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Repowering of plant brings higher electric rates

August 25, 2013

By DENNIS ELSENBECK During the past months much has been said and written about the future of the generating station in Dunkirk and the impact it will have on the community....

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Aug-27-13 12:03 PM

we have listened to both side of this debate, but ask yourself this who is really responsible for the decline of this country, areas of this country are still mired in poverty with no hope, people the real world is finally at this community's doorstep, and weather you like it or not the true blame lies in one place, not National Grid or NRG, but in the mirror, sadly this the truth, we have abandoned the beliefs that our fore fathers had envisioned and we have only the reflection in the mirror to blame

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Aug-26-13 8:01 AM

christopher, you understand no science at all. you just mock. even the scientists i have read said this about liberals in the 1950s. You sure are consistant.multiply christopher by millions and we see the stooges are running the sytem. those stooges are liberals. ike called it bumbledom

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Aug-26-13 6:54 AM

I love you, Steiner, I really do.

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Aug-25-13 10:05 PM

Listen. You can hear "TAPS" sounding.

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Aug-25-13 8:13 PM

What he doesn't say in the commentary, is that National Grid feels its better to chose the transmission option with no certain cap on the cost and drive a community into despair than ask rate payers who aren't within Chautauqua county to pitch in a little in order to help a community of fellow New Yorker's survival, although not a direct quote, that view is conveyed in black and white in their PSC submittal. Never mind the fact that our tax money has been flowing east since the beginning of time supporting those other residents. Ask a National Grid employee what they think of National Grid. The answer you'll likely get is that National Grid is out for National Grid. They could really care less about what happens in tiny little Chautauqua County.

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Aug-25-13 4:44 PM

Ok, so let's put this into numbers. My annual electric expense is about $800.00. A 4% increase would amount to about $32.00. I believe that losing the $8.2 million NRG pilot revenue would cost me a whole lot more than $32.00 so the NRG proposal wins by a landslide. Consider this. Where would we be when the Pennsylvania and Ohio coal burning power plants are forced to convert to gas? That 4% increase is looking better all the time and we get the jobs and the tax revenue!

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Aug-25-13 12:33 PM

more for christopher, any good science invention would be indistiguishable from magic. That means the consensus again is wrong.that would be insanity to christopher for he is unlearned in science. the 2 slit is indeed magic . Feynman would agree with this, calling it the greatest mystery of all in the world of science. the libs would just say global warming.we need cronig, christopher and the learned libs to say , thats not science.tell us about the govt , teachers, union people, IRS , NSA etc and the great role they played or rather did not play in the world of science we take for granted . because the learned libs dont like profiling, the govt has trashed free speech and the 4th amendment. All to pander to certain groups.the beloved govt. ps, schockley had to design the torpedoes in ww2 to kill u boats , the ignorant govt people had not a clue. schockley made the shells explode above ground in korea . those govt employees, clueless as usual.loved by christopher and cronig

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Aug-25-13 12:14 PM

more for unlearned christopher. Even christ was called insane and mad by the leading govt people of his time. Imagine that christopher, the govt lovers like you calling some one who disagrees with them insane.The leading govt people of christs day, like now had a consensus , thats liberal nonsense for science about how the world worked. I have heard this consensus over and over from the global warming dunderheads. Now along arives christ and zoroaster, for zor is sprinkled in the new testament and begin to tell of a new wider view of the world. People like christopher and cronig would immedietly react and call them insane. This is the mark of a limited mind folks.christ was killed because of it. Zoroasterism went underground, resurfacing every once in a while. christopohers mindset is indeed eternal, for mental illnes is eternal.just read liberal nonsense.

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Aug-25-13 10:46 AM

more for christopoher, woodrow wilson said when he introduced his income tax, the underwood tariff that the business men of the day would have to become more clever. certainly wilson a dumbocrat was just being a thief, cunning not clever when doing this. His ancestors were slave owners. Business men by this time were fabulously rich from invention and science.this galls the libs to this day as they only know the govt via its force and laws. mental afflictions, tesla had visions, other leading inventors had great picture making ability in their minds. Men like Tesla, von neumann, russell and others. they all could manipulate things in their mind. Christopher would call it mental illness for that is all he knows. chrisopher, tell us more unlearned things, make it union even. show us the unlearned liberals.

