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Reduction request rejected

Sheriff, DA, public defender, emergency services say no way to 10 percent cut

July 18, 2013

MAYVILLE — The Chautauqua County Legislature’s Public Safety Committee would like to see a 10 percent budget reduction from the sheriff, district attorney, public defender and emergency services....

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Jul-19-13 3:31 PM

Judeye, and phil, the Horton shooting was brought before a grand jury. They did not indict the trooper. I don't know all the facts....but an officer has the right to defend him/herself while being dragged....

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Jul-19-13 9:18 AM

judeye, once again you have your head in the sand.

The rise in crime is almost SOLELY ATTRIBUTABLE to the rise is the welfare population. DK is a sh**hole thanks to all the minority hoodrats, their "boyz", and their spawn.

There's nothing wrong with pointing out the truth, you just don't want to see the truth because your little liberal heart bleeds for these societal miscreants that would be better off exterminated.

How many Porto-Mex's driving around in PA/OH cars, leeching off the state/county? Won't even register their cars in NY but reap benefits and rape the taxpayers.

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Jul-19-13 7:43 AM

PhilJulian..agree with you on both...

CC median wage is $41,000 why do we have so many employees making much more than that amount? No wonder it is breaking us. I agree, I would like to see the salaries of county workers and the justifications for those making more than twice the median wage.

Your other comment re the Horton on. Why NO prosecution when this unarmed boy was shot and killed? It still is painful to think of this tragedy occurring right here in our own backyard. More painful to think that no trial was held so we could hear all the facts and a jury could make a judgement.

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Jul-19-13 7:35 AM

FedUpTaxpayer...What a horrible..untrue...thought that the rise in crime is due to "rising number of welfare gibsmedat types moving into the county "

I know you would not mean like that guy who traveled here to murder the superintendent?

First, I have not seen an increase in our population have you? Secondly, Most of the people that are receiving assistance are getting food stamps and/or medicaid. Of these most are WORKING, many full time.

We taxpayers continue to supplement employers who fail to pay their employees enough and do not provide benefits.

The loss of good, family sustaining wage jobs is the problem. I want to know who in our County is working on that?

Blaming the working person because their employer does not pay them a living wage is not the answer.

Good buy into it is "them" that you have any idea how many of "them" there are? Didn't think so...

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Jul-19-13 7:26 AM home state..NOT as rosy as you make out

take a look at the horrible cuts to education the governor just put in..all the while giving big business corporations yet another tax break.

Put the burden once again on the middle class? NO WAY

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Jul-18-13 11:02 PM

sorry should be ripples.

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Jul-18-13 9:04 PM

As president during a time of runaway inflation Ronald Reagan threw a rock into the pond with policies that destroyed the American steel industry among many others. In all the years since that no government entity or public employee union made any changes in their way of doing business to prevent the riffle effect from effecting them it is now their turn to feel the pain. This is all occurring because no one was willing to make unpopular choices. The riffles will effect everyone before they reach the edge of the pond!

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Jul-18-13 8:46 PM

Concerned, did you read my post? First Detroit, then Chautauqua county. The collapse is coming. It's just a matter of time. Like the boiling frog who doesn't know his fate until the last minute.

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Jul-18-13 8:25 PM

Today Detroit Michigan announced it is filing bankruptcy the largest city ever in to do this thus far. We have not seen the end to this type of actions only the beginning. All those who believe they can just carry on business as usual will find out what the private sector has been suffering for years!

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Jul-18-13 5:50 PM

Maybe Mr. Foley counts among his savings the expense avoided by not prosecuting the trooper who shot an unarmed Brad Horton five times in the back in the Bucky Phillips fiasco.

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Jul-18-13 4:58 PM

Listen to the drums. A funeral march for the county as we know it. Dunkirk and the county will always be.....but not like it was. to get the picture think of Central Avenue in Dunkirk in 1960 and then how it looks today. That is the picture of far western N.Y. very sad indeed.

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Jul-18-13 3:04 PM

"The grilling resulted in a slight altercation between the men..."

Hmmmm...maybe we neet to increase public safety funding - at least for Public Safety Committee meetings...


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Jul-18-13 2:53 PM

"According to Foley, the number of crimes his office has prosecuted is up 15 percent from 2005, while he has 22 percent fewer staff members than in 2008. Additionally, he said homicides his office has prosecuted have tripled since 2006."

