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KOREAN WAR: Remembering the sacrifices

August 2, 2013

Events more than half a century ago on the Korean Peninsula are merely the stuff of history books for most Americans....

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Aug-05-13 8:06 AM

"...the military could have won it easily but the politicians wouldn’t allow it..."

That hits the nail on the head, Korea marks the time when politicians started selecting target lists and disallowed targeting certain areas.

If the Allies in WW2 were as restricted as our troops were in Korea and Vietnam we would all be speaking German right now.

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Aug-03-13 11:05 PM

I don’t always agree with Christopher but I do on this one. Korea was the first war we fought without a clear cut strategy to win. Oh, the military could have won it easily but the politicians wouldn’t allow it. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all wars where our troops were hamstrung by ROE’s put in place by politicians on both sides of the aisle which needlessly got our troops killed. In each of these wars, our troops went above and beyond but their civilian leadership failed them terribly

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Aug-03-13 2:03 PM

yes, Steinerdzzz, your self-loathing comes form your addiction to all the liberal largess you've enjoyed all your life.

Why else would you twice vehemently responded if I hadn't struck such a raw and gaping wound, hmmm?

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Aug-03-13 9:31 AM

hey cronig, the happy depression, liberal largess, bashing business, 25% unemployment. did ya forget that cronig. You dont know history cronig, pure and simple. liberal largess, depresssion, inner cities, detroit, etc.fill your car up ? Liberal largess there? all the modern chemicl wonders ? cronig tell us about liberal largess and how it helps us !Wilson and his self determination principle, shocked his secy of state and gave us the mess we live in. The mideast and assorted other wars. Liberal largess cronig. the posters here are very narrow minded. right from history books and tv. cronig says its wrong, ignorant or is it liberal largess ? those ever giving liberals. Look what we got from them !

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Aug-03-13 9:15 AM

cronig is wrong as usual. Wilson the father of modern liberalism and the income tax as we know it. Cronig , you are out and out ignorant. all your posts are just flowery language. the stuff about iraq and ww1 is right out of books and even PBS.Hey stupid cronig, i have paid a fortune in taxes for virtually nothing, thanks wilson and you say i dont know sacrifice. Cronig, your lack of any historical knowledge is amazing yet you seem so sure.Hey cronig, pray tell, where do the libs and the govt get all the money for their so called largess programs ? where cronig where ? from private enterprise thats where .Do you know that cronig ? are you that stupid?The govt create wealth ? how? cronig, unlearned liberal , help us out. Yes, the govt created petrochem, electricty, radio, electronics, etc.cronig lives in a world all his own, divorced from reality. exactly what largess am I receiving and how has it improved my life. You say unsubstantiated things and expect us to believe them.

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Aug-03-13 8:18 AM

As usual, Steinerdzzz, the happy consumer of liberal largess, is having yet another public display of incoherent, self-loathing spittling and aggrandized historical make-believe. (TR was the father of liberal policies: the FDA, environmentalism, broke a coal strike favoring unions, etc., but I digress...)

Since WWI, from where all of our 20th century conflicts began, we've asked our young men to put their lives on the line, whether for a righteous cause or chest-thumping, special-interest jingoism from either party. These incredible noble citizen soldiers did so, time and time again, uncomplainingly serving, sometimes dying, usually seared by their experiences but never flinching in their devotion to and execution of their duty.

Its called eternal gratitude and deference for those who believe, served and sacrificed for all of us, Steinerdzzz -- something of which you know nothing and care little about.

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Aug-02-13 7:05 PM

Let it go for now Steiner. As joew says it's not the place for it.

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Aug-02-13 6:42 PM

There are times and places for your ramblings Steiner but this is not one of them,please?

