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Learning the work ethic

August 20, 2013

As a lad I was taught that you had a duty to make yourself useful. I had a lot of jobs between the age of 13 and 18. Most of them I have listed. I’ll minimize comment or I would fill the pag....

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Aug-20-13 7:44 AM

Mr westlund, what you wrote in your article is old fashioned and illegal now. Work is ill advised, ill conceived, immoral,etc. Proof ? in the cities we have several generations of welfare recipients, alive at the same time ! And they vote ! keep those checks arriving ! 2/3rds of erie countys budget goes to the city of buffalo, 1/3rd the population for welfare and do gooder things. City folk must never, ever work. Thats the liberal way now. In your generation people did work on farms, small businesses , etc. Increases in the minimum wage, another do gooder thing have dried up a lot of those jobs. The do gooders just love welfare.

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Aug-20-13 8:35 AM

Well said, Mr. Westlund. Indeed, what’s happened to the work ethic in America? When did “I’m entitled” replace “work for what you get?”

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Aug-20-13 10:20 AM

Steinerdzzz, etc -- the very fact that you went to a public school, public university (or so you say...), collect SS, receive Medicare, and who-knows-what other-taxpayer-supported-program is proof positive that you received far, far more dollars and value than you ever, ever came close to paying for. At the very least, that makes you a welfare mooch by your own definition. You are NOT the self-sufficient guy of your crippled imagination.

Likewise, Westlund also enjoyed similar benefits and programs in which he did not come close to paying his full freight -- he can't talk about his self-sufficiency all he wants, but he didn't and hasn't said "no!" when the gravy train came around.

Nobody has.

DK -- what happened to the work ethic? Seriously?? You're a smart guy...look at the simplest of economic data from when Westlund was a teenager until now -- tell me if "I'm entitled" created such wealth.

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Aug-20-13 3:16 PM

Wow Dcroakernig you sure post lots of "facts" about peoples financial status which I'm sure you have concrete evidence of correct??? One only needs to tour downtown Dunkirk to see what the entitlement mentality has done and is doing to our country. I won't even mention Detroit!

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Aug-20-13 4:01 PM

I think he was speaking to lack of a strong work ethic today, especially in “young folk.”

When I lived in Ohio years ago, my neighbors were retired GM workers who told me they weren’t eligible for public benefits while on strike and union-forming during the Depression. So they dug – by hand – the Youngstown, OH sewer system for 25 cents/day to put bread on the table. Even back then, there were people sittin’ on their porches laughin’ at the idiots with the shovels.

For my part, I got up at 5a every day of the year to deliver the Courier Express. I made $30/month, but I couldn’t spend any of it. That had to be saved for college. So for what my folks called “foolish money,” I picked everything that grows in WNY and mowed every lawn and shoveled every drive I could find. And I paid my own way through college. Maybe I’m just too old-fashioned, but I don’t see many kids in my area with that work ethic, much less that kind of effort from those jes’ sittin’ on their porch.

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Aug-20-13 4:31 PM

Here’s what real work ethic gets you – from the “has more money than God” department:

Was sitting in a Morton’s Steakhouse last Saturday, saw some people look, then walk outside. So I did, see sandwiched between 3 high-end SUVs and a security team, 1 of only 450 of its kind in the world – - the very-top-end Bugatti, the fastest production car in the world:

0-60 in 119 feet (2.2 sec) and top speed around 265; 16.4L and 1200 HP; 4 turbochargers; 8 radiators; basicailly 2 V-8s joined at the crank.

I asked one of the security detail what the guy paid for it - - $2.6 million + $80k to ship it to the US. Hope he never strips the gears - - to fix the transmission is $140k and you need to ship it back to France to get the work done. (They do, however, send mechanics to you anywhere in the word at 10k miles for a checkup.)

Beats my paper route money all to heck... :-)

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Aug-20-13 6:12 PM

Wow DKexpat I delivered the Courier as well and I remember the snowstorms and my Dad lashed some skis on the provided wagon and off I went. My Mom would get up early as well and make a nice hot bowl of oatmeal for me. Even delivered when I was sick because folks needed their paper.

