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How our area promotes poverty

July 26, 2013

Last month, some 150 people attended a panel discussion about the high rate of poverty in Chautauqua County at the Clarion Hotel, Marina and Conference Center in Dunkirk....

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Jul-29-13 12:48 PM

Just for a moment focus on these two facts, 1: Oil companies are raking in record breaking profits. 2: Republicans are STILL fighting to continue giving them BILLIONS more from US tax payers...AND the reason companies are splitting from our area is to avoid Union Labor Law not

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Jul-28-13 10:24 PM

Yo Phil....The recent Farm Subsidies Bill? Welfare for businesses and not one penny for the hungry. A national disgrace.WWJD?

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Jul-28-13 9:31 PM

This issue can be summed up qith one fundamental economic principal. "When you tax something you get less of it. When you subsidize something you get more of it". In our county we tax business and homeowners to death so businesses and homeowners are leaving. Keep in mind that we subsidize poverty, especially in Dunkirk with our abundance of low income housing. Our economic plight is simply the result of our own stupidity and poor leadership.

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Jul-28-13 8:22 PM

And thank you to all of you who follow in the footsteps of Jesus, you are what Christianity is all about. Thank you for your concern and your generosity!

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Jul-28-13 6:50 PM

I have a mental illness and cannot work due to that circumstance. I am hungry. Do you have any spare change? You do? Why thank you! It's cold out and I need a place to stay and living on the street is dangerous. Do you have any spare change so I can stay warm tonight? You do? Why thank you! I am HIV positive and have hep C. I would like to see a doctor. Do you have any spare change for that? You do? Why thank you! Thank you New York, for preserving my right to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as I would most surely be dead without your assistance. Thank you tax payers....You may not see the differences that you have made in my life, but they are great and many. My family and friends thank you too.

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Jul-28-13 3:22 PM

Then you really can't advocate any by either party as none have worked yet. The only jobs government can produce is more government jobs and we do not need any more of those. democrats and GOP both are detrimental to this nation. At least most of those serving right now from Obama down.

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Jul-28-13 3:14 PM

Glad to see how many disagree with the GOP so called jobs bills.

No, not in love with any politician or political party. I do however, love my Country, and the People who call it home. For that I advocate JOBS bill that will give people real jobs rather than just another hand out to big business, with no regard to our environment.

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Jul-28-13 2:01 PM

I think judeye must be having an affair with Obama the way she continually spouts her love for all things about the him. Always puts party before America it seems. No matter what damage Obama does she defends him.

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Jul-28-13 8:56 AM

Compare with Obama JOBS bill...the one that has not been brought to floor for discussion or debate

Tax cuts to small businesses to hire and cuts to hire vets...invest in infrastructure projects modernizing rods, fixing bridges, schools, etc On the Job training programs, vocational training, summer youth programs, work experience Tax credits for hiring long term unemployed Cut payroll taxes for workers

READ this bill

Compare GOP plan with this one...which one do you think is for the PEOPLE of this Country..which one helps the 1% make even more money with NO regard to the harmful impact it might have on our planet

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Jul-28-13 8:50 AM

GOP dot gov HR 872 reduce regs for permits from EPA on pesticides HR 910 prohibit EPA from regulating greenhouse gases HJ Res 37 prohibit implementation of ne neutrality HR 1229 require safety in drilling in Gulf (I agree) HR 1231 reverse offshore moratorium HR 2021 eliminate delays on drilling off the coast of Alaska HR 2018 restrict EPA from developing implementing new water quality standards HR 1315 all Financial Stability Oversight Coucil to set aside any harmful federal regs HR1938 Keystone pipeline

Now please read these for yourself...I summarized These came DIRECTLY from GOP web site...their top JOBS (sic) bills

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Jul-27-13 8:19 PM

NO NO Judeye,look at the Congressional Record site. Please do tell us what bills you viewed by docket number.

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Jul-27-13 6:29 PM

JoeW....ok so I looked up all the "jobs bills"...stalled in the Senate. I went to the GOP site so not to be clouded with partisanship.


Have you seen the bills? Dereg this..drill here....Let business go wild destroying our planet...and call it for Jobs for the people. I had to re read the bills as I could not believe they were trying to pass these off as JOBS bills..when all I saw was GREEDY folks, willing to rape and destroy our very planet for a buck.

And you really think these are to help people get back to work rather than help the most very wealthy get even more.

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Jul-27-13 6:19 PM

Captain...poverty level for a family of four is about $23,000. Can you imagine?

VERY SAD is it not that so many in our County...heck right here in the city where it is at almost BELOW the poverty line. And yes some are dead beats, lazy, but really do you think that the majority of them want to live with such little money?

