description of the world today.People like me, few and far between have modified and changed the world. The simple minded just observe and think they have been exploited. Cronig goes on and on about fifites, black and white etc, when it is the libs that promulgate this the most. Witness the reaction to the zimmerman trial. the state did everything but tell the jury to find a guilty verdict. How is social justice doing . Fill your car with social justice, fairness and equity ?How about that living wage ?

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Jul-15-13 1:01 PM

Part 1 of 2:

I consulted Telsa’s writings, reread the Underwood-Simmons Tariff Act of 1913, reviewed every policy of the Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt administrations, perused all ancient references to Zarathustra, unrolled the Dead Sea scrolls, and burned incense to every pagan god of the past 3,000 years.

And then – eureka! I was able to reverse-engineer a “nortreniets” by blending Standard Oil’s mission statement – we did not build this – with hydrofractured ancient texts, plenty of C02 and Campbell’s baked beans.

My “nortreniets” has earned millions, is used by you in products I cannot name from companies I cannot divulge, increases gas mileage 20% via science you mortals will never understand, and has saved countless live by means I cannot share.

It must remain a secret process in secret products tested in secret labs with secret results secured by secret patents to which only the NSA has secret access. (Only if they can decipher those ancient texts like I did.)

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Jul-15-13 1:02 PM

Part 2 of 2:

It goes without saying that no women or “gals,” much less Ida Tarbell, were consulted in developing the “nortreniets.” Nor did I confer with conservatives or liberals, activists or couch potatoes, slaves or freemen, Democrats or Republicans, Northerners or Southerners, or with anyone with even a smidgen of common sense. (Although, come to think of it, I consulted with Barney.)

Fortunately, I discovered a tear in my tinfoil hat, which provided the inspiration I ascribe to the voices in my head from the spaceship hovering over my lean-to and pirated DSL in the Panama reforestation lands. Now THAT’S science!

P.S. it a coincidence I like fruitcake so much?

P.P.S. My “nortreniets” also works great as a wood splitter!

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Jul-15-13 2:10 PM

Don't even try to figure out politicians - it's all corrupt. When they are in front of a camera they pretend to be slugging it out. When there are no cameras present they are all in bed together, laughing, enjoying a good life that their constituents could never have. There is only one way to beat them and that is to drop your party affiliation and become an independent voter. When you belong to a party your support is taken for granted. Call the Board of Elections in Mayville and get the form to change your affiliation to "no party".

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Jul-15-13 2:38 PM

DK -- Can you re-engineer your "nortreniets" in a personal floatation device? Steinerdzzz fell off the deep end of the Dunkirk pier again...

Hmmm...let's see...Christuufuu's column begat a liberal rant which begat Churchill which begat Snowden which begat Boston Bombers which begat Zimmerman which begat misogyny which begat more misogyny...

and what's worse is three nitwits agreed with you.

Such is the state of our county...

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Jul-15-13 2:45 PM

Judeye-you do realize you can't smoke that junk at the Williams Center this evening right? Obama not a liberal? Yikes!!!!!!!!

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Jul-15-13 7:40 PM

"Pres Obama is NOT a liberal.

He is a moderate" My question would be a moderate what. Can you say wants more gun control. liberalized healthcare ( that doesn't and won't work). If Obama isn't a liberal would that make Cuomo a conservative?

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Jul-16-13 7:47 AM

Yes..he is NOT a liberal.

If he were a true liberal we would have SINGLE PAYER health care,..No drones, Gitmo would be closed, no cuts to ss or medicare, all of our troops would be home, arrests would have been made for bankers who robbed us all blind.. and those who committed war crimes.

No he is a moderate who is a bit left of center.

Now what happened to all the conservative moderates that used to help move our country forward?

Replaced by the whackos who do not understand science...or our very constitution or what it means to govern.

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Jul-16-13 7:50 AM

The learned posters are writing in;. Dk, I may have been too tough on you ! Yes ! Let me explain. On PBS there was a special about wordworkers in Egypt trying to make a chariot from pictures and actual chariot parts in tombs. Guess what DK ? They had a difficult time of it, even with the actual chariot parts right in front of them ! Steamed wood and special spokes were a problem. The harness was a particular problem ! Now especially for the gals. A woman horse trainer said that the harness was not meant to hold the horses to the chariot. Yes !. The man in charge said , well what is it for then ? He tweaked the harness, the woodworkers practiced steaming wood and they finally made a chariot.The horses did not kick at the chariot and away they went. Moral of the story ? even with the actual thing in front of them, the modern people could not make it. Dk, my steinertrons, original science came from my mind. Your mind is somewhat less functional. With me so far ?

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Jul-16-13 8:00 AM

judeye,you proved my point again and again. the libs need repubs to think . What else could Obama do but continue gitmo . War crimes ? the beloved FDR did that by the millions, truman too.Judeye, you show that libs do not understand science, life or mostly anything. Climate change is a fraud. No analytical chemist believes that co2 absorbs heat. They would be fired. All their analysis would be in error then. It is the flat eathers like you , co2 traps heat. You make me proud. All activist women are not actual scientists, but feel good gals. Hey judeye, if FDR and TRuman not slaughtered civilians bu the millions, I doubt we would be writing here. Judeye, please continue posting your feminine mistake, the unwisdom of the years. Leave the science to guys like me 40 years in the market and going strong.We need more so called war crimes to stop the war in the mideat, not less.

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Jul-16-13 8:04 AM

cronig, dont ya realize that you keep saying nothing of consequence ? it is only name calling. You would not last in tech meetings where I have been where millions of lives wee at stake because some dumb bean counter wanted to cheapen the formula. I told him. You sign off and go to jail then when the people start dying. Further i told him i would call the major users and inform them what the idiots wanted to do to save money. The bean counter and his friends were fired.

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Jul-16-13 8:07 AM

judeye, what you advocate has been done before. troops home military cut. we were attacked agian. I say again. You either dont read history or are so learning disabled as to be hilarious to watch. fill up your car with social justice and benefits ? Inform us judeye ! of the unhelpful, do good stuff you know which actually produces more social damage than ever. witness the inner cities.

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