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Sunset Bay residents voice concerns to sheriff

July 23, 2013

HANOVER — The Hanover Town Board and Sheriff Joseph Gerace heard an earful of residents concerns with the safety in Sunset Bay....

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Jul-24-13 5:27 AM

Sunset Bay Residents( both seasonal and permanent) Stop whining to the rest of the town. 1. no one forced you to buy the property you own.2. you knew when you bought it that land values are usually much higher on any body of water.3. You knew when you bought it(especially seasonal from the 'city') that Sunset has been the party "hot spot" for well over 50 years. 4.You knew when you bought it that the Bay always floods( happens When ACE reduces the size of the mouth by half it's natural size. 5. The bottom line to all property owners is you bought it anyway. Permanent residents have rental properties and make a bundle of money every season. Do they screen who they rent to? Lastly, if the break-wall is a problem area for drugs and alcohol why was the teen on the break-wall ? Others from the town use the beach but certainly not the seniors trying to keep their homes on a fixed income. Those would be the same people that you want to pay for your enhanced patrol

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Jul-23-13 10:14 PM

moronic comment

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Jul-23-13 3:45 PM

Stand your ground,citizens arrest,concealed carry and the last time a "figure" was pointed at me I got married!

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Jul-23-13 3:41 PM

Maybe you should read it a little slower. I'm so sorry I spelled finger wrong. I guess you fit that catagory of the reason we need the police to begin with.

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Jul-23-13 3:07 PM

Yeah, The police around here just stop and block for any reason... I heard they were checking all the "Gingers" because all red heads are evil.. Matt your thoughts on this are as bad as your spelling. Yes I am pointing my figure at you....

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Jul-23-13 1:48 PM

yes because when we had the "local" law enforcement, nobody got jumped and beat up, nothing got damaged or stolen. Are you people for real? You see the police when they have somebody stopped but you have no idea what they are stopping them for. You see road blocks, but you have no idea what they are checking for. You only know what you read in the paper and facebook. I feel awful for what happened to Mrs. Wojda grandson, but don't point the figure at the police because it happened. As long as we have as many dishonest and horrible people in this society, nothing will ever totally stop bad things from happening.

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Jul-23-13 1:26 PM

And yet ANOTHER reason we need our "local" law enforcement back!!

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Jul-23-13 8:44 AM

Also have to address Bystander's concerns. You like a lot of other poster's in the past seam to constantly want to bash the police for what they do. "The mean cops pull over speeders." "The mean cops stop DWI." "The mean police enforce driving rules that we all learned in driver's ed and while we took our driving test." Learn to live within the laws and amazingly you will see that you won't get ticketed or "harassed". WOW A SIMPLE SOLUTION.. What a "crazy" concept.

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Jul-23-13 8:38 AM

Hate to be the one who says it, but at least there used to be a "local" department that was there to help out, that other than a certain Borrello no one seamed to mind. A department that was familiar with Sunset's concerns and not to long ago was willing to address town issues. But because we villagers only like to drink there I guess you Sunset people are on your own... Good Luck with that.

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Jul-23-13 7:27 AM

But there not "limited" to having a road block or sitting by the stop sign so if someone rolls through it they get pulled over. Its not about protecting the people it's a money thing for the county. DWI,rolling through stop sign.One way in one way out,they sure love there road blocks.!!

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Jul-23-13 6:53 AM

I understand the frustration but HVAVCDY IS RIGHT, why are we paying for enhanced patrols if they are not available. I for one do not feel that the whole town should pay for Sunset. Many cottages are rentals and by the way come at a pretty price. The residents choose to live there they should bare the burden just like those that live in SC. Maybe the owners of the 2 businesses should step forward and help handle there drunken patrons, what a concept that would be, taking responsibility.

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Jul-23-13 5:43 AM

If you want to see police presence go to the Polish Parade in Cheektowaga !

Close the Beaches - Save tax payer $$$$$$ !!

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Jul-23-13 4:33 AM

It's terrible that Ms Boyda's grandson was beaten so badly. I hope the attackers were caught & arrested for 1st degree assault!

When confronted w/this incident, the sheriff replied: "the dept is limited and can't be everywhere at once."

So much for "enhanced" services (ie; dedicated patrols), eh?

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