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Reed’s work in area welcome

August 18, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: I realize the main point of the OBSERVER’s Aug. 5 editorial was Congressional candidate Martha Robertson’s poorly-thought-out position on biomass fuel as an option for NR....

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Aug-20-13 1:15 PM

Yes but finding out she is wrong doesn't fit her political agenda. Remember obamas motto is blame it on someone else and most if not all left wingers follow that line. Never ever blame a left wing democrat for anything wrong. It is always someone else's fault.

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Aug-19-13 6:50 PM

American I have pointed out what you posted on several occasions and even informed her where to look(the Congressional Record)but she won't.She won't as well look at the CCH portion of the county budget because if she did she wouldn't have anything to say.(the surplus baloney)She as well will not acknowledge that the biggest contributors to anyone's campaign are the various unions the biggest(dollar wise)is the teachers unions. Obama was on the receiving end of the biggest bribe of all.

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Aug-19-13 10:35 AM

"Reid is in the Senate. John Boehner is Speaker of the HOUSE." Yes juddy I do realize this and what I was referring to was the 15 jobs bills that the house GOP has sent to the senate that reid refused to let be voted on. But then you knew that didn't you. You just believe dems can do no wrong while I know both parties are thieves and yours is just the worse one of the two. Neither party cares about the people.

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Aug-19-13 7:43 AM

No American...Reid is in the Senate. John Boehner is Speaker of the HOUSE.

The JOBS bill is sitting in the HOUSE with Mr. Boehner refusing to bring it to the floor for debate amendments and hopefully then passing it so we could benefit in the way of JOBS.

Yep, even at the expense of people..and JOBS...Boehner seems to be more concerned with placating the extreme right wing of the GOP than serving the people.

40 votes to repeal ACA 0 votes on the JOBS bill

and we are paying them how much??

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Aug-19-13 7:39 AM

When staff from his office come to town, they are not here to listen to ideas or complaints or differences. They are here to help with specific problems that one might be having, such as getting social security or a ticket to enter the Capital in DC. I know the staff specifically told a few of us that when we did show up during office hours.

This is a HUGE difference than town meeting where the representative is present and we can address our concerns, ideas, solutions directly to him and hopefully get his response.

I for one would love to ask him if he ever studied science in high school. If he did how could he continue to deny climate change?

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Aug-19-13 7:34 AM

American..would you tell me when the JOBS bill came to the floor of the HOUSE for debate? I have been waiting for this much needed bill to be passed so we could all get on with the business of JOBS and force the Congress to stop wasting time on silly things like repealing the ACA.

"Reed has done a great job for his voters. The others that voted against him don't matter. " Really you think this is how our representative should act? To ignore those who do not agree with him? Is he the representative only for his supporters? Hardly what most of us think of democracy in this Country. (by the way I know that Rep Reed does listen to those who did not vote for him..we might not agree,...but he has listened)

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Aug-18-13 10:22 PM

Tom Reed has been very active in constituent relations, he's held so many town hall meetings to learn what people really want. He's held them not only where he's strong but in the lion's den, in the heart of Tompkins County, Ithaca, and Cornell where left wing radicals and job hating anti-frackers rule the roost, keeping good high paying jobs out of the southern tier. As for PAACA, the majority of the American people did not favor it when passed and don't favor it now according to polling data. So much for the Democrats respecting the public will.

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Aug-18-13 7:35 PM

If Reed held 6 Town Hall Meetings in Chautauqua County then he must be focusing on it for a reason. I think he is aiming to get a lot of votes from Chautauqua to balance out the rest of the state. Becareful when a Politican-Lawyer comes smiling.

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Aug-18-13 6:40 PM

You do mean Reid won't allow them to be brought to the floor don't you. Easy mistake for a dyed in the wool far left democrat like you to make. Repeal the aca and all the atrocities involved with it and replace it with either 1) nothing at all or 2) a single payer system fueled by a federal sales tax of 3%. Instead of this tax on the working poor that the left wing socialist fools passed.

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Aug-18-13 11:46 AM

American, if you are against ACA, what would you replace it with? The President did not put single payer health care into the act to get republicans to vote for it. Not one did. The Senate has passed job bills,when the republicans don't filibuster them, but Boehner will not allow them to be voted on in the House.

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Aug-18-13 11:43 AM

Did Reed hold town halls or office hours? There is a difference. Did he attend a single one or just send staff? That is the question I would like answered. Does he really ever talk to constituents in Chautauqua county or only businesses?

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Aug-18-13 10:57 AM

Reed has done a great job for his voters. The others that voted against him don't matter.

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Aug-18-13 10:56 AM

It is long past the time that the aca should have been repealed. He77 it never should have passed. Nothing more then a new tax on people that haven't been exempted from it. The dems have not let any jobs bills be voted on and then blame everyone but them selves. Par for the course for the Obama led blame the other guy party. And look at the millions in bribes I mean campaign donations he took.

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Aug-18-13 8:13 AM

Town meetings? Would love to attend one.

Rep Reed joined the HOUSE in voting for the fortieth 40th!..time to repeal the ACA, even though it is just starting to be implemented and has been held constitutional by the Supreme Court. This law will help thousands of people right here in his district get health insurance, provide more options, and save us money. By the way...he has NO VOTES ON JOBS BILL

He voted to prohibit the EPA from limiting greehouse gases. Does he really not understand science or is he choosing greed over human lives? (or could it be the over $100,000 bribe..I mean donation..he received from the oil and gas industry?)

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