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Aug-02-13 5:51 PM

Many of the wars spoken of by christopher are attributable to woodrow wilson and churchill. see churchills folly, by catherwood. The mideast is the mess it is because of wilsonian isolationism and the belief by western european leaders to make the world safe from arabism by Isreal. These leaders knew the ancient writings better than most modern people. By these i mean churchill, balfour etc. Since wilson is the father of modern liberalism and his legacy continues today with the machinations i mentioned, the leaders of europe, 100 years ago would have regarded him, believe it or not as the reincarnation of Muawija. Think it crazy, but political leaders formulated policy over such things. Oil was regarded as secondary . Wilson thought we would run out of oil.

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Aug-02-13 4:21 PM

the libs are angry and confused as usual. Lets examine christophers position,the usual lovey dovey thing that america should take care of its own, even though a superpower. It is 1920,the allies, victors in ww1 made the decision to dismantle the ottoman empire. woodrow wilson abdicated and returned to isolationism in the united states. from the machinations of the leftover allies, absent wilson, was the lebanese war, the palestinian problem, kosovo and iraq. OBL wanted the ottoman empire restored. now we know why. Truman made the same mistake as the stupid woodrow wilson, author of income tax. Truman withdrew. we live with these consequences to this day. especially the mideast. The dumb libs blame bush, but it is dumb wilson the major cause. dk, wide ranging thinking like this led to the invention of the steinertrons. narrow minded people like you, dk are drag on science , invention, etc.

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Aug-02-13 4:12 PM

Agree joew. Do not need left wing rants against the military in any tribute editorial for any veterans.

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Aug-02-13 2:46 PM

Agree with joew...I lost an uncle in Korea.

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Aug-02-13 2:39 PM

The article I believe was meant as a tribute to the men and women who served and sacrificed during that period. To turn this into a forum for your political and ideological rants is BS plain and simple. jaycee had it right!

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Aug-02-13 8:47 AM

jaycee is correct. I had relatives in the korean war. they spoke of the cold and, even more interesting, firing 1000's of rounds of machine gun bullets at the invading koreans and chinese. they never saw so many waves of people get mowed down for beloved socialism. chinese leaders said that noone will miss a few hundred thousand chinese as there are so many of them.Now thats a vested interest.

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Aug-02-13 8:37 AM

Regardless of any of your personal opinions or beliefs, America's most courageous and finest once again sacrificed for God and Country. God bless all of those Korean War Veterans for their service and to the fine young men and women serving today. All gave some, some gave all. God bless America.

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Aug-02-13 8:32 AM

a little more for the dumbacrats. they hate the 24/7 news , correct ? I bet here is why. It is a legacy of the korean war.they always have a legacy it seems when something irritates them. Back then,the US govt did not operate 18 hours a day, seven days a week. on a weekend, the libs doing banal things were notified of the war. truman wanted to return to Dc from his farm,( driving horses to save the planet) but acheson told him no, it might cause alarm. those libs, caught off guard again and again.its part of the democratic mystique, the thing evry democrat loves about the democrats.

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Aug-02-13 8:26 AM

christopher gets it wrong again. vested interests in the military ? Nope, by the time korea arrived, truman had gutted the military. The wonderful socialists saw this as weakness and attacked. They almost succeeded. Korea is a good example of capitalism vs socialism, christophers ideal(govt employees, he loves them ). Look at a satellite photo at night . North koreaa is dark, they have gone green stripping the hills of wood.Renee take note here. South korea glitters. All running on tesla power. tesla power the libs hate it cuz it works. even the jets used by the north against us were copied from jets donated by the brits to the russians. They tried to show uncle joe they could be friends. It did not work. vested interests eh christopher, wrong again.

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Aug-02-13 6:44 AM

The beginning of the end for logical and necessary use of our Military. The Korean War was the first war to kill thousands of Americans without just cause by those in power. Every war since has been a disaster and a useless loss of American lives, including and maybe especially Vietnam. The worst thing for me personally about Vietnam is knowing that none of the people I saw die needed to. And we're still at it because of a corrupted government influenced by business and others with a vested interest in the Military.

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