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Cherry picking for rights

August 26, 2013

What is a “strict Constitutionalist?” Those words get bandied about frequently, but does anyone actually give any thought to what it means, and more specifically, to who might be saying it and why? ......

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Aug-29-13 8:57 PM

Too many words, not enough slogans. Can the writer please boil this down so it fits on a bumper sticker?

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Aug-29-13 2:27 PM

No, it's the families, the spouses, and the parents of children dying with cancer who scorn your false claims.

Thanks for clearing that up...charlatan!

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Aug-29-13 9:46 AM

especially for paul christopher and judeye, who just cant get enough tax money to help the poor. From PBS, making things smarter. In the 60s and 70s doctors, rich people, libs, actually took to the operatimg room things they had at home. Things that made dialysis and breast implants were mentioned. Just think how much more we could have had if the greedy libs and their appetite for our wallets would just go away. The tinkerers were at it again, especially for Dk. The libs with their ever increasing desire for money are stifling creativity, new products, etc. To cover this up, they call the corporations greedy. Tell me libs, what great thing a liberal actually invented that did not involve other peoples money.

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Aug-29-13 9:19 AM

dk is upset. i am a charlatan. Ignores the many worlds of physics in the bible and islam. Unions , the teacher union wrecked our schools. Unions are for groupies, like on PBS swarms of bees and schools of fish. The animals, like union folk gain a few IQ points when unionizing, but not much. First it was stated by many you cant get something for nothing, wrong, I am alive. Second, these forces dont exist per darwin. wrong they do. Now, amazingly so i am too divulge the greatest secret since teslas rotating magnetic field ! Hmmm. When anyone with a good knolwledge can build the machines themseleves. People die every day. I watched all my ww2 relatives pass away. some right before my eyes. This is a bible talents thing or the virgin oil story. No gots no oil cuz you could not figure or do some things ? Hmmm, well thats the way it is.

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Aug-29-13 9:11 AM

hey marcia and the libs , you miss the best case of fraud I know JFKs election Look at what followed that fraud. Vietnam, riots in the 60's , nixon elected. You still want to make voting easier ? You libs just gotta be nuts.This has been on tv and books written about it. The mob via the kennedys bootleg connections turned mob, gambling and vice pulled off a great fraud. Unbelievable libs.

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Aug-28-13 7:46 PM

"Why was voter fraud never an cause for the right until a black man became president?" Typical left wing lunatic. Has to try and make it racism. I don't give a da*n if he is 1/2 black or 1/2 white. Voter ID is not about him. That is unless he plans on breaking the law and running a 3rd term. Marcia he can not (at least for now) run again so how in the he77 can it be about him. It's about non-citizens not being able to vote. Spin it any way you want but it will still be a lie if you try to make it racist.

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Aug-28-13 2:16 PM

"...i won’t divulge the secret."

So - - You've written your "steinertron" cures some forms of cancer, but you'd withhold this life-saving miracle machine from children in line to suffer a horrible death?

(If it helps to get this machine to market, I'll help you check their parents voter registration cards to make sure it's only used on the children of non-union Republicans.)

But - - If you really don't want to save children's lives, we're left with: (1) You're a cold-hearted monster, or (2) You're a charlatan, and there really is no “steinertron.”

Which is it?

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Aug-28-13 1:58 PM

Why was voter fraud never an cause for the right until a black man became president? 52 cases of voter fraud out of hundreds of millions of votes cast? Not really a problem. Illegals voting, show proof. Most illegals prefer to stay under the radar to avoid being picked up. Paul is right on the money with this article.