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Aug-25-13 10:36 AM

christopher says nothing, like cronig . I have afflictions ? hmm, a great mind an affliction, only a liberal union guy would say that. You missed a simple thing about unions and their greed. But thats the govt , right bought my stuff in the store, my products sold around the world. i am famous for them.christopher knows very little history, science or govt. What did the govt invent learned paul ? Poverty ! Inventors like me, paul, have taken care of the less intelligent, the masses, the consensus, the liberals as you libs like to point out for 1000s of years.does this bother you ? we are suposed to just roll over when our beloved bloated govt speaks, not me .give us more rhetoric paul, it shoews how sublimely ignorant you are, like all the liberal poster here. I love ignorant liberals. they have no idea how ignorant they are !

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Aug-25-13 10:26 AM

Steiner, you're basically insane. As a person who spent most of his adult life caring for people with your afflictions, I empathize with your delusional diatribes, and fully understand the voices and hallucinations that are behind them.

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Aug-25-13 10:00 AM

CadeFoster, you nailed it perfectly. I was going to post something similar until I read your comments. I'd rather pay higher electric rates and have the option of reducing my usage to save money. My taxes going up would be permanent and contribute to further decline of the county by driving the few remaining businesses out for good.

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Aug-25-13 9:59 AM

cadefoster got it right. which is more useful to us, electricity or the govt ? this may be tough for the libs. they say govt. I say electricity.

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Aug-25-13 9:57 AM

christopher, union public employees never lie or even threaten recall? greed is ok for them. Golly you must think we are all stupid. How can anyone be so one sided as you ? electricity private invention. facts for the unlearned libs. we should just let NRG do what it wants. Its their money. get the beloved ignorant, stupid govt out of it.

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Aug-25-13 9:54 AM

national grid clearly believes in the extension cord theory of electricity.This made possible by tesla, who did not build that say the libs. Christopher keeps talking greed. never once mentions the greed of the public employee. Witness detroit. natural gas abundant from fracking, local libs against it. somewhere and sometime we will need a generator. I do not fault national grid, they are looking out for their interests, like pauls unions bankrupt the cities. National grid has done a very large amount ofwire work in Erie county. just drive around and look at it. They are doing their part on the grid. If the city bankrupting is ok, then grids response is ok too. Paul never notices that.

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Aug-25-13 9:27 AM

if your average electric bill is a ayear $1200 or $100 a month they say it will go up 4% to $104 a month or $48 more per year. If are proprerty taxes on average are $1200 a year they will go up 42% TO $1704 a year which braks down to $504 a year more in taxes. $48 more on my eletric bill every year vs. $504 on my taxes evry year. I would chose $48 more on my eletric bill. And if your taxes are $2000 a year they would jump to $3408 adding $1008 to your property tax bill. Bottom line increase of 4% vs 42% .... I will take the 4% every time.

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Aug-25-13 7:16 AM

National Grid is out for national Grid. Representatives will lie and obfuscate to make it appear otherwise, but trust me, they are NOT concerned about your electric bill, they are only worried about corporate profits and high salaries for their CEO's. This is the new American business climate, pure capitalism, or greed might be a better word. Do NOT trust any spokespersons for National Grid, who already stuck a knife into the back of this community with their support of closing Dunkirk's NRG plant.

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Aug-25-13 4:28 AM

The author is accusing NRG of hiding its true intentions. What a hypocrit! In National Grid's outline of the factors that influenced their decision to chose a transmission line over repowering was "minimum impact on competitive markets." That means they chose the transmission line because having the Dunkirk plant supplying low-cost natural gas powered electricity will bring down the price of electricity. National Grid's delivery fee is based on the price of the electricity so they have a vested interest in the price of electricity being high.

The red herring the author is taking about is a modest increase in the transmission rate. But that percentage increase will be on a lower electrical rate if the plant is supplying added volume to the market, which means a net savings for customers!

National Grid is the company with the hidden agenda to keep supply short and prices high by closing the Dunkirk plant!

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