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Sale opponents driven by ‘fear’

August 18, 2013

By DAN GEORGE The legislators who voted not to sell the County Home appear sincere in their convictions, but their inability to be intellectually honest is on display....

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Aug-20-13 11:16 AM

What is really amazing is how the liberal left wing can say so much while not saying anything. Or that they want to give others money without getting any returns on it. You always want to spend and give away what isn't yours to do so. Your leader has shown that over and over. The home is just a small example of what left wing democrats are willing to let happen so they can "feel good" about themselves. And to he77 with everything else.

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Aug-20-13 8:04 AM

Interesting how the learned and intelligent conservatives always have to make personal attacks against those who disagree with them. It is indicative of the failure of their arguments.

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Aug-19-13 2:49 PM

Sounds like the far left democrats like judeye and Marcia have a new advocate. And he/she is just as far out in left field as they are. From the comments you have to think he/she works for the home and has a vested interest in the union screwing the taxpayer more.

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Aug-19-13 10:53 AM

Steiner.Leave the women alone you ignorant Commie.What is it with you?.You hate women?.You surely do have some mental problems.Let the ladies speak.

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Aug-19-13 10:15 AM

I can think of over 16 million reasons. Our county will be $16.5 million richer. In addition our county should experience lower taxes after this item is removed??.The CCH is worth more then $16.5 million.And a less then a $15 a year tax savings per household isnt exactly a great deal.

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Aug-19-13 9:17 AM

hey joew, loved your comment. the libs got into the housing market, putting poeople first and look what happened. look at the inner city schools for the bets show of liberalism. Libs dont ever think they are wrong in the face of bankruptcy, failures, shootings you name it. a lib thinks its great.

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Aug-19-13 8:27 AM

Marcia should the county open a couple of grocery stores or perhaps a gas station as well. The CCH belongs in the private sector and Judeye the home does NOT run at a surplus. Again for the THIRD time pull a copy of the CC budget and go through the portion regarding the CCH,can you do that??

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Aug-19-13 8:16 AM

marcia, you did impress me ! You said the govt was to provide services to its citizens ! it should be be a mommy ! Show me where the govt is supposed to do all the things the libs like you say it should. Read the article by the learned doctor in todays editorial page. I guess you mommy type folks fall flat on your face. judeye claims the paper is not up to the task. Lets see, they let her publish her liberal nonsense. Let everyone read her unscience she writes, but the paper is not up to the task. Judeye is ( in judeyes mind)

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Aug-19-13 8:11 AM

judeye and marcia are classic liberals. facts elude them. faith in govt is always high. These two posters are like the gal listening to a harvard leader talking about lack of women in science and industry. The learned gal harrumphed out of the talk. She said she would have passed out or thrown up if she did not.the leader was forced to resign for the tolerant libs. They had the facts they said. Judeye always ignores my posts, especially her love of the gas well at the home. Judeye the gal against fracking and hydrocarbons in general wnts to use the well for money . Thats greed judeye. When libs lose money, they think it a profit. Like cronig saying school taxes are low because someone else pays the remainder. Libs pure and simple cannot think.It is a blessed state to them, a sacrament of being a liberal.

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Aug-19-13 7:47 AM much would my taxes go down if they sell the county home, the one that cares for our most vulnerable citizens?

Oh that is right....NOT ONE DIME.

By the way, you must not have read the CGR report that clearly states the HOME operates at a surplus. has MORE money than it takes in. Look it up rather than relying on those with an agenda who bend the truth for their own goals.

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Aug-18-13 10:26 PM

Hey Marcia common sense says if you spend more then you bring in that you are losing money. Oh wait sorry your a left wing nut so common sense doesn't apply to you. Sell the home and take that tax burden off the taxpayers. I just have to figure you must not be one if you want to pay more taxes for a losing proposition. How long do you think any business can stay in operation if they constantly lose about $5 M a year? Right I keep forgetting left wingers don't think.

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Aug-18-13 12:36 PM

Mr. George states: "The county would no longer be losing money each year on the Home." Why is spending money on the county home referred to as losing money? How much money are we losing on salaries of legislators and executive staff? How much money are losing by having a sheriff's department and a county prison? How much are losing by maintaining and plowing roads? The purpose of government is to provide services to it's citizens. All of the above mentioned are service, including a county home. Mr. George is correct about one thing, we are afraid of change, because we have one of the best county homes in the state. Try going to the Erie County Home, where people only go as a last resort, whereas in CC people are trying to get their family in there.

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Aug-18-13 10:59 AM

Sell the home. Get rid of this dead horse. The letter opposing the sale got small print because it is wrong and therefore does not matter.

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Aug-18-13 9:06 AM

oh look , worrying judeye is chiming in ! Now the print itself is wrong. everything must be just so for judeye. The observer gave a fair and balanced position , pro and con . Did ya catch who the worriers are ? Why its the women and their conversion disorder ! Ditto for the accident article above all. judeye, are you saying you do not have a poltical agenda to push ?she wants facts. Both articles list them. Judeye, you should have been a judge or something. this way, you could inflict your will , facts be gone to you. Like the gals at the EPA or the judge who ruled stop and frisk wrong.especially the EPA facts judeye, facts you ignore are the fact co2 does not absorb heat, water does, water and Co2 both derive from burning hydrocarbons. You cant get one without the other.clueless , factless judeye is always writing but never learning anything. An activist women for sure. stifle yourself judeye. ps, the obsrerver lets you post your alleged facts , that is not enough for you ?

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Aug-18-13 8:24 AM

Would someone at the paper please explain why the headline for this letter is large VERY BOLD print..while the letter opposing the sale just below this letter in the paper the headline is much smaller front, and not as bold.

Fair and Balanced????

Now the paper does not even TRY to pretend they do not have a political agenda to push.

The readers of this paper deserve to hear both sides of an issue. The paper should be objective except when writing an opinion piece like an editorial. The readers after reading both sides of an issue, with NO biases , then will be able to make an INFORMED decision based on FACTS not the paper's opinion.

Of course that would require real journalism and not just opinion pieces dressed up to look like news articles. Dont think this paper is up to the task.

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