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New offer for County Home announced

August 7, 2013

MAYVILLE - Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards announced a new purchase offer has been received for the Chautauqua County Home on Wednesday afternoon....

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Aug-08-13 8:10 PM

"Taxpayer42" You state "Cash offer, 10 year commitment to keep as is and staff keep their benefits and jobs.....sounds like a dream offer. "If you believe that to be true, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. The unfortunate truth is that the salary and benefit package that was designed to attract and maintain the most qualified employee is now what is being used against them. A company is NOT going to put up millions and keep the same pay, staff, and benefits. Period. When quality of care takes a back seat to profit, unfortunately it is the residents and their own care that will ultimately suffer. KEEP FIGHTING CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY!!

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Aug-08-13 8:22 AM

Are we forgetting that the taxpayers money spent on medicare and medicaid will be spent no matter who owns the home? Are we forgetting all the departments who recieve money from the county homes (legal,HR,Ct. Ex., finance,etc.) will be losing that income and we will just have to pay more to them. Hope they can find another 10 million in the couch. The figures from the county will say whatever they want them to because they can legally manipulate them.

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Aug-08-13 8:17 AM

Taxpayer42..and where are YOU on the gas well issue? They spent over $500,000 to drill a gas only sit there unproductive and unconnected. Do you care about this waste of money? Have not heard much outrage over this waste of money. Have not heard the County Executive say anything about this waste of money, who authorized it, and why. Not a word...

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Aug-08-13 8:13 AM

Question: If this new company will hire every employee currently employed at the Home (if they pass background check whatever that means) at the SAME salary, how can they MAKE money when our County is trying to tell us they lose money? Think about it. How can a FOR PROFIT make money on this Home, while a NOT FOR PROFIT ie the county cannot even break even (according to some).

If you think that the for profit employees same wages..can make a profit..please share how they can do it. Then let us look at those and see if the county can apply any of them.

Hmm...wonder if this means those residents that cost more, are more medically needy, require more intensive staff time, will be dropped? Another study by the CGR has stated that when a county facility is sold to a for profit about 25% of the residents have NO where to go.

I am PROUD that my taxes go to help those most vulnerable. It is morally right thing to do.

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Aug-08-13 8:12 AM

How quick was this LLC formed? It's name is the address of the county home. Remember that Avi said he would just turn it over to another LLC so that is what this guy can do to. Forget the committment, it only counts if they sue, and no one believes that. Looks like this guy sells portable xray machines to nursing homes as one of his businesses. Why was Altitude offer not good, but the same offer from a new person is great?

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Aug-08-13 8:06 AM

Whoever says the Home is losing money has NOT read the report that clearly shows that the Home is SURPLUS and has been for years!

I am APPALLED. We have gone to the legislation. They have voted..and voted NOT TO SELL. They tried to even change the law that required super majority in order to sell county property so they could get the votes to sell. It failed to pass.

So goes democracy. Who cares anymore how we our legislation votes..cause if they want to sell (or do anything else I guess) they just will keep doing it until they get what they want.

Isnt anyone else discussed with these tactics? Is this what we want in our County...for someone to be able to push their agenda time and time again until they get what they want? People's voice no longer matter.

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Aug-08-13 7:26 AM

Wow - whoever said the county home isn't losing money isn't paying attention. And who cares? Well, if YOU don't care then You fund the deficit every month. And holy fact checker Sonny ...that's a heck of a lot of slander you just pulled out of your, head? Cash offer, 10 yr commitment to keep as is and staff keep their jobs and benefits ...sounds like a DREAM offer. Hope our legislators get their heads out of their behinds or THEY should fund the deficit every month.

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Aug-08-13 7:20 AM

The County Home was only rated one star and there were a million excuses as to why that was. Avi was probably the best buyer and in the end it will be a disaster like everything else County govt is doing.

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Aug-08-13 6:59 AM

SonnyB, why do you find it necessary to spread lies about any potential purchaser of the home? If you are against the sale, fight the sale with factual statements. The home is losing $3.2M per year and it must be sold if it is going to remain open for the foreseeable future.

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Aug-08-13 4:16 AM

should that not be "WE" Sonny, which is why we believe the sale is the right thing to do, at least the county will be collecting taxes on the property, maybe not enough to compensate for other losses, but it a plus not a negative cash flow

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Aug-07-13 11:44 PM

Rothner and Platschek are buddies..Rothner gave him the money to buy the Home..Platschek has never set foot in the County Home..How can you buy something of great importance without ever seeing it..Rothner has seen it,and Rothner is involved in this shady transaction..

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Aug-07-13 11:35 PM

Hey rumblefish...Wait till NRG closes down..Then you will see how cash strapped you are..Oh yeah..Carriage House in Fredonia is slowly fazing out,all that will be left is the Peanut Butter and the tow motor drivers..

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Aug-07-13 11:30 PM

The homes this person owns in Erie County are rated only 2 stars by the website..Not too impressive..Also Mr.Platschek and his wife,Goldie,were involved in a $400,000 against them in 2004..

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Aug-07-13 9:41 PM

it seems to us that if the county is going into the water business, then revenue is needed to fund the project selling of the albatros home is a blessing to the strapped county taxpayers

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Aug-07-13 7:46 PM

If it's just about the bottom line, then be consistent and sell every county asset that doesn't break even.

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Aug-07-13 6:56 PM

PAY ATTENTION NOW: 2013 County Budget = (in round numbers) over $700,000 deficit + $2,100,000 IGT (tax payer funded subsidy). That's over $2,800,000 (or more than $7670/day loss.) The home is in the red, big time. This $2.8 million+ the taxpayers are having to bailout the home with comes on top of millions (fed, state, and county share)in Medicaid and Medicare tax dollars already funding the home's operations. "didnt they recently say the county home is not losing money" Who the heck are those dummies? AND "Who cares?" Maybe you're one of our county's entitlement freaks and you don't care, but we taxpayers do!

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Aug-07-13 6:02 PM

didnt they recently say the county home is not losing money. now this shows up.

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Aug-07-13 5:45 PM

Who cares? I would think this issue would be dead by now!Edwards bound and determined to sell...leave it alone

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Aug-07-13 5:38 PM

some folks always look for an excuse. If God made an offer there would be an excuse

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Aug-07-13 4:46 PM

What's the track record and private/public mix for the homes in Erie County?

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