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Bullying right before our eyes

August 28, 2013

What has happened to the “do unto others” and “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” teachings that we were once taught? Is it the news media, the video games, social media,......

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Aug-28-13 8:12 AM

"If you cant say something nice about someone...Make it Up" per my husband

I agree with most of this article. We all need to take more responsibility in monitoring what our children watch, the games they play and what they post on fb. Bullying should never be accepted in any form.

Was with you all the way up to the point when you mentioned Alan West. Really, so he wants the President to voice an opinion on every horrific crime? There was a difference in the Trayvon Martin case. The issues were MUCH different than just a hate crime, or a crime out of boredom, or an impulsive crime. The factors that went into the Martin case were what prompted the President to give his opinion. Amazing that some still do not quite understand what those factors are and why this is such an important case. To me that is what we must address..better understanding and empathy...for all, including those who are different than ourselves.

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Aug-28-13 8:16 AM

Vicki, disciplining kids is illegal, its child abuse, thanks to the libs. Children have rights. The murders you cite could be just right wing fantasies . They have to be . Obama and the left have not weighed in on them and said racism was at the heart. thats cuz white folk were killed. Its ok when that happens. Imagine if those folks tried to defend themselves ?the libs would be saying racism.calls for gun control too ! Just like Paul christophers recent columns. Paul is a great liberal. The bible, thats religion, only liberal dogma allowed now. The schools are liberal centers to make future democrats. they are doing a great job of that.

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Aug-28-13 8:24 AM

judeye gets it wrong again. The murders are different she says. Imagine if the situation reversed. Bored white guys killing blacks. Hate crime would be shouted along with some rioting thrown in for good measure.thats cherry picking for the libs. we dont understand says judeye. no judeye its you and the libs who dont about the attack by blacks on a white guy by throwing gas on him, lighting him up and saying its for travon. that must be ok too, right judeye ? judeye, give us more of your analytical skills. maybe thats why you dont understand analytical chemistry or what it does and how it sinks climate change by co2 on the spot. What if perkin elmer were minority ! . Oh, you need analytical minds judeye, something that is lacking in all the great liberal posts here.

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Aug-28-13 8:35 AM

Vicki, I agree with a lot you had to say... it seems that many people.. those who identify themselves as religious, and those who don't... have sexualized our culture, our children,have become de-sensitized to violence on the game screen, the TV screen, the movie screen.... and the bullying, shaming, and embarrassing in the schools and social media are a disgrace.

It seems that the conservative media failed to notice, however, that one of those three reprehensible murders.... was white. This does NOT in ANY way detract from the horrible nature of the crime... but we have a polarized society when it comes to racial issues... those who turned a blind eye to George Zimmerman deciding that Trayvon Martin was a bad kid because he was black and in a hoodie... and yes, we have a shameful history of white on black violence. Hate knows no color barriers. We need to make KILLING wrong.... it is an irrational act, and understanding the bigotry of the killer should NOT inflame others.

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Aug-28-13 8:37 AM

@Steiner: a bored white man killing blacks? Wouldn't that be George Zimmerman?

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Aug-28-13 8:41 AM

When I was young, I had hair to my shoulders, and that caused me a considerable amount of grief. harassment from the Police, others, attempts at bullying, job discrimination, all of that. It did give me some idea of what Blacks put up with each and every day, and why their perspectives are different. However, that being said, I could always cut my hair. Blacks cannot change their color. I think every adult white person in the country should read "Black Like Me", and see the movie made from it. But mostly, I just sigh. Most Whites won't get it, and don't get it, and don't want to get it. Does anyone realize that people in their late 50's and early 60's saw Black and white drinking fountains and schools? You think those on either side of that issue have changed or forgotten? This isn't a Liberal issue Steiner, it's a HUMAN and MORAL issue.

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Aug-28-13 9:17 AM

I would love to see and hear our President when he gives his speech actually address the issues which are destroying the black community. Did any of you listen to that idiot Sharpton in DC the other day? Dr King would be in tears! I would like anyone to show me where white folks have told or forced black folks to murder each other,show me where white folks have forced black kids to drop out of school,and show me where white folks force black women (at the rate of 75%)to give birth out of wedlock! Dr King would be in tears. President Obama has a opportunity like no other to address the core issue of what is destroying the black community,the destruction and disintegration of the family unit. The President needs to shed himself of the Hollywood elitists who live in gated homes and who could give two s**** about the black urban community. Don't hold your breath. My moneys on the same old blame it others rhetoric!

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Aug-28-13 9:30 AM

thoughtful...keep trying maybe you will actually have a real thought one day.

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Aug-28-13 10:01 AM

The so-called "black on white" killing of the Australian baseball player -- one which horrifies you -- was actually done by a black, a mixed and a white teenager.

