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Do you know these laws exist?

July 29, 2013

After the Trayvon Martin case, the Florida version of this sort of thing became an issue, as it should have. Twenty-plus states have similar laws....

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Jul-29-13 7:00 AM

Decent article. Stand your ground laws work in helping prevent crime.

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Jul-29-13 7:17 AM

South Carolina has laws very similar to florida. two months ago a driver was cut off on the interstate and said driver gave the appropriate gesture to the offender. the offender pulled over as did the guy who gave the gesture. The driver who got cut off left his car to confront the guy who cut him off. He was promplty shot dead by this guy. His excuse? "He was a car jacker" hmmmmm

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Jul-29-13 7:55 AM

Paul, i know I heard on TV that a state trooper said lethal force in your home in NY was OK, just not outside your home. robert loves criminals, all libs do. Stand your ground laws fight and reduce crime. Notice how the mob forced the state to act. Liberals love mobs. The rule of the people. Ask the NYPD who they stop and frisk. Trayvons race fits. What we have to ask the libs or better they have to answer is: Why should we not be afraid of people who continually commit violent crimes. It was and is Ok all the time in the inner cities, witness detroit and chicago. But we dare not under the risk of liberal wrath defend oneself against these very sme perpetrators. Those libs. Wacky as usual.The death threats against zimmermans family also part of the tolerant liberal tradition.

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Jul-29-13 8:49 AM

You do not have to retreat in your house and you can use any force necessary to defend your home, Paul you are wrong on that point!

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Jul-29-13 9:15 AM

A white male attacked by minorities yelling this is for trayvon ! yes, it is being investigated as a love crime. The libs like obama against stand your ground are actually saying we want you to get mugged !

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Jul-29-13 9:15 AM

I wonder how many people in New York have been charged and then convicted for killing an intruder in their own home?

We do know based on a study by the Tampa Bay times that Florida's stand her own ground law has allowed drug dealers to avoid murder charges and gang members to walk free. This study showed that nearly a third of the cases defendants initiated the fight shot an unarmed person or pursued their victim and still went free. Very distrubing the review indicated that race does in fact play a role in the outcome, 73% of those who killed a black person faced no penalty compared to only 59% of those who killed a white person.

Commonsense seems to lacking in both the self defense laws...and in the manner stand your own ground laws were written.

Agree with the poor prosecution in Martin case that left the jury no choice but acquit. Where were the other lesser charges that should have been made, such as assault?

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Jul-29-13 9:19 AM

From the “Ya can’t make this up” department: In Columbus, SC there’s a murder trial underway. Three burglars broke into an apartment, and when it looked like the resident was reaching for a gun, one burglar shot and killed him in front of an 8-year-old. Yes, he’s claiming 'stand your ground' as part of his defense.

In January, in Miami, a judge tossed a case against a guy who chased a burglar for more than a block and then stabbed him to death. The judge decided it was justified under ‘stand your ground’ because the defendant was “well within his rights to pursue the victim” and that the thief, when the guy caught up to him, swung the bag of stolen radios, which could have caused “serious harm or death.” From the karma department: He was killed 5 months later (an innocent bystander) as two gangs shot it out.

Last weekend in DC, a guy was beaten and robbed by a group of individuals shouting “This is for Travon.”

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Jul-29-13 9:21 AM

Well lets see here,someone gives someone the "appropriate" gesture and then walks up to the person he gave the"appropriate" gesture to and for some reason the guy should have realized he was going to get a hug? Geeezz

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Jul-29-13 9:24 AM

From "the facts" department: The DC beating/mugging is already being investigated as a hate crime.

DC police department: “There is no pattern in these types of crimes. These attacks are outrageous; we are doing everything in our power to see that they certainly don’t occur. If they do occur, we are going to aggressively investigate them and bring people to justice.”

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Jul-29-13 9:40 AM

In New York State where the lib's rule we worry about the rights of the criminal not the victim!!!!

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Jul-29-13 9:53 AM

Whether you beat a charge or not has nothing to do with your skin color but more to do with the depth of your pockets OJ proved that!

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Jul-29-13 9:56 AM

Robert the driver may have tried to claim carjacking but that does not mean he got off all criminals try to claim it's not their fault!

