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Reed’s efforts make starting over tougher

August 30, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: We applaud U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s commitment to using limited taxpayer dollars to help people get back to work....

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Sep-04-13 3:22 PM

Ah yes Trueteller (what an ironic name) is back with their usual "everyone who thinks something other then me is deluded and closed minded.

Standard leftist tripe. They try and claim the highground on being open minded and then spew the trash he preaches. Pathetic.

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Sep-04-13 6:16 AM

We as a society will get an increase in the behavior we reward. We have for too long rewarded people who make bad choices. It's time to stop.

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Aug-31-13 8:22 AM

Most of those who receive food stamps are CHILDREN who never have committed a crime in their lives. Why should they be denied food because one of their parents was convicted of a felony crime?

Someone who is returning to the community from prison needs as much help as we can provide them. One way to offer assistance is to provide food stamps until they can secure a job with pay high enough so they no longer need government support.

Have NO idea what Rep Reed thinking is to deny food stamps to felons. What exactly is he trying to accomplish?

Does he want this to be lifetime? So a young 18 year old who does something stupid and is convicted will be denied food stamps for the rest of his life, even if this person never commits another crime?

No Rep Reed this is not the way to cut down on food stamps. The way to do that is bring us JOBS that pay enough so hard workers will make enough to support their families without government assistance.

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Aug-31-13 6:36 AM

"People who have served time in prison face a multitude of hurdles upon release. Safety net cuts may be inevitable, but stripping formerly incarcerated individuals and their families of food assistance is a counterproductive place to start." It's a great place to start but don't stop there. Keep going. Taxpayers who have never committed a crime also face "a multitude of hurdles" and cannot sustain this entitlement insanity.

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Aug-30-13 11:23 PM

commentator wrote: "Tired of paying for the lazy and the criminals of the world. If you don't want the punishment don't commit the crime." And yet no one is willing to give these people jobs, they have paid their debt to society, but people like you insist that the debt should last for the rest of their lives. You make it almost impossible for people to turn their lives around.

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Aug-30-13 3:37 PM

Dark Star, you're just plain wrong. Believe your fairy fantasies if you want because it really is hard to see truths when you've been raised on lies and you won't open your mind. Your fantasy bucks every study made over the past 30 years. You have a choice. You either acknowledge evidence and decide to believe it, or you clung to fairy tales.

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Aug-30-13 2:15 PM

"...It is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be a "far wing" on the left..."

Which is exactrly the open mindedness of the left that is such a problem.

According to them it appears that the political scale starts in the center with the likes of Joseph Stalin and anyone whose politics is to the right of him is to the right of center.

Reminds me of a college campus were students protested for "free speech" one week and then next blockaded the lecture hall where a convservative speaker was going to appear. Basically they supported free speech for everyone, as long they agreed with their leftist views.

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Aug-30-13 12:38 PM

I'm with commentor. I guess if we don't give these criminals a free ride we will be accused of being uneducated bubbas. If you would spend your time working in the grocery store instead of robbing it I may be a little more compassionate.

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Aug-30-13 12:02 PM

"Hard working citizen." Lordamercy, commentor, open your eyes. Millions of "hard working citizens" are getting benefits. Millions are working 2 or 3 service jobs to scrape by because the right has allowed jobs to go away from this country. Again, you are guilty of generalizing, not to mention blaming the wrong people. Your fantasy of "The American Dream" died when the Reagan-era corporocracy began in January, 1981. We are still living the upswing of the damage he and his cronies caused. I hope there is momentum to the contrary now because many of us have had enough. Maybe if you far-righties would go south and start your own country again, the rest of us could get back to having a good one.

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Aug-30-13 11:58 AM

DK, there is no influential "far wing" on the Democratic side. How many political scientists, sociologists, and intelligent voting citizens would it take to show you that for 35 years, ALL representatives from BOTH parties have moved increasingly to the right? It is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be a "far wing" on the left. You are imagining a balanced scale. It's actually a scale weighted to the advantage of the right.

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Aug-30-13 10:26 AM

Good for Reed. Tired of paying for the lazy and the criminals of the world. If you don't want the punishment don't commit the crime. Be a hard working good citizen. Support yourself and your family. Don't expect those who work and obey the law to suffer for you!!!!

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Aug-30-13 10:06 AM

The House Farm Bill passed in an “emergency session,” less than 24 hours after Reps received the 600-page bill.

For the first time, food stamps (SNAP) were broken out – Speaker Boehner: We’ll get to that later.” But $196B for corporate ag subsidies were okay. (Cargill and Montesano have collected $19B over the past 15 years or so.) And the bill saves less than 1/2 of what Repubs had agreed to economize in their pending budget.

Rep. Fincher (R-TN) quoted the bible: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” Well, Fincher has – personally – received millions in farm subsidies, but I guess that’s okay. These days almost 1/2 of food stamp recipients are non-Hispanic whites. (In Fincher’s home state it’s 63%.)

I am disgusted that the “far wings” of both parties have brought Congress to a standstill. What’s good for the average American taxpayer doesn’t seem to be on either side’s agenda.

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Aug-30-13 6:39 AM

There's way too much logic involved with this letter to have any reasonable chance for support in Tom Reed's area of responsibility.

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