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Obama’s college try

August 23, 2013

BUFFALO — Targeting the soaring cost of higher education, President Barack Obama on Thursday unveiled a broad new government rating system for colleges that would judge schools on their affordabilit......

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Aug-23-13 10:40 PM

Well,at least B.O. admitted the economy was shakey. Depends who you talk to. Folks around D.C are doing well. Most people, i.e. Detroit, not so well. I can hardly wait for the Hil Gal to start making promises. But"WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IN MATTER ?"

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Aug-23-13 9:24 PM

DC was probably there salivating hoping to get a glimpse of his socialist hero. Just hope those leftwing nuts didn't drool to bad in public. He and the other OWS'er hypocritical low lifers that like Obama will never see what damage he has done to America. At least not until it is to late.

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Aug-23-13 3:22 PM

Geez I was hoping that Dcroakernig would have stayed on the bus a bit longer,oh well.

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Aug-23-13 11:08 AM

Commentor, So true and proof that you can't fix stupid. You can change the stripes on a zebra but it's still going to be a zebra or should it I say donkey?

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Aug-23-13 10:51 AM

Right on Carlaw. Obama is a waste. He has been a terrible President. What a wast of time and money this farce of a trip is. As for Hillary you will get the same crap as Obummer is pushing. She will not strike down Obummer Care.

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Aug-23-13 9:54 AM

Steinerdzzz...David Horowitz? Seriously?? THE David Horowitz who 1) was raised by 2 card carrying communists and was a commie until his mid 20s, the went left then went right, 2) divorced four times and 3) thoroughly discounted by his peers (sound familiar?).

THAT David your "genius" of note, who gave you the "insight" about liberal minds? Really? Do you also use David Horowitz for happy marriage advice? Do you also use David Horowitz a resource for fundamental evangelicalism as he is a Jew?

A communist Jew? Really? If that isn't an oxymoron...fitting, though, with you and yet-another-proof-of-being-a moron part...

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Aug-23-13 9:19 AM

@StangV8, yes, I agree, vocational and technical courses should be given the same priority as College... and yes, it is an elitist attitude that suggests that college is of greater value than those vo/tech classes... but I believe it is the PARENTS who encourage that, and not the educators. I don't believe the educators themselves have anywhere NEAR the impact that parents.. and peers... have on children.

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Aug-23-13 9:06 AM

hey stang, you are correct. The libs have wrecked america.welders making such good money too. we could have that here if the libs allowed fracking. But the shrill voices of cronig and judeye types say end of the world. Why does the democratic party stop vouchers ? Simply for the votes as the libs teachers union run the schools. Of course rich libs send their kids to private schools.disagree with them and see what happens, you are called names. A good govt would allow fracking and then build a natural gas to gasoline and diesel plant .It is called gas to liquids and some stupid posters thought i was talking about liquifying the gas by refrigeration. I am talking taking the natural gas and making gasoline. Since natural gas is 6 times cheaper than gasoline. we would benefit. Pump the gas out of the well and turn it into liquid gasoline. All in our backyard. the stupid liberal wont allow it claiming various end of the world scenarios. mental illness grips the libs folks.

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Aug-23-13 8:57 AM

stangv8...I wonder if trade schools would be included in the help that they will give to those going to college. I sure hope so.

This is something perhaps we could really advocate for as I schools are just as good (if not better) than a formal college education.

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Aug-23-13 8:52 AM

look at cronigs comments. wow, talk about hatred. hey cronig, white males gave us the world of science. They made possible for you to write here via the solid state revolution started over 50 years ago. The brown people were busy rioting etc in the cities. cronig, you are full of hate.its the people of color who claim always being victimized . look at sharpton etc. gracious you are do you get everything backwards ? is it just being a liberal ? look at your record, detroit, inner cities etc , this is good ? only in the delusions of cronig. you never disappooiint with the never ending name calling but always short on facts. Thats a liberal folks, they punch you in your face

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Aug-23-13 8:42 AM

carlaw got it correct. hey stupid liberals. Who runs education in this country ? Why its the dumbacrats . Who has raised tuition much faster than inflation ! the dumbacrats at the the book, the proffessors, by david horowitz. It gives a great view of the twisted mind of the libs who run higher education in america. and the libs talk about the corporations like in the movie team america. hey liberal did ya miss the outragious tuition hikes in corporations, the colleges run by dumbacrats ? The liberals mess it up and then announce they are gonna fix it. they think we are really stupid.You know, like the city folk who vote liberal and wonder why their kids get killed, cant read, dont graduate, etc. Guess what libs, we are not all stupid as many of the liberals are.

