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Sheriff hopes task force eases jail population burden

July 28, 2013

By ERIC TICHY Special to the OBSERVER MAYVILLE — Space remains scarce inside the Chautauqua County Jail....

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Jul-29-13 1:21 PM

They should have potatoes, black beans, vegetable juice, and Tang for every meal. No TV's, give them regular books or audio books. Make them run laps in the yard before each meal, rain/snow/shine/heat/cold. Give them a cot, a pillow, a blanket, and a faucet. Bare bones. It shouldn't cost a good annual salary to keep someone in jail for a year. I think I'll go into the private prison business, they can outsource their prisoners to me for pennies on the dollar compared to what they pay today.

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Jul-28-13 9:00 PM

Maybe our judges should explain why they order incarceration for nan-violent accused offenders many of which are later found to be innocent or guilty of only minor opffenses. Is it necessary to jail them while they are simply awaiting trial?

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Jul-28-13 7:24 PM

They need to make room the winter regulars will be coming back soon!

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Jul-28-13 5:52 PM

decriminalize marijuana

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Jul-28-13 12:35 PM

well maybe turn the county home into part of the jail we could turn a drain into a positive cash flow. smiles all around. this county is pathetic

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Jul-28-13 11:57 AM

I wonder if we still bring in prisioners from other areas. That was one of the reasons for jail expansion years ago, if that is still so we need to move them back to where they came from.

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Jul-28-13 10:39 AM

That's right "had enough". Put em in pink underwear and pitch the tents. Cartoon network and the weather channel and run the ACLU out of town!

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Jul-28-13 10:19 AM

CON'T::: Federal inmates generate top notch dollar to be housed in Chaut County Jail. One yr he had 58 fed inmates. He also houses illegal immigrants from other prisons who are waiting for court dates/ inmates who are in P.C. waiting to be moved to diff location(in between prisons)-and much more.Yes there is jail overcrowding but that has always been an issue.The Judges need to go by the same criteria.I say build MORE JAILS OR GET RID OF THE ONES THAT DON'T BELONG IN CHAUT. COUNTY & HANDLE THE ONES AT YOUR DOORSTEP NOT FROM ANOTHER COUNTY OR JURISDICTION.IF YA CAN'T TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN YA SURE & THE*****SHOULDN'T BE TAKING CARE OF SOMEONE ELSES!!The jail is "CHAUT.COUNTY JAIL"< NOT REVOLVING DOORS FOR NYS INMATES.CHAUT COUNTY=POPULATION OF CHAUT COUNTY WHO BREAK THE LAW!!!!!!

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Jul-28-13 10:04 AM

Well I was in Chaut County Jail back a few yrs ago..And IF they got A.C. it MUST BE IN THE NEW ADDITION!! They do not have A.C. in the older parts of the jail.Oh yeah the offices within the jail where the big whigs sit on their asz all day long & booking have A.C.--but it does not benefit the inmates."GOOD FOOD" lol.*****> who lied to you & told you that bullshyt? It must of been someone who eats at the friendly kitchen or out of food pantries out on the streets, cuz the food *****!! No flavor,very limited portions,get it on your fork & you can throw the fork across the room & the food stays stuck on it!! CABLE: they have limited channels & no music channels,they did have learning & discovery based channels.FREE MEDICAL: well a majority have medicaid anyway so whether if they are in jail or on the street they WILL GET FREE MEDICAL CARE!! And as for the Federal Inmates: for many many Gerace has made it a priority to get fed. inmates

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Jul-28-13 9:33 AM

Must be time to start pushing for yet another jail addition.

We are caught in a vicious cycle - as we continue to increase the new career called welfare, we see an increase in crime which results in increased arrests, then increased need for jail.

Start paying attention to ways to decrease welfare and we're on our way to a solution.

In an other article today we got to see the near $90K deputy salaries. Ouch!

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Jul-28-13 8:16 AM

I guess jail isn't what it use to be. Why do they (inmates) have cable TV ??? Why AC ?? What kind of punishment is that ?? I stay out of trouble, how about the County paying for my heat, AC. & cable ??? This is clearly B. S.

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Jul-28-13 8:09 AM

Ask yourself this question? Why are there so many people locked up? Could it be the great food, cable tv, free medical, heat in the winter and A/C in the summer? Let's face it these prisoners have it better than some people. No taxes, no responsibilities. Perhaps if the Sheriff took a good look at the amenities the prisoners get and take a page out of Sheriff Joe Aripio book and cut back on the goodies perhaps people will think twice before committing a crime. Think about it people no bills to pay for years and no taxes. What a deal.

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Jul-28-13 7:47 AM

The sheriff publicly admits to having discussions with DA Foley & area judges, essentially trying to persuade them into being more lenient so he can " up beds at the jail and lure federal inmates"??? Does anyone else see what's wrong with this? The sheriff seems to be more focused on raising revenues for the CCSD, currently thru lucrative "enhanced" service contracts he has with munis that can't afford their own PD. He must manage the CCSD as efficiently as possible, but he should stop trying to be to be a profit-driven businessman and stick with enforcing laws.

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