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Jul-27-13 6:12 PM it....unlearned Judeye...and you are hear to teach me? make that ROFL

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Jul-27-13 6:10 PM

Captain...not sure what you mean. I never said it only cost $1.50 per student. Heck we cannot even feed our grandchildren for that amount.

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Jul-27-13 6:08 PM

Local one...huh???

Would you mind taking a picture of the machine where you can get your food stamps for cash? I will lead the investigation.

Also please tell me how a single parent can get $2,800 in food stamps per month. many children? Have you looked up the guidelines for food stamps?

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Jul-27-13 6:02 PM

Joel...of course food stamps are up since Obama was elected. You do remember what transpired just before he took office don't you? We are still in recovery...which would be much further along if only a JOBS bill could get passed. People ARE working is my point. They just are not making enough money to even feed their families. Working and still eligible for food stamps..Now I call that a disgrace.

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Jul-27-13 1:31 PM

It may be too late. Once the whirlpool starts it is almost impossible to stop. Only rescue is JOBS. That does not seem to happen on a large scale. Many people are doing quite well i.e. school supertendents and offic help in a shrinking school system. so there will always be some sort of a far western N.Y. However it will keep getting smaller as the whirlpool continues to gain speed.

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Jul-27-13 10:34 AM

joew: what do you expect from someone who believes that unyielding public ED costs is still the greatest value for the money by "claiming" it ONLY costs $1.50/hr per student?

I'm still waiting for a response from judeye. That's one of the benefits in posting comments. You're not forced to reply when presented with a valid rebuttal.

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Jul-27-13 10:20 AM

To quote Judeye, Note:Most of the people on "assistance" are not receiving cash. Rather they are on food stamps and Medicaid.

Judeye, food stamps are issued thru an EBT card, and they can use it as cash. In fact, last weekend I was at the beach in Angola and at Mickey Rats, they had a great big sticker on their ATM machine that said " use your EBT card here". Gives ya warm and fuzzy feeling knowing your hard earned tax dollars are being spent at a Bar. I know as a matter of fact there are single moms out there getting as much as $2800 a month on their EBT card, so If its just food stamps, who needs $2800 in groceries per month? Yet there are seniors who worked their entire lives getting less than half that in Social Security and struggling to make ends meet. The NY system ***** plain and simple and it'll never change just for the reason Andy Goodell mentioned.

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Jul-27-13 8:26 AM

Hard to believe Dcroaknig saying that subscriber numbers are down as well as ad revenue and page count is indicative of the Observers ability to manage the fiscal end of the business. If that were true,would that not indicate a decline in population,and therefore a corresponding decline in revenue for business which of course would mean a decline that each business dedicates to the advertising budget line? Of course there might be yet another reason,that being the inability of some people to read and more importantly actually understand what is is that they have read.

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Jul-27-13 8:05 AM

cronig, where is the lowest unemployment in the us. repub states. Where is the highest ? liberal states. Cronig believes , like judeye in govt solutions. Judeye sys the right wing makes stuff up. Nothing could be made up more or junk science than CO2 climate change. I have posted numerous posts on that and she ignores them all. Judeye does not understand science. Cronig, all newspapers are down, even the WSJ. Liberal papers more than the most. Cronig says the obvious but misses the why.Libs, tell us more of the failed stimulus, the jobless recovery, the ever widening income gap caused by the collapse of the middle class . Obama worsened this all and the libs say, more, more more. Dumb libs. Judeye even wants to control our thoughts by what we can see or read. Fairness to a liberal.

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Jul-27-13 7:58 AM

the unlearned judeye keep saying the same thing. where are the jobs. Down south and west. She mentions jobs bills , the stimulus did not work. Judeye just does not get it. Liberals love poverty , yes they do ! Look at the inner cities, unemployment 50% and democratic. Judeye, dear liberal, please explain the BOOM in the west , due to fracking with less water than us. I do not see any great lakes in the west. Do you judeye ? the libs in DC wanted a living wage paid by large box retailers. One of themn threatened to stop construction and pull out. Judeye just thinks that if the democrat wills it it must be.judeye and croehnig, the most unlearned posters here.

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Jul-27-13 12:22 AM

And, everybody knows, paying not only a county tax, but also a village tax, town tax, etc. are Always better use of residents' monies than a single government tax, right? SMFH.

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Jul-27-13 12:20 AM

DC, please post that link. I mean, I know it's so easy to believe with all of the new industry jockeying for position to locate in NY, and food industry going to war over connections to Lake Erie freshwater, and all of the new jobs created here in the last 10, 20, oh 40 years or so, but you know, just for giggles. Please tell me that job/industry growth in southern (I.e. "red" states) was severely overshadowedby those in northern states. I know that in the last 20 years, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Michelin, all built plants in the south, but that was just because NY was packed capacity, right? We had no old facilities here that could be repurposed or redeveloped?

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