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Aug-23-13 8:41 AM

Typical, very typical of the usual militantly ignorant, pedestrian, written-on-palm, bigoted GOP/RW/TPer "victimized" comments.

Got news for you hillbillies: If you dislike Obama, well then, just get ready for eight years of Hillary...and eight years after her, there will be more brown people than white people in the US...

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Aug-23-13 8:35 AM

For decades we’ve filled the minds of our young people that in order to get ahead, they need to go to college. Today we have hundreds of thousands of college graduates with no skills to compete in today’s world. What’s needed today isn’t “managers”, its people with technical trade skills. This nation has a severe shortage of electricians, pipe fitters, carpenters, welders, machinists, masons, etc. Only a small handful of our youth are attending courses at places like BOCES. The elite educators frown on those type of courses. Certified welders are making over $10,000 per week in the oil fields of the Dakotas, Other tradesmen are making upwards of $5,000 per week there. I’ve met them and spoke to them. The City of San Francisco had to contract to China to build the superstructure of a bridge because no company in the US could produce sufficient welders to complete the project on time. Read up on why Steve Jobs went to China to produce the iPhone.

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Aug-23-13 8:28 AM

Keep bantering Carlaw, pretty soon if we're lucky steiner will chime in.

I've said it time and time again, people like you are the reason why younger folks are leaving this region in droves.

Grumpy old men don't attract industry, young people, or anything positive for that matter- keep it up!

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Aug-23-13 8:05 AM

What I don't understand is why the President has always been against the school voucher program but is now advocating for pretty much the same thing.(actually I do understand but to say so would set off people like-------oh skip it)

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Aug-23-13 8:01 AM

"Thoughtful" you might want to look up the definition of the saying"The old College Try" before getting your pantyhose all bunched up.

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Aug-23-13 7:53 AM

He can take his intent and put it where the sun doesn't shine. Misinformed voters are helping this poor excuse for a leader ruin the Nation. I very seldom criticize Obama because he has been hopeless from the beginning but if we remain silent much longer we will be doomed. I respect other opinions and will now voice mine.

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Aug-23-13 7:41 AM

His speeches sound much like when you turn on the barn cleaner and finish much like when the PTO is in engaged on the tractor. He does nothing positive but continues to spread the BS. Zero Presidential quality and no guts to defend our country. Now his lovely wife our USA first lady works on her RAP music, what's that all about. Certainly a pair that have no respect for the office. It is beyond comprehension how anyone of either party can support lack of leadership when our country struggles to survive. Just because he won two elections does not mean he's a Leader for the USA, he's clearly not.

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Aug-23-13 7:12 AM

I am sick and tired of hearing the same people undermining everything our ELECTED PRESIDENT has attempted to do. This article does NOT begin by detailing a plan... it begins with the TITLE.... Obama's College Try. This is NOT a try... it is a President's statement of intent... and the only thing that would relegate it to the realm of a TRY would be the constant obstruction and negativity of the people who would impede ANY progress from this President in the hopes of giving control BACK to the Corporate Lobbyists and the profiteering politicians who have systematically acted to move money from the working class to the wealthy. Not only is the behavior despicable, but the blatant opinion and one-sided response by this paper is an example of BIAS... not of NEWS.

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Aug-23-13 6:19 AM

these kids, not this.

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Aug-23-13 6:18 AM

"The president is also seeking legislation to give colleges a "bonus" based on the number of students they graduate who received Pell Grants. The goal is to encourage colleges to enroll and graduate low- and moderate-income students."

Most colleges already do this. We need Jobs and a vibrant economy for this kids after they graduate. Let the colleges and universities run themselves and let's focus on America's failing economy and disastrous foreign policy. That will help our children more.

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Aug-23-13 6:03 AM

A college education can not become a luxury? Putting a good meal on the table or filling your tank with gas has even become a luxury since Obama took office. The best thing he could do for all the American People is to ride out his term with his mouth shut. Every time he opens it we have disaster and take another plunge toward becoming a third world country. We are borrowing money from China to write entitlement checks to Americans.If the Fed didn't print fake money for disability, unemployment, food stamps and welfare, it would be "Tent City" all over America. Will we ever recover from this stupidity? How will our children ever pay for it? Get ready for a reality check folks.

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