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Reed admits to late tax payments

August 20, 2013

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed is all paid up on his taxe....

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Aug-21-13 3:10 PM

Paying taxes late, not paying your parking tickets, not paying taxes on your rental property on your income taxes, taking star relief when not entitled. No stardards. No wonder the kids are so messed up and refuse to follow rules.

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Aug-21-13 3:06 PM

Remember when Obama didn't pay his parking tickets

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Aug-21-13 7:37 AM

Although I am no big fan of Reed, I agree this is just silly.

So he pays late. So he has to pay penalty. He still does pay them and the government makes money on his late payments.

I care much more about his voting record Care more about his votes to repeal Obamacare for the 40th time and yet NO vote on the JOBS bill. I care about his vote to prohibit the EPA from placing limits on greehouse gases. I care more about his taking over $100,000 for oil and gas industry and yet he is to vote on critical issues regarding this industry (like keystone)

Many more important issues to discuss re Rep Reed than his late payments.

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Aug-21-13 12:26 AM

Yeah, this is in no way remotely comparable to Rangle, who didn't even bother to pay taxes, resulting in tax evasion charges. Reed paid his penalties unlike Fat Charlie, who completely ignored the tax code, right, Dcronig? What say you about that?

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Aug-20-13 10:21 PM

Agree or disagree with Reed, the very fact that he knows taxes are due, has the money and thinks it's a good idea to pay penalties & interest is the concerning part. If he's that careless with his own money, how responsible is he with ours?

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Aug-20-13 5:39 PM

Right Santora,just take a look at the pages printed in the Observer every year of all the delinquent tax bills,hundreds and hundreds.

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Aug-20-13 3:37 PM

Several of these comments are a real joke. Somebody in government and people can't wait to pounce. Like this doesn't happen to many?? If you read the article they were late payments and were paid including interest; its not as if he was avoiding. He has valid an elected member of Congress, he cannot take part in investments which may or may not come into play somewhere in legislation People like Reed and others have people that do this stuff FOR HIM. His only wrong was not getting on THEIR case to prevent issues like this from happening making him look bad. I'm not holding this against him the same as Cathy Young some time ago.They are human and make mistakes like us. They took FULL responsibility and made sure the bill was paid (including interest). What difference does it make from a personal point of view. I know many who don't pay taxes on time and prefer (as crazy as it is)to pay the late fee to use come tax time

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Aug-20-13 2:50 PM

It's OK, he's a Republican. They don't believe in paying taxes, so it's OK when they don't. Democrats, on the other hand, believe in taxes, so when they pay late it is definitely not OK. Right *********s?

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Aug-20-13 12:44 PM

And lets not mention the(former) Treasury Secretary Geithner right Dcroaker?

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Aug-20-13 12:01 PM

While this would make me question his book keeping, the fact that he not only paid them, but also paid late fees on top of them makes this a non-story to me.

Now if he pulled a Rangle and didnt pay taxes at all, or didn't pay them until his tax evasion was reported in the media then I would have a problem with it, not matter which party the person he belonged to.

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Aug-20-13 11:44 AM

Is this the same Tom Reed that we trust with our federal tax dollars? Is this th same Tom Reed who took a trip to Israel at the expense of special interests, the same trip where at least one congressman went skinny dipping? I have a feeling that if we knew about all the acts of poor judgement by our elected officials there just might be another American Revolution. These guys don't deserve out trust or our votes ad certainly not our money.

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Aug-20-13 10:05 AM

When corporations fill leadership positions, they do a credit check on the candidate -- if its less than perfect, there's no job offer. why? Easy -- if a manager can't handle their own finances correctly, in all probability, they won't do so for the company.

Fat Uncle Fester Reed sits on a House tax committee, talks about "unfair" taxes all the time, even his law practice was built on pursuing dead beats' back taxes.

So, when he is deliberately and consistently -- year over year -- late in paying his taxes, his is a very news-worthy state of hypocrisy.

Steinerdzzz, Toadeeeeew, et al: Largess Uncle Fester Reed is a GOP/RW/TP caricature and an embarrassment to his district -- it deserves big headlines and fonts (easy for you to read while moving your lips Toadeee****..).

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Aug-20-13 8:29 AM

Why don't we examine Charlie Rangel who doesn't pay taxes at all, not even late.Of course that applies to many in the Obama Administration. It would be endless.

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Aug-20-13 8:23 AM

we are sure that more stories of late payments are out there, what's important is that he did his duty and "paid", more often than not today cheating the system is course of action taken

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Aug-20-13 8:05 AM

joew, i love your comments. you have figured out the learned liberals. judeye, does the article meet your approval ?

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Aug-20-13 7:54 AM

Oh and why was the print so bold and the font so big? Good grief!

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Aug-20-13 7:51 AM

Why is the unbalanced and unfair Observer printing something less than flattering about a Republican and on the front page no less? Someone explain this to me,Dcroaker,Judeye,Marcia,et al?

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Aug-20-13 7:49 AM

Reed was only availing himself of the famous liberal largess feeling. The feeling that arises in all libs when all that tax money flows into the govt to be wasted on welfare and do gooder programs. It is only a taxpocalypse when the govt does not receive its money, like liberal detroit. It is greed, pure greed when the taxpayer like reed wants it. those libs,they have twisted everything.

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