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E-cigarettes are also addicting

August 14, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: I am writing about the e-cigarette and let me just say that I for one am not OK with how tobacco companies are trying to keep people addicted to their products....

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Oct-31-13 10:17 AM

May be you are right but, E Cigarette addiction is better than real cigarette. It will save money and not harm your health. It becomes easy for you to stop e cigarette. Because If you stop real cigarette than it is not hard for you to stop e cigarette. *****://****facebook****/Steamlite

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Aug-17-13 11:58 AM

Commentor you are right that tobacco company don't think about others. But it is individual decision that whether to use this kind of product or not. There are company who sales Poisson but that doesn't mean that every body can buy it and use it. This is totally depend on user or customer.

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Aug-16-13 12:35 AM

Marcy, Marcy Do you really think that this is the work of a 15 year old with no type of coaching from adults and more then likely her health teacher. You are dumber or more naïve then even I would have thought about you. Smokers have rights also even if people like you and this kid don't think so.

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Aug-15-13 6:05 PM

How did an anti-smoking letter turn into a rage against teachers? American, you have no idea that teachers have anything to do with letter. Interesting how trolls can inform discussion. One person mentions teachers and everyone agrees that is the what the discussion is about.

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Aug-15-13 2:58 PM

badnews.. you have no idea.

anyway, i agree with a lot of what you've have to say, so let's just disagree on this one.

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Aug-15-13 11:56 AM

PR, you're obviously not at close as you think, as everyone in my wife's family is a teacher, as are several of my friends and that's not even close to fact. You can keep pushing it to demonize teachers, but it still doesn't make it a reality.

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Aug-15-13 11:09 AM

Actually I have some bad news for you, badnewsbear.. I'm a lot closer to knowing what goes into becoming a teacher than you'd ever realize. And I know for a fact, that entering Junior year in college many of today's teachers were told by their advisers that they were not going to cut it on the major course and were advised to follow the teaching tract.

Usually it's best not to call someone out as ignorant when in fact it's yourself that doesn't know what they're talking about.

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Aug-15-13 10:17 AM

PR, This, "Your teachers don't know everything, in fact most of them were too dumb to cut it in their college curriculum so they switched to teaching" is one of the most ignorant statements I've ever see on these boards.Becoming a teacher requires an additional Education curriculum to be added to whatever their "college curriculum" actually is, not as a fallback position. Teachers in NYS are required to have Masters Degrees. While they're not all perfect, they get a bad rap from ignorant people like you that don't understand what is required to become a teacher and what BS they are being required to deal with as a result of government interference and the implementation of new policies and standards by bureaucrats with no classroom experience. While a teacher may have promoted this letter, keep in mind that it is summer and this kid isn't seeing her teacher. Get a clue.

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Aug-14-13 9:46 PM

I hate to burst everyone's bubble but there is scientific proof that the vapor from an e cigarette will not hurt anyone. Here is a link to the pdf. *******

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Aug-14-13 1:37 PM

I'm an ex-smoker. My choice when I smoked, my choice to quit. E-cigarettes are a godsend to those who want to quit and can't, a hugely healthier alternative to sucking in tar along with the nicotine. BUTT OUT! Leave them alone! They are NOT hurting YOU! And, for the tree huggers, no paper involved, no butts on the ground either. Get a life!

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Aug-14-13 1:11 PM

Another lib tree hugger is born.

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Aug-14-13 11:28 AM

Poor Analyce, she's been brainwashed by her liberal no-good teacher who thinks that individual freedoms are bad and government is the answer.

OK, #1 - I find smoking appalling, literally vomit-inducing. However, the war on smokers has gone overboard.

#2 - No kidding, Analyce, e-cigs are just nicotine drops in a vaporizer. The nicotine is what folks are addicted to. The nicotine gives them their high. Tell us something we don't know.

#3 - Oh wait, you attempted to tell us something, but it's a flat-out lie. The byproduct of an e-cig is water vapor. Not harmful. Inhaling vaporized nicotine only affects the inhaler. It is (a) far safer for the user, akin to consuming a drug like caffeine, and (b) completely safe for those around them.

See through the lies, Analyce. Your teachers don't know everything, in fact most of them were too dumb to cut it in their college curriculum so they switched to teaching. Think about that.

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Aug-14-13 11:24 AM

Or maybe people should mind their own business and let people live their lives as they see fit.

I quit smoking 13 years ago, but I'm so tired of the hypocritical anti-smoking crowd who crow about the evils of smoking while they benefit from billions of tax dollars collected by taxing those same products.

NYS makes more off of each pack of cigarettes then any of the tobacco companies, and yet they not get a free pass while the company is branded as evil.

Either ban smoking, or get your nose out of other people's business and let them live in peace.

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Aug-14-13 10:32 AM

Sorry commentor but no I don't smoke. I did for many years but quit 10 years ago. And it is and should be the individuals decision to smoke or not. You know kind of like if you want a 24 oz. soda or not. Not your place nor governments place nor some high school teacher or their students place to say you can.

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Aug-14-13 9:57 AM

American....spoken just like a typical smoker!

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Aug-14-13 1:06 AM

Spoken just like your teacher told you to do.

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