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Aug-20-13 7:27 PM

You would be hard pressed to find school age kids willing to shovel snow or mow lawns for money these days regardless of social class well meaning parents provide their every whim with no strings attached. Then when they are on their own shock and panic sets in!

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Aug-20-13 8:34 PM

Joew...I pulled a sled or toboggan with a cardboard box tied to it in the winter, and who can forget those days when you were r-e-a-l-l-y sick and dragging dad out of bed to drive you around your route...

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Aug-21-13 1:14 AM

joew and dx, I will probably age myself some but I drove motor route for the Courier in Jamestown and was distributer after that in Olean until they locked the doors. I always thought the kids got ripped off though after knowing how much motor route drivers made with all the allowances they got.

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Aug-21-13 1:18 AM

As kid I did deliver the Jamestown Sun. 4AM was the normal time to get up for a lot of kids that delivered the Sun back then. Try and get a kid to do that today. But then they really can't now can they because of the "feel" gooders who said it was to early.

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Aug-21-13 7:42 AM

cronig goofs it again. Are you stupid cronig? For the umpteenth time i am not collecting anything. I say that over and over and you dont get it. You gotta be stupid. You missed that we have no choice in schools.Thast why my parents sent me to public school, they could not afford two tuition payments. The greedy govt got their money first. You miss again and again that private enterprise pays the taxes so you libs can give the money away.Is there spittle on your computer screen from all the rhetric and no facts.My chemical work saved over 5000 lives. Thats a better record than the school violence and who runs the schools ? the liberals. So cronig please say that you are learning disabled, liberal largess arises from tax payers, not the govt. Why does all this elude you ?I have paid a fortune in taxes and received at the most garbage pickup and snow plowed roads.Cronig it is the libs who are the moochers from people like me.

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Aug-21-13 7:48 AM

hey cronig, more facts for your mentally ill mind. Al the chemical magic arose from the chemists who made america great. the ones who won ww2. I learned from their works and people who learned from them. Not a liberal in the bunch.The ones who worked for companies FDR bashed continuously. College taught me not one useful chemical idea, not one. stupid cronig, these guys paid a fortune in taxes. Fuuny too how they helped the society in myriad ways and the govt bashed them as rich and gave welfare to the city folk to do mayhem. cronig, you know absolutly nothing about industry, economics, science, etc. All you have is rhetoric. Classic lib, like in the book the professors by horowitz. say something factual if you can. you have not so far.

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Aug-21-13 7:50 AM

"I guess what I learned was that if you wanted something, the main thing you needed was the will and persistence to pursue it." With help from the government! the 52/20 club was part of the GI bill was it not?

The GI bill helped many get established when they returned from active duty. My father went to "night school" (Pitt at night) on this bill, while working full time during the day. The bill also helped him buy our first house.

There does seem to be a lack of 'work' ethic in our young people these days. Maybe because too many have been given way too much for doing way too little.

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Aug-21-13 7:51 AM

hey stupid cronig, answer for all once and for all where does the govts largess arise from, the govt printing money and giving it away or taxpayers who you hate cause they are smarter than you. tell us who gave us all the inventions we take for granted, radio, electricity, electronics, chemicals, petrol. It was surely not your beloved govt crumbug, but gifted people like me.tell us oh unlearned cronig.

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Aug-21-13 7:56 AM

DKexpat I received a wagon from the Courier for free! I signed up a whole bunch of new subscribers. Promised them all kinds of free stuff but when they had to start paying for it they forgot the promises.(wink wink)

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Aug-21-13 7:57 AM

hey unlearned judeye, if the govt helped the vets after ww2 then it follows that the govt under FDR prolonged and caused the great depression. You and your beloved govt. I say again and again for you unlearned libs. Private enterpirise gave us everything we take for granted in an era of much less govt. Judeye, it is your beloved govt giving away the store to the young. You missed that. You remain a liberal, an amazing thing in the face of its enormous social goof ups. You too have to be learning disabled. I can think of no other explanation. can you ? the activist gals seem to need so much govt yet they call themselves liberated. A huge contradiction from gals like you. enlighten us judeye.