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Jul-29-13 10:16 AM

A possibly interesting incident to follow up on may last night's shooting of two alleged robbers on Buffalo's east side. Details in the article "Two would-be robbers shot by their intended victim" on page B3 of today's Buffalo paper are scant; obviously the investigation continues. Police are noted as saying that it was matter of self defense and the shooter has a permit for his gun. No mention as to whether the alleged robbers were armed, or if the incident occurred on the street or in a home.

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Jul-29-13 10:45 AM

Like I stated in a past post on the same type issue, if you don't think whites are discriminated against I suggest all those crackers that think that way take a walk around the city hood and see what you look like after a few hours. Better yet move to the hood for a week or two. You as a white person will find out exactly what being discriminated against is all about, if you are still alive after the first night.

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Jul-29-13 10:58 AM

You have a basic human right to protect yourself and your family. George Zimmerman did what was right that night. He also did what was right in getting a great attorney and setting up a legal aid fund to help him with the expenses. His attorney stated Zimmerman's legal expenses were well over 1 million dollars. You either have the money, raise it by going public or go to jail. Race relations will not get better until both side start to give and that will never happen because there are many people making money over race issues.

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Jul-29-13 11:04 AM

It's a sad day for America when a person can't defend himself. If you are going to shoot, shoot to kill. At least he won't be able to testify against you. If we could eliminate half of our lawyers it would be a giant step forward. Want to know the rest of the story about Trayvon? According to a story in the Miami Herold, He was suspended for the second time in six months from Krop High School. A video surveillance camera caught Martin writing graffiti on a door. When officers searched his backpack they found 12 pieces of women's jewelry and a man's watch along with a flathead screwdriver that was described as a burglery tool. These items were a match for items previously reported as stolen.. Martin was also found with in posession of drugs and he was suspended from school. Not the inmnocent little kid you thought he was.

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Jul-29-13 11:06 AM

Very interesting facts. It seems there has to be a middle ground between not allowing self-defense and allowing someone to just say "I was afraid" so it's OK to kill someone. I could kill any of you and say I was afraid under those laws. I'll bet a lot of premeditated murders could end up claiming stand your ground. I would be nice to have a non-partisan, non-racist, intelligent discussion about this issue. Nice try, Paul, but from the comments, it doesn't seem possible.

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Jul-29-13 11:10 AM

By the way, Bulldog, I lived n Buffalo for over 20 years, had friends and co-workers who lived in what you call the "hood," was there two weeks ago. Never attacked. Sorry to disappoint you.

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Jul-29-13 11:35 AM

Marcia you never drove by a hood much less visited one. Hood = 100 percent black, white folks are not allowed there. You better visit a real hood before you open your mouth again. You just DON'T want to get it.

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Jul-29-13 11:36 AM

I lived in Buffalo Marcia says. Haha but not in the hood.

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Jul-29-13 11:38 AM

Marcia, if you want to visit a real hood I'll drive you there at 12 midnight if you say you'll walk the streets for the night? Don't forget to bring toilet paper cause you will need it.

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Jul-29-13 12:23 PM

Stand your ground laws work in helping prevent crime. Criminals think twice if they know their potential victims are home... are armed and there is a law that helps protect them. Everything else on here against "stand your ground" is Bolshoi.

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Jul-29-13 12:35 PM

For the most part a good letter Paul. Stand your ground laws should be passed in every state. NYS is run by liberal hacks and until that changes something like these laws will never stand a chance. NYS wants to disarm all private citizens and has slowly been doing so with the blessing of the left. Zimmerman may have been guilty of a lesser crime such as assault but even then he was assaulted first. Phil I see there is at least one who disagrees with the facts you presented and I will go out on a limb and say I bet it was Marcia. But she suffers from some sort of left wing delusion it would seem.

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Jul-29-13 12:41 PM

Sorry I should clarify the she seems to suffer from a delusion that tells herself she has a clue about anything pertaining to the Zimmerman case. And she is not alone with that one. Many from the left suffer it.

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Jul-29-13 1:05 PM

When a black kid is out past curfew, and the neighborhood rent-a-cop with an ego tells attempts a citizens' arrest, tragic things are bound to happen.

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