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County committee OKs tobacco law

July 20, 2013

MAYVILLE — A local law regarding tobacco use on county-owned and leased properties is closer to going into effect....

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Jul-20-13 6:06 PM

stang: if the heavy taxes on tobacco products that generate BILLIONS of $$$ for state coffers ever did go away (which they claim the ultimate goal is to eradicate smokers), who do you think will make up the lost revenues?

It would be just deserts for those who've been screaming the loudest, wouldn't ya say?

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Jul-20-13 4:51 PM

If Chautauqua County really wants to show how much it is against tobacco use, all revenues (taxes)from tobacco products should be forfeited by the county. That will show them how much they're really against smoking.

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Jul-20-13 1:10 PM

You can file this under the yes-it's-"illegal"-but-we-won't-ticket-you-unless-you're-acting-like-a-******* category. It's such an Orwellian legislation.

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Jul-20-13 1:04 PM

But the anti smokers will say that smoking outdoors is bad for someone else, the trees, the grass, birds in the air etc. I quit smoking 8 years ago but believe everyone has a right to if they want to. Moronic democrats keep pushing for laws to control what we eat, drink and anything else they can stop others from doing.

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Jul-20-13 12:01 PM

I am sorry to say, Smokers have rights according to the constitution of the UNited States, or does that not have any bearing anymore? We are all guaranteed the freedon to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and smokers are happy smoking, to deny that right to anyone who so chooses, in my opinion is unbelievable. It is time for smokers to say , "enough is enough" and fight to have our rights in Silver Creek, where one wise man said, "Smokers have rights too!" Or are we living in a dictatorship now?

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Jul-20-13 9:03 AM

The libs should be encouraging smoking by their own logic. If it saves one life it is worth it. Smoking caught the boston bomber supspect. The boys in blue goofed it. Smoking saved the waitress's life in Quebec after a train derailment.our libs are luddites, that is why they banned e-cigs. tech things frighten a escalators will be banned as bloomberg wants to in NYC. the do gooders are out of control. I guess choice is only for killing babies.

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Jul-20-13 8:40 AM

Surely even non-smokers can see the abuse of power that elected officials are exercising by enacting such laws. Let's see; I have the right to buy & use legally sold & heavily taxed tobacco products, I just can't enjoy them anywhere in public, not in privately owned clubs, bars or restaurants, and not even in my own house lest I be arrested for reckless endangerment to my kids. If I smoke in my backyard and it drifts over to my neighbor, we can assume I'd be arrested for that, too.

Since marijuana smoke contains heavy resins (tar), and the push to legalize pot is ever growing, doesn't the legalization of pot in those states contradict the basis of NY's strict anti-smoking laws?

Since E-cigs are now included in this law, I guess anyone strolling thru a Chat Co park chewing Nicorette Gum or wearing the patch will now risk being hauled in by Sheriff Joe's newly formed anti-smoking task force.


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Jul-20-13 7:36 AM

though I don't smoke I'm not sure why the electronic smokes are outlawed to. I think they work on water vapor or something. candy cigarettes and putting a pen in your mouth should also be included

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Jul-20-13 7:26 AM

seems easy to pass a smoking law when you want to, how about stopping the welfare from buying smokes with taxpayer money and beers too.

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Jul-20-13 7:16 AM

How many man hours will the Sheriff have to waste on this crime? Not only is it hard to enforce, it will be costly. Our streached police will now have to take time to track down the hiker in the park while real crime will go unattended. Sorry Sheriff and good luck.

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Jul-20-13 6:00 AM

Lets see how many TROLL DOUCHE BAGS speak out against - Dumb ? # 1 does the law apply to smoking in vehicles ! (R)

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Jul-20-13 5:02 AM

Looks like the closing of NRG is setting in and the county is looking for ways to raise money. Good luck.

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