Hmmmm....would this be due to the rising number of welfare gibsmedat types moving into the county to fill the void left by those leaving for greener pastures? Looks like the higher the taxes, the more money will have to be spent fighting crime. Look at Detroit. That is what is happening to Chautauqua County.

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Jul-18-13 2:22 PM

It's been six or seven years since the Observer published a list of the highest salaries in county government. Maybe it's time to publish that list again with current numbers. I think taxpayers dererve to know if their money is being spent on excessive salaries.

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Jul-18-13 11:15 AM

As for the original story, my issue here is that each department head says "We can't do 10%" and it appears they didn't bother to come up with any cuts at all.

I would be far more likely to buy what Foley, as an example, said if her said "We can't cut 10% but I did find a way to cut 3% without adversely effecting the department." Or something along that line.

In private industry every year managers are expected to come up with cost savings measures, that's just part of the job, one that the public sector has never bothered with, which is part of the reason NYS and Chautauqua County are circling the drain.

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Jul-18-13 11:11 AM


Does the State mandate teachers make $90k a year? Or that we build another gym, pool or new football field?

Does the State mandate that teachers get benifits far in excess of the norm for any private positions in the area? Or that they only need to work 183 days for that pay and benifits? Or how about that at the middle and High school level that the average teacher actually only teachers 3 or 4 45 minute classes a day?

While unfunded mandates are a problem, but they are far from the only thing driving the costs higher and higher.

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Jul-18-13 10:55 AM

If you think you will get cuts from anyone......think again. The entire County needs an overhaul, schools included. The only way to re-structure the County is to get a control board to start from square one and redo everything. There is no other answer except for bankruptcy with the current people in charge.

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Jul-18-13 10:15 AM

PR24601, I agree with most of what you say but wish to address the education piece. Many of the costs per student are generated by unfunded state mandates from the education dept. Perhaps the Public Safety needs to consider a county wide police force of Sheriffs only ( as they do in any southern state with the exception of very large cities which this county doesn't have. Without the benefit of enhanced coverage that charges local taxpayers large amounts of money for services they are already required to provide (albeit at reduced levels) fo only our county taxes about extra layers in govt. I agree with much stricter welfare guidelines since we seem to be the freebie magnet for PA residendts etc.

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Jul-18-13 10:06 AM

And, there it is... The real reason the county did not want an agreement with silver creek for more than this year. They want to cut the sheriff's budget and then stick it to the village to have to pay even more for a service we already pay for in our taxes. You guys are starting to hit the bottom of the barrel. Is this so you can brag next year how you saved taxes on the voters? all the while you were putting it to the towns and villages by raising there taxes the back door way. Here's a news bulletin you are ELECTED officials, and if you want to get re-elected, clean up your own house, the voters are getting tired of cleaning up your messes..

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Jul-18-13 10:02 AM

PR24601 great suggestions. It is amazing how other areas around the country can provide all these services to the tax payer at a lower cost. When you can purchase a home in most parts of this country and for the equivalent size home pay anywhere from 1/3 to 1/5 in taxes it is time to start cutting.

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Jul-18-13 9:26 AM

While what you guys point out is true, there is just so much waste when it comes to spending tax dollars, I'm not sure public safety is where to start cutting.

We could start by figuring out why budgets are rising and it costs so much per child to educate when ChauCo is shrinking in population.

We could ask why we need duplication of services for towns, villages, and (ahem) "cities" that are separated by a short bike ride. Here's looking at you D/F.

We could find out why ChauCo seems to be a haven for undesirables, their drain on "handout money", and baggage (e.g. crime) they bring with them. Money for nothing (and chix for free.. as in welfare babies).

We could seriously investigate secession to the state of PA, with a flat 3.xx% state income tax, lower property taxes, constitutional rights, and few enough handouts the leeches would find a different county from which to suckle.

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Jul-18-13 8:49 AM

You will never get cooperation from department heads - they will spend every dollar you throw their way,Bob Duff included. Based on published reports more of the highest paid employees work in the district attorney's office including first assitant district attorneys making over $75,000. In fact there are nearly 20 county employees making over $75,000 per year. You might think we were living in Beverly Hills and of course there is no way they could cut a measly 10%. This is just one of the reasons Chautauqua County is among the highest taxed counties in the entire country and it is one of the reasns why the population keeps dropping and industry keeps leaving. Why would anyone in their right mind want to live here, do business here and pay for all that bureaucracy?

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Jul-18-13 8:13 AM

And yet, the Sheriff can drive a County owned car in a parade with his grand children in it. Who paid for that?? Tax payers ??

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