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Two men unfit to lead a city

July 25, 2013

Ethics, responsibility and a moral compass. It is what constituents normally demand from those who represent them in government, but the New York City races seem to have taken a step backward....

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Jul-25-13 5:16 AM

Good editorial. Self control and discretion is important. What messages are we sending to our children?

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Jul-25-13 5:54 AM

What's he difference between them and most of Congress? They're all prostitutes, all involved in illegal actions and fund raising, and certainly none of them have any moral standards I'd like any of my children to exhibit.

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Jul-25-13 6:23 AM

Christopher, makes a valid point, in ancient Greece, Dionysus went in search of an honest man and came up empty, which only proves that agendas have replaced true public service

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Jul-25-13 7:42 AM

I think ben franklin womanized in europe. FDr had a secretary. The kennedys were the best. Clinton a close second.Except for spitzer prosecuting wrongly, we need this in the political arena. Who can forget Marilyn Monro singing happy birthday to JFK ?That glittering dress ! And Weiners wife is asking hillary clinton for advice ! Yes I saw it on tv. I love this. The gals will still vote democratic no matter what.

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Jul-25-13 7:43 AM

So Paul we as voters should allow the moral collapse to just continue along its merry way instead of sending a strong message I guess right?

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Jul-25-13 8:17 AM

I gotta post one more time. Since the time of zoroaster, women were seen as rewards to men in the political process.This predates Islam by thousands of years. There were even concubines in the bible.There are 2 sets of rules. One for the masses and the other for the rulers. This should be obvious to anyone that reads history. Alexander the great was famous for womanizing.Alex was a great person whose heritage continues to this day.So if I may say, the gods have no problem with this. They started it. Lets hear the howls.

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Jul-25-13 8:28 AM

Weiner showed his clothed ****** and Spitzer had a sex spree on his dime...but exactly what law did they break and when were they charged?

...(crickets chirping)...

Thought so -- the church ladies are at it again.

Oh, and Steinerdzzz, at least women responded to these guys -- jealous?

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Jul-25-13 8:36 AM

Narcissistic, power-hungry, smug, shameless.

“I know what’s best for YOU even though I can’t even manage my own life” and “Don’t worry, I’ll lie to my family and live a life of lies and deceit, but I’ll be straight with you folks.”

Yeah, right. If NYC voters elect guys with that pathology, they’re bigger idiots than the ones running for office.

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Jul-25-13 8:42 AM

Moral decay is nothing new in our politicians. Take a look at the founding fathers! George Washington had an affair while married to Martha. Thomas Jefferson had a child with a woman he was not married to. Ben Franklin not only had numerous affairs but belonged to a secret "sex" club! Look it up on History Channel!

We have numerous others to look at these days beyond these two and from BOTH Parties.

Let the voters decide like they did in the recent S Carolina race.

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Jul-25-13 8:53 AM

I have no respect for Weiner but Spitzer was a strong proponent fr regional government and I felt the loss when he resigned. We have seen a steady moral decline in our country due in large part to the absense of religion and the impact of mass-media and materialism. The strong family unit, centered on religion that was once the foundation for our morality has been replaced by gay marriage, crooked politicians and immoral behavior. It sure makes you wonder what the future holds for the next generation.

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Jul-25-13 8:58 AM

Dcronk, Spitzer ran as a Law and order candidate, his entire reputation based on THE LAW. Soliciting Prostitutes is a CRIME. So, Spitzer's entire career is based on lies and deceit, a clear case of "do as I say, not as I do". As usual you're too busy trying to sound clever than being clever. Weiner, name notwithstanding, is a joke, and his moral compass is a bit askew. You'd expect him to make decisions based on YOUR needs and not HIS!?

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Jul-25-13 9:00 AM

Joew, never said nor implied that. I wouldn't vote for either of them for my own take on them, my own reasons, and it's not based so much on their deeds as on their lies about them when confronted.

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Jul-25-13 9:39 AM

Let's not forget our dear Governor who's shaking up with his babe.

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Jul-25-13 10:19 AM

Dcronly, actually Spitzer's was on the taxpayers dime.

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Jul-25-13 10:34 AM

I am not excusing these men, and I really do not care one iota about their personal sex lives, but I find it interesting how the moral outrage only applies to democrats. Did a similar piece appear when Sanford was running for senator? You know, the Appalachia/Argentina vacation. Or when Mayor Giuliani left the governor's mansion because he was having an affair. Or when David Vitter frequented a DC madam. Or when Larry Craig tried to pick up another man in an airport restroom. Or when Mark Foley sent sexually explicit e-mails to teenage pages. Or the worst of them all, Newt Gingrich, who cheated on both previous wives, told the first he was leaving her for another woman when she was having cancer therapy. And was cheating on the second wife while blasting and impeaching Clinton for cheating on his wife. Where was the moral outrage for any of these?

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Jul-25-13 10:36 AM

And of course all those women in office who have had affairs, none that I know about. Sorry Steiner, but women hold the moral high ground and should be running the country.

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Jul-25-13 10:37 AM

Oh, and what about President Eisenhower? I'm sure we could add a few more to that list.

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Jul-25-13 10:37 AM

Wouldn't surprise me if they both get elected. AHHH, the joys of living in a blue state.

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Jul-25-13 10:42 AM

PhilJulian, what strong family are you referring to? Steiner was right, women were the spoils of wars, and people have always had affairs. Look at the monarchies of Europe throughout history. Totally decadent. Not to mention the recent presidents of France and Italy. Wake up.

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Jul-25-13 11:18 AM

So it seems as if Marcia is defending the morally corrupt left while demonizing the morally corrupt right. Par for the course. Carry on.

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Jul-25-13 12:53 PM

Well, those criteria pretty much eliminates most of the y chromosomes from holding office.

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Jul-25-13 1:55 PM

American, i was pointing out, not defending nor demonizing anyone. You and the Observer were the only ones demonizing, and only democrats.

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Jul-25-13 5:09 PM

MARCIA - the strong family unit that I referred to is a man, a woman and dependent children. It's getting harder to find a strong family unit. Children are often raised in single parent homes while their parents find it more convenient to get a divorce and more rewarding to follow a career. Family life was strongest in the 50's and 60's and started to decline in the 70's. Women's liberation and the two wage earner family both contributed to the decline of family life. A marriage today has about a 50% chance of survival and many children are born out of wedlock. Values have changed as careers and money have replaced children and a stable family life as a reason for existance.

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Jul-25-13 5:32 PM

Hey Phil did your wife stay at home by the stove stirring the pasta and bearing the children??? Lucky her to live with a cave man.

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Jul-25-13 7:15 PM

Maybe due to the fact that all those politicians you love so much and those weakened unions you hate so much have in combination ruined any chance of anyone making it on one income. Good God, Phil, look out the window, would you!? It's 2013 not 1953!

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