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Give employer some relief

August 18, 2013

It is not easy doing business in New York state. Constant tax increases, a harsh business climate and increasing fees keep many entities away from upstate if they have not fled already....

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Aug-20-13 9:40 PM

As further evidence of how "wonderful" it is in NYS, search for the " Migration of Personal Income" map published by the Tax Foundation. Org. I think those with a little common sense can guess where NYS ranks. The rest are apparently willfully ignorant of reality.

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Aug-20-13 9:05 AM

As infomation: A recent placement by MONEY magazine named "America's Best Small towns". The 50 list was judged on health facilities, economy, employment, education and home afortability. Guess what? NOT ONE CITY IN NEW YORK STATE MADE THE LIST !! Now if you were looking to relocate or maybe stay in the area what would you do upon reviewing the article?

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Aug-19-13 9:01 AM

New York State is one of the top taxing states. Now if you owned a business your main goal is to make a profit. NYS takes away that goal by taxing you to death. Now add on to that city taxes, water rates , sewage, electricity, union wages and the cost of goods and you can readily see that your profit margin is drastically reduced. NYS should be giving incentives instead of taxing. But that will never happen and those businesses are either closing or moving to a more friendly state. It all boils down to money. Plain and simple.

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Aug-19-13 8:39 AM

Just one more company that blackmails the area by threatening to leave. First they get a tax break so they make even more profit then when it is done they just move their business to the next place that gives them a break. We pay to care for the workers who have been laid off and they start with new lower paid workers. They usually get a hugh break to "start thier new business" which is the old business moved to a new location. No new jobs, just moved jobs. If everyone stopped bleeding the taxpayers dry so they could profit they would still have their business somewhere. Top of the heap makes millions workers take pay cut. What do you think is killing the middle class!

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Aug-19-13 2:02 AM

DC, remind me to never utilize your consulting services. I know how to research just fine and can read the financials as well as anyone. Frankly, the data and news stories I, and others, find do not support your position. I see the news dominated by stories about high taxes, layoffs and closures, not booming business and major employers moving to NY. I ask for you source, specifically, as I frankly don't see the same, nor do anyone I know. Tell me why the population in WNY has continued to decline? Tell me you don't know at least a few people who have left NYS to find work. None of this supports your position. As for CHC, you miss the point completely. It doesn't matter what they're making. What matters is minimizing costs in a competitive environment. If they can do that elsewhere, both taxes and labor, they will. Do you pay more for goods and services than you have to? I doubt it. Just another Liberal hypocrite telling everyone else how they should act.

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Aug-18-13 9:43 PM

Bear: Ralcorp, CH's parent, a year ago, had an adjusted EBITDA of $559M -- their taxes were only $39M...that's 7%.

Seven percent.

Yeah, they need help.

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Aug-18-13 9:31 PM

Bear -- try googling economic data for NYS. you quickily see that, even during the recession, NYS business' didnt "flee"the state.

As far as Carriage House income statements and balances sheets for the Fredonia location-- no, I don't have access. But I've seen enough business, done enough consulting, and analyzed more than my share of business' financials to have a very good idea what a corp's tax burden is and what portion a village's "assessment" is of total taxes: tiny, puny, not much. You may work at CH, but you admitted you dont know how to find "data" which tells me, you've never read their financials, either...

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Aug-18-13 2:53 PM

DC, where is all of this "data" you refer to? It would be interesting to see it, as it goes against everything we see in our communities everyday. Drive down Main Street and count the empty store fronts. Look at the examples in this editorial. Frankly, you don't know squat about Carriage House. From someone who was on the inside, and affected by the cuts, many of the jobs were indeed lost to areas that are more "business friendly". Tax breaks, industrial development grants, you name it, other states do it better than NYS, and those of us staying here are paying the price.

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Aug-18-13 2:15 PM

Carriage House already knows what they are going to do. They will either leave all together or be down to bare bones operation. If they want a tax reduction Fredonia should negotiate what their future plans are. Get it in writing that the assessment will be x dollars as long as a certain operation is in existence....size and time. That makes it a win/win.

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Aug-18-13 10:51 AM

correction: why are we not expressing appreciation etc.

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Aug-18-13 10:51 AM

Governor Cuomo is offering ten years of tax freedom for new businesses locating in the state. Why are we not expreciation for business that is alrady here? How many more jobs must we lose before our leaders wake up? You can't tax people and business to death and expect them to want to be here. Carriage House will likely win their case but if they lose I would not blame them for closing up shop.

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Aug-18-13 9:20 AM

Again, again and again -- The data proves NYS isn't "BLEEDING" businesses, it isnt a harsh climate for businesses and businesses aren't "FLEEING" NYS.

This clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board couldn't be more misleading if they told everyone that UP is DOWN.

If a village tax assessment -- quite a minor expense within any operating expenses of any plant -- requires "relief", then its has more to do with being a poorly managed plant than being located in Fredonia.

It isn't relief: its opportunistic renegotiation.

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Aug-18-13 9:16 AM

Opinion article is well written and pointed. Commentators here are insulting the mentally ill having no clue what mental illness is and the struggle that it is. libs.., Detroit, Chicago, ss recipients, blah blah blah. What trash. The opinion article was discussing our needs not FOX News national opinions nor MSNBC views, OMG! what drivel!!!!

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Aug-18-13 9:11 AM

"Liberals are mentally ill"...Steinerdzzz, that online 12-step self awareness program for the public-school-educated-SS-recipient-Medicare-covered you're taking seems to be working...

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Aug-18-13 8:42 AM

Mr editor, the libs will call you mistaken for this editorial. You see, one taxes their way to the promised land of liberal largess. Any opposition to this is called greed ! hating the poor ! Our leaders have to be learning challenged. After seeing detroit, land of taxes and unions go belly up and chicago threatening to do the same, the leaders here follow the same path. Proves my point over and over that liberals are indeed mentally ill.

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