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Aug-28-13 8:52 AM

here is what paul and the libs, cherry picking what you can learn in schools via no choice, except for abortions. noone can pay for 2 educations at once and survive economically. especially with the lib controlled higher education and its escalting costs. Mathew 17: 20. jesus is talking about a mountain doing things. It is not a mountain but a very short sketch of the many worlds interpretation of physics. Yep, they knew it even back then. The world we live in had many worlds coexisting at the same time. the height in the mountain. Physics says the same thing. even islam says the same thing, there is one god but god, but many other worlds coexisting at the same time. science again if one is clever. Paul wishes you to remain stupid and democrat .libs, why do you want to make us so stupid via govt mandate ? physics has already penetrated to the many worlds the bible writers knew, yet the libs say co2 is primary !

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Aug-28-13 8:41 AM

dk, you miss, like judeye again and again why i wont divulge the secret. Ask the libs like paul christopher why they wont allow any choice in schools. Why do the libs say choice, but only for an abortion. Choice is choice and should be for schhools via vouchers. Hey libs, Holder is suing the state of louisiana over vouchers . he says the vouchers promote segregation. Choice again from the libs. They prove over and over choice is narrowly defined in their minds. The libs say follow the money, i did. It led straight to the democratic party and the unions. hey libs, you miss again and agin the great case of voter fraud in JFk election and the union letter about healthcare. Judeye and paul, you are cherry picking again ! its ok for you right ?

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Aug-27-13 1:46 PM

Having read the posts from Paul in Jack Benson's recent article about Zimmerman and Martin, and his lack of knowing some of your basic rights regarding public places, I would hasten to agree with him on any amendment issues. WOW dude is over the top!

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Aug-27-13 1:44 PM

judeye, We've been over this issue time and again, but you apparently don't get it, or refuse to accept it. All persons capable of acting in concert for the common defense are part of the militia UNORGANIZED; that's the group noted the 2A. They become part of an ORGANIZED militia unit (ie. The 98th NY Volunteer Infantry, to which my 3rd grandfather enlisted during the War of 1812 out of Pompey, NY) ONLY when such units are authorized and "called forth" under state and federal law. The common understanding/usage of "well regulated" in 1791 equates directly to the modern understanding of terms such as effective, capable, proficient & effective.

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Aug-27-13 1:39 PM

Sometimes you have to wonder joew what makes the far left like jedeye so da*ned dumb when it comes to understanding certain things like citizenship. She and others like her would just prefer if we let everyone no matter what their citizenship vote. That is the only reason I can see why they are against voter ID to prove you are an American citizen.

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Aug-27-13 12:55 PM


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Aug-27-13 8:59 AM

"It took that long to understand what the writings were saying and make it into machines. To wit, I gave been mocked repeatedly here."

No mocking here, just asking you to back up your claims.

Here's a simple question: When will this cancer-curing marchine be available to help those who desperately need its life-saving powers?

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Aug-27-13 8:53 AM

paul sounds like a jihadist or a nazi in this article. Christian dogma bad. thats what hitler said about atomic power and the hebrews. He kicked the hebrews out or would have killed them. The best brains in the world. The jihadists refer to US as great satan. You can only agree with them . So paul is throwing out millenia of knowledge , the baby with the bath water in the libs steadfast refusal for choice other than abortions. thought control at its best. Sugar coated so as to make he is supporting the constitution. even free speech bad, one can only agree with people like paul. watch the venom that pours out of him if disagreed with.underneath pauls veneer of constitutionalism is rabid anti freedom. The govt is his god.

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Aug-27-13 8:39 AM

Paul will not be able to reply to any of this because of the Paparazzi!

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Aug-27-13 8:38 AM

judeye, read history, you seem ignorant. Gun control was originally meant to keep slaves from owning guns. To prevent a rebellion. Thats how we got 300 million guns in the country.they were legal and needed. Another special on PBS about guns, after the civil war , millions of guns on the market and the NRA formed. The libs , advocating prohibition did not or would not realize the violence that would occur from banned booze. the tommy gun appeared and violence sky rocketed. all to shocked liberals. When the hades are you gonna realize that many people will just ignore govt laws and get weapons. Murder is illegal and it still happens.I marvel at the libs ignorance. My grandparents were bootleggers . Thats how they survived money wise in the lib depression.They had 1000s of bucks hidden from the tax man.

