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Loss of NRG is a major threat

July 18, 2013

Monday evening, we heard the voices and saw the faces of our fellow Chautauqua County citizens as they addressed the New York state Public Service Commission....

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Jul-20-13 5:48 AM

How is the loss of NRG a major threat? Is the writer referring to a loss of jobs? Is the writer referring to a decrease in the amount of electricity produced? Or is the write referring to a loss of tax revenue. It seems that cutting back and doing more with less is not a phrase of the politician. Lets be truthful here the plant closing will decrease the amount of money the city and schools have to spend. Are the city and schools being proactive and planning for the shut down? No. Cerne is afraid od consolidation which could cost him his job yet Cerne is saying that 50 teachers will be let go. What about the football team. Baseball team. ennis team. These programs are not necessary for an education. The plant was talked about closing for years. Two of the boilers were shut down, yet not one word about the revenue cut. This folks is where being a leader come into play. But we haven't had one of those in quite some time. Don't blame NRG blame the mayor.

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Jul-19-13 9:20 AM

I tell you that Young is something else. These hundred of jobs, temporary of permanent? A $500,000 investment? How does that get paid back? On the backs of the taxpayer. The closing of the Dunkirk plant has been discussed for years where was the action then? Typical for the city wait until the 11th hour then go all out to do something. We have not gotten any electricity from the Dunkirk plant for years. So why now? Instead of having a contingency plan the city and school kept spending. Cerne talking about getting rid of 50 teachers but no mention of administrators and sports activities. People the taxpayer loses either way plant stays open cost of electricity goes up, plant closes taxes go up and the employment numbers for the city stay the same. Go figure.

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Jul-18-13 9:28 AM

the mentally ill libs dont believe the latest theory that natural gas is renewable, yes renewable. It is no longer a fossil fuel as the earth is alive. the only thing fossilized is the minds of the liberals, darwin did that wonderfully. Our lungs are fracked for gas exchange. Rivers are fracked into tributaries and so forth.Radiators/heat exchangers are fracked. Cronig, lets hear some more putrid comments from decaying minds. Liberals, lets hear more about the end of the world !

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Jul-18-13 9:24 AM

The end of natural gas has been predicted for decades. Thats all liberals know is doom.For a liberal absolutely cannot think rationaly or scientifically. It is not in their party platform. It is their religion. Fracking changed the future, there is a huge supply of hydrocarbons in US and canada now. If the plant is repowered, a 24-36 inch gas line would have to be laid. I can hear the howls ! End of the world, no fresh water ! womens health in jeopardy.They will point to the Connecticut accident a few years back, the purging gas line exploded. As far as I know the plant has been rebuilt. libs lets hear it ! More doom , gloom, end of the world from the mentally ill people.

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Jul-18-13 9:18 AM

cronigs back with all his descriptive language. he has little facts , so he makes up for it with flowery language. cronig , will you ever learn how to debate ? He brings abortion into the argument too. thats how empty his mind is. He likes killing babies for at 20 weeks they look like babies. cronig sure is tough and smart in his own eyes. hey cronig, how about choice in our schools instead of just abortiions ? It would put your beloved govt and its teachers union out of business. Cronig say something sensible. Get more taxdes back than pay in ? huhh ? did ya ever stop and thing we should just all pay less ? cronig, can you even think anymore ?

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Jul-18-13 8:59 AM

Sierra Club lady made comment "only 50 years of natural gas left". Typical of the "alarmists" make all kinds of claims but never quote a source so people can verify.

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Jul-18-13 8:27 AM

It is altogether unsurprising that the candidate of the pro-business, pro-free market GOP/RW/TP party doesn't follow the open electricity market recommendation from both the Business Council and NatGrid.

It's as typically hypocritical of all those other GOP/RW/TP politicians who claim to be smaller-government-hate taxes-less government-spending while a) receiving more govt spending than they pay, b)loving taxes and c) mandating/ordering adult women to have a broom handle sized electric probe stuck up their vaginas during an intimately, intensely private decision with their lives and bodies.

The hypocrisy would be hysterical if it's moral putrefaction didn't reek worse than a burst roadkill deer carcass baking in the sun.

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Jul-18-13 8:17 AM

Mr Horrigan. There are people hoping that the plant closes ! The green heads ! The globsl warming by co2 unscientific types. It will be a miracle I think if the plant will be repowered. Then we would see anti fracking / anti natural gas demonstrations by these very people ! Saving the planet is their religion. Facts dont get in their way.

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