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Upgrade or repowering?

Public Service Commission hearing today will shape Dunkirk’s future

July 15, 2013

Editor's note: This is the final of a four-part series previewing tonight's public hearing with the Public Service Commission on NRG....

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Jul-15-13 4:02 PM

hadenough, whats your idea of power being used locally? Do you even know where the lines leaving the Dunkirk yard go? Here, I'll help you: 3 of them go to Gardenville, or West Seneca for those dont have a map, which is a MAJOR distribution yard for WNY. Another goes to Falconer and is distrubted from there, a third goes to Hartfield and is distributed and a fourth goes to Erie with branch feeder to Berry Rd in Fredonia. Which by the way has become a line that IMPORTS to NY since the shutdown of Dunkirk 3&4. So I again ask, whats considered local? The grid is a network that's tied together nationwide (except for Texas, they're on their own) power Dunkirk produces is mostly consumed in NYISO Zones A & B, (that's us by the way) I call that local. For the naysayers I've got a $100 wager that says NRG brings natural gas into Dunkirk!!!

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Jul-15-13 1:23 PM

Mr Research Scientist Although-I-neither research-nor-am-a-scientist Steinerdzzz...

From Bloomberg, "Globally, in 2011, renewable power accounted for 44% of new generation capacity added worldwide in 2011, up from 34% in 2010. The $237 billion invested in building these green power plants compares with $223 billion of net new expenditure annually on building additional fossilfuelled power plants globally last year."

So, you see, renewal energy investment is outpacing all combined investment in fossil fuels (coal and NG) and is trending to do so for years to come.

That's how are those subsidized alternate energies doing...any additional ignorant questions you want me to obliterate with facts??

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Jul-15-13 11:55 AM

Hey cronig and dk, you missed the whole crux of the argument ! Why repower at all ? Because of fracking , judeye, when is the end of the world !before or after te zimmerman trial updates ? Without fracking, this discusion would not be happening. So learned posters , help me out here. Hey cronig, how are those subsidized alternate energies doing ? You know, paying rich people to buy tesla cars ? those dumb liberals.

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Jul-15-13 11:52 AM

cronig , can you get past the name calling ?every time, steinerrrzzz,,how intelligent of you . the error in your statements is that you have to tell the other tax payers their rates are actually going down or are already low. cant do it cronig ? That has been the heart of your aguement since the get go here. even cuomo said the money well had dried up. But not according to cronig . The state is telling school districts to merge and the state will increase aid ? Are you crazy or what .Say steinerdzzz. How is that alternate energy ? remember I am so stupid you bought my stuff in the store !

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Jul-15-13 10:08 AM

I agree with DK and Had: its over, the decision has been made.

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Jul-15-13 10:05 AM

Well Steinerdzzz, if you anything, you'd admit you know the state uses economic-affordability formulas all the time for every aspect of state's pending. So, NYS' aid to Dunkirk will only increase. And seeing how we're <1% of the state population, that's our share of state taxes paid -- meaning increase state aid to Dunkirk will come from downstate.

But of course, you shld understand this, we as NYers on receive $0.74 in spending for every $1 tax we pay, whereas all those red-GOP-small govt-low-spending states receive more spending, much more, than they pay in taxes. Funny how you can't explain that one...

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Jul-15-13 9:18 AM

Ask yourself this question if you owned NRG and had two choices to upgrade the plant at a cost of at least $500,000 After spending $250,000 just six years ago or upgrade the transmission lines. The answer is quite clear. NRG is in the business to produce electricity and make money. How much electricity does the plant now produce? Not much and where does that electricity go? Not locally. So the outcome is painfully obvious for Dunkirk.

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Jul-15-13 8:27 AM

Unfortunately, the public hearing is just a dog and pony show to placate localites and local representation in the NYS Senate/Assembly.

The decision has already been made. NRG doesn't have enough influence in Albany - Commissioners appointed by the governor already know which way the wind is blowing, and woe be onto them if they don't sail before the wind.

As someone who's testified in PSC hearings, met with PSC staff and legal counsel, testified at DEC and other regulatory hearings and in NYS Supreme Court, I can tell ya the commissioners will take "staff's recommendation" 90% of the time.

And who does staff ultimately work for? The gov. And we all know he's made up his mind...

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Jul-15-13 8:15 AM

Businesses fearing tax hikes ? No problem. We need cronig to tell them that the tax increase is actually small as it is being paid for by the state. The state gets its money from some magical non taxpayer funding according to cronig. Drive around lackawanna and south buffalo to see what happens when large scale private enterprise leaves. Plus and the liberals like this, our population is made dumber as they do not see how things we use our made. This is a win win for the libs, possible blackouts in the hot weather (blame climate change ) and dumber population. Those libs, ever the low educated people.

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Jul-15-13 7:57 AM

HVANCDY(D)-I'll explain it to you,they need a ride and since they pay taxes and probably don't go to school maybe they deserve it. Yea I know about their responsibility as citizens. That was a ridiculous statement!

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Jul-15-13 7:18 AM

Me thinks it may be too late for this effort. I'm afraid the plant is lost. Hope not for the sake of the area.

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Jul-15-13 5:47 AM

Looks like the tax watch-dogs are asleep at the wheel.The use of school buses at tax payer expence to get senial seniors to a NRG meeting needs to be explained by Cathy Young (R),what next shuttles to the Bills games? - The 4 leg Rats on NRG property are big ,the 2 leg Rats are HUGE !

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