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Aug-27-13 8:31 AM

judeye, last time i voted locally, the people looked at my signature and all other voter signatures as far as I could tell. and dk, you miss what i have said over and over. It is the libs, with their absolute stranglehold of education, taxes and money that prevent anyone from doing what i invented. it was a spare time project for 35 years. It took that long to understand what the writings were saying and make it into machines. To wit, I gave been mocked repeatedly here . Called bipolar, mental, tin foil hat, etc. I never really got machine smart till i was 40 years old. Now i know why you have to be 35 ys to be prez. Age does bring knowledge. if the govt , the libs, did not require so much money and time from us, any engineer with an open mind and trained in riddles, could do it.

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Aug-27-13 8:21 AM


A Well Regulated Militia: civilians who band together in emergencies to form an army of irregulars.

So if one is not part of a militia do they still have this right?

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Aug-27-13 8:21 AM

judeye is playing the race card. She never quits.Oh wait, dont the libs say Bush jr stole the election from Gore ? Judeye, noone is saying obama got in by fraud. I never heard it.All of the libs posting miss this. You say you are prochoice, yet always deny vouchers for schools.Is prochoice only for sex ? How is it you libs are fascinated by sex, racism, same sex etc, but not for education? As judeye says, follow the money and it leads right to judeyes, cronigs and pauls favoirte things, the democratic teachers union. explain this libs. and dont say the usual drivel.cherry picking bigtime and the libs are blind as usual to it. Libs and the sex organs, inseparable, intellect limited , like animals.

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Aug-27-13 8:20 AM

Airlines do not require the same government issued ID that some of the states are now requiring.

Last time I checked no one had a problem getting on a plane with a college id. Why is this not enough to vote with?

When was the last time YOU had to show any id here to vote?

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Aug-27-13 8:18 AM

JoeW...remember the Conyers report "What went wrong in Ohio" regarding the 2004 election. Look it up

Then be appalled.

People required to wait in long lines for up to 8 hours. People being told they were in the wrong place to vote, not told they only had to go to the next table over. People told wrong day to vote.

Read this report then tell me that voter laws are not voter intimidation.

Really you think that all these illegals are voting? Would anyone please show the report that indicates this.

What people are concerned about is the population is changeing. There are more minorities who are quickly becoming the majority in this County. Great concern..because they also VOTE.

That is the issue pure and simple. If you disagree show where voting fraud is above 1%. Show how restricting and making it extremely difficult for hundreds of thousands of people who do have the LEGAL RIGHT TO VOTE is justified in any way.

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Aug-27-13 8:11 AM

hey judeye, we have one great documented case of voter fraud, the JFK election . This is so well documented, but ignored by the libs. It was even on PBS as a several hour special.if i must show ID to get on a plane, why is it bad to show some ID to vote ? Getting more people to vote just offers more ways for fraud. I heard growing up in a union household, vote early, often and democratic. I thought they were joking, but they were not. If i must reapply for star, why not have voter ID? Judeye, how can you be so confused all the time?

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Aug-27-13 8:08 AM

So some of you think voter fraud...which occurs at some .001% ...justifies making laws that will make it extremely difficult if not impossible for hundreds of thousands to vote.

Do you think voter fraud got our past presidents elected? Do you think Reagan was elected by voter fraud? When did voter fraud become an issue? Oh that is right, not until a Black man got elected. Yep..not racist at all is it?

Cannot show any REAL voter fraud can you?

My grandmother was born at home and never drove. What would she use for ID? How far do you have to travel to go to get the govt issued id? How will you pay for the gas, get someone to drive you, and then spend all that time in a DMV? Why are student id acceptable? Why are polling places reduced in areas of higher minorities than in areas of white middle class?

Why are these voting laws being condemned by leading REPUBLICANS who hold rights of people before political gain?

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