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Aug-21-13 7:58 AM

My husband snow shoed into gas wells during the blizzard of '77 so people would not freeze to death.

He is now on social security. His company gave NO pension.

He is one of the proud "Takers" who worked his entire life only to be insulted when he collects on the money he contributed over the years.

Agree, it is difficult to find kids willing to do work these days. How can we instill a work ethic into our children? Maybe start by not giving them everything they want..instead make them WORK for it. How would YOU try to instill work ethic into our young?

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Aug-21-13 8:16 AM

judeye, you got it wrong again. Cronig is the insulter here. Always accusing private gifted minds like myself of using liberal largess for their own advantage. Instill work ethinc in young ? Just undo the welfare state your beloved govt created. I see your husband kept gas wells going so people would not freeze. Wow, how do you miss that green energy can never be enough to keep our cars going and heat our homes. The forests would be gone like they were after the civil war. How did you get to be so unlearned after all these years ? talking to crinog? If gas wells shut down or diminish, less heat for homes and certainly less chemicals for industry. How did ya miss that ? reading liberal junk ?

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Aug-21-13 8:24 AM

judeye, the libs declared war on the fathers. trying to pander to the women, to get their votes. I was afraid of my father growing up. I respected him.Put the fathers back at the head of the households. women just cannot think like a man, facts judeye, not misogyny. He worked, my mother was a stay at home mom. I never was hungry and the rules were clearly spelled out for us kids. Now the libs show up and the kids have all these rights. the libs screwed it up judeye. i was spanked in school. thats child abuse say the libs. Basically take the modern liberal state and dismantle it and you will instill the work ethic into the young.This is illegal now, thanks to people like you.lower the minimum wage too as it just destroys was meant to keep low priced minority labor out of the market. It has worked just great. 50% unemployment in the cities. Oh, make english the official language . It is in science and business. stop pandering to people.

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Aug-21-13 8:26 AM

judeye, please tell us as cronig wont, where exactly does the money the govt doles out in its numerous benefits arise from ? Do you know ?

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Aug-21-13 8:41 AM

joew - I forgot about that green wagon w/ white lettering. Nice...!

And remember taking calendars around every December hoping for at lest a 25-cent tip? The really nice people - the ones who got their paper in the door instead of the bushes - would tip a whole dollar!

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Aug-21-13 8:47 AM

hey judeye and the libs. Watch "me tv." see the ads on it from the 60's. kids playing with guns. I had BB guns as a kid.neighbors had 22s. Took pocket knives to school. i remember my dad saying if I ever pointed the BB gun at anyone, loaded or not he would tan my behind.Today he would be arrested for that. Liberals you know. all of this destroyed the work ethic and respect for others. Played cops and robbers. Shot tin cans and old tv sets. Judeye, take everything you hold dear and trash it. we will get the work ethic back. stop playing class warfare as Hillary clinton is doing launching her prez bid. libs like you judeye wrecked the america i knew.At class reunioins we just cannot believe what the libs did. Rich people bad,govt did everything, spying on us, making us buy certain products, all from the libs. super mommies got into govt and wrecked it.

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Aug-21-13 8:58 AM

One would have to blame the more Liberal among us for kids not having the work ethic of yore. Lack of discipline and parenting is the cause. Don't blame Government per se, or political parties, blame lawyers and the "system milkers".

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Aug-21-13 9:43 AM

christophers analytical skills are gone. Who is behind the you have rights mantra ? Duh christopher, its the liberals. What role model do they represent over and over in the media ? Why that of mussolini. He said genius lies in the private parts. I am making the words pretty here. What do the libs say over and over ? Racism and choice for abortions. No choice for schools, just abortions . A smaller segment of society for sure. But it shows where the libs minds are. The private parts of a human, just like mussolini a great leftist. thats why ya hate the tea party so bad libs, they use the other end of the spinal cord.Proof ?, leading dems caught up in sex scandals, clintons, kennedys, san diego mayor, weiner, etc.we have found the mind of the libs folks and it aint that impressive, just animal like.This animal like mind, always growling, ranting etc, like all the bear attacks lately is an accurate description of a liberal.intelligence lacking humans, those libs.

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