The fact that you deliberately called it a "Black on White" killing -- as well as all your Tea Party support -- is indicative of your own thinly-veiled bigotry, the same stuff you just pilloried in others.

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Aug-28-13 1:18 PM


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Aug-28-13 1:26 PM

Paul, women see discrimination and harassment on a daily basis, What about them? Black men were allowed to vote before white women, was that fair.

Its very strange that whites from all over Europe, Asians, people from India, the Middle East, all over the world have come here expecting nothing and have made it.

Why does one group of people fill our jails?

What has the black leadership done for poor blacks except cry and cry over and over?

Do that story on the failure of the Black leadership to raise its people from the bottom up. Please!

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Aug-28-13 1:34 PM

thoughtful, George Zimmerman was not white, nor did he consider himself white.

George Zimmerman was a hispanic and he considered and called himself hispanic. That case had nothing to do with "whites" except for the fact the Martin called Zimmerman a white cracker gay rapist. And he was wrong on that.

Even Martin's parents said the case had nothing to do with race.

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Aug-28-13 1:40 PM

There should be lots of "sighs" out there because the likes of all the putrid rappers who glorify murder,rape,and killing of law enforcement folks are not being taken to task by people like Sharpton,Jackson and even our leader.

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Aug-28-13 2:06 PM

Yes joew, i did see rev. Sharpton on Saturday, because I was there. You obviously didn't hear what he said. because he called on blacks to step up, stop the violence against each other, to respect elders and women. He told young people not to wear their pants low, because they looked like thugs. It was an inspiring speech, you should have listened.

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Aug-28-13 2:11 PM

I think one of the reasons for the hate in society is the anonymity of the internet. just look at the posters on this site. i have been called dumb, stupid, a b*t*h, and have see others called demeaning names. Steiner calls women dumb and many other things in every single post he makes. Yes dcronlg causes the observer a church gaggle of ladies, not quite as bad a a b****. Perhaps no name calling can start here. How about posters, do you agree to no personal attacks, only state your issues?

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Aug-28-13 2:45 PM

Marcia -- er, they are a church lady gaggle: a bunch of nosy, crapping-everywhere-like-geese busybodies spreading and supporting unsubstantiated gossip, innuendos, exaggerations and outright lies.

They do the fourth estate an incredible disservice for their readership.

If mocking them is wrong, then thicker skins are in order.

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Aug-28-13 3:11 PM

Along with a deep and heartfelt sigh, goes a loud Arf, Arf followed by a loud clapping noise.

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Aug-28-13 3:12 PM

And this time, I didn't even have to toss the fish.

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Aug-28-13 4:17 PM

Paul you shouldn't make fun of Marcia like that. Its not nice.

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Aug-28-13 4:23 PM

Expect people to get along when they can't even stay married?

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Aug-28-13 5:16 PM

I am astounded at posters who blame everything but centuries of enslavement (during which, I might add, families were routinely and purposely "disintegrated" by white people), followed by a brief glimmering of hope during Reconstruction, which was quickly supplanted by sharecropping, black laws, and finally Jim Crow right into not so very long ago. Keep blaming the underdog, you smug white conservatives. You are blind and deaf.

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Aug-28-13 7:13 PM

Truthteller, Martin told his girl friend on the cell phone he thought Zimmerman was a white cracker gay rapist. Then Martin attacked him.

Who is the racist?

And you, do you support that racist?

Many groups of different types of people have come to the United States and those different groups have made it.

One group who has been here the longest continues to fill our jails.

They continue to kill each other.

Is that the fault of people who came to the USA in the 1880 to 1920 period? Should my parents and grandparents and I who never had anything to do with slaves be held hostage for something done long before they got here and which they had nothing to do with?

Should we be held hostage because we worked hard and climbed the ladder of success?

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Aug-28-13 7:21 PM

Truthtell, you and many like you suffer from white guilt. Get over it, everyone has a free education in the USA, use it. Don't p iss it away and cry that life is not fair. Adults and teenage children don't have children until your adult enough to take care of them.

There are alot of poor whites who fall into the same category as blacks and refuse to improve themselves. Others cannot be blamed for their failures. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink.

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Aug-28-13 7:58 PM

"you smug white conservatives" I'm a smug black Independent and I totally disagree with the left on this.

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Aug-28-13 9:20 PM

Judeye, what do you know about Alan West other than he’s a Black Conservative and hated by Liberals? Did you know there are young men and women alive today, in America and Iraq, because of what he did? As career military, I can attest there are very few career military officers willing to sacrifice their careers to save their men. Most of the time, the troops are nothing but cannon fodder to further their careers. What West did in Iraq violated the ROE’s, he knew it and immediately turned himself in to face whatever punishment was due. His actions put an end to roadside bombs in their AOR and saved the lives of countless men and women.

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