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Job creation will end ‘excuses’

September 1, 2013

By RON JOHNSON In June 2006, 65,400 people were employed in Chautauqua County. Just seven years later only 57,700 people are employed. This is a stunning loss of 7,700 people employed in our County....

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Sep-01-13 7:55 AM

Great campaign speech Ron. The first people you want to help you is local politicians. That has worked so well thus far. "Business leaders" shaking your hand with one, reaching in our pocket with other. State and federal officials that have created this economic climate for the current and coming boom. Thanks for the same old rhetoric.

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Sep-01-13 7:58 AM

One street named Wall recovering all the jobs lost in the "great recession", being propped up by borrowed and printed money by the Fed. Thanks to my children and future grandchildren.

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Sep-01-13 8:25 AM

rj gets it wrong . If one thinks like a liberal and adjusts the job numbers for inflation, there are more people working in Chautauqua county than ever . Think like a liberal. Our problems are created in Albany. Nothing local can fix that. What do business leaders see when they look at WNY ? A power plant in limbo. Declining population, fracking on hold due to hysterical fears of the end of the world. School taxes rising. Why would anyone locate to a sinking ship ? Public employee unions very strong, claiming to make the whole area work. No sane business man would want to deal with such lunacy. All of this is considered normal when you are a liberal. detroit a success, Buffalo too. Even poor graduation rates are great ! future democrats. So ron, sit back and watch the area decline due to the dumbacrats and their unions.

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Sep-01-13 9:29 AM

Big talk that he can't deliver on!!!!

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Sep-01-13 9:33 AM

This might be the same speech delivered by Gred Edwards when he was running for county executive. Mr. Johnson is right to be concerned about population decline but no where in his comments does he recognize the need to reduce the size and cost of government. Our county has been identified by The Washington Tax Foundation as one of the highest taxed counties in the entire country. I can't imagine why a candidate for high county office would not make government reform and re-structuring a significant part of his campaign platform. Are they afraid of losing the support of public sector unions or are they simply ignorant of the cancer that is killing the county? I would rather not vote than vote for a candidate who gives us the same old boloney.

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Sep-01-13 9:35 AM

Looking forward to a bright future for our County..with Ron Johnson as the County Executive!! is all about JOBS. Good paying, family sustaining jobs. Mr. Johnson as a business person knows what need to be done to get those jobs created right here.

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Sep-01-13 11:09 AM

Steiner, I usually agree with you but here is where I don't. We can't keep blaming Albany for everything not happening in Chautauqua Co. There is a lot we can do with the delivery of services that we have not.

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Sep-01-13 11:27 AM

Good Lord(sorry Marcia)Judeye if Adolph Hitler had the (D) after his name you would be all excited and saying excellent! NYS(that's us Robot)has some of THE highest,and in some cases THE highest taxes in the nation!(That's us Robot)Now I ask both you and Mr Johnson this-how will you lower the property taxes,how will you lower the business taxes,how will you lower the business insurance rates,how will you get rid of the thruway tolls that cost employers on their bottom line that gets passed on to consumers and stifles expansion and hiring?There are other taxes out there but we are allowed only a certain number of characters. Need I program your GPS Judeye and Mr Johnson for Albany,NY! Now about that cheap hydro-power Mr Johnson,do you realize we have the 2nd or 3rd highest per KWH rate in the nation? Whats with that? Power up that GPS,that's whats with that!

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Sep-01-13 12:21 PM

I might point out that Mr. Edwards gave the same speeches before taking office, they all do, and did nothing. My point is, I hate it when the boo-birds are only party specific. It's so hypocritical.

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Sep-01-13 2:13 PM

This is a silly speech. Just silly. Of course, we need jobs, growth, etc -- but his "strategy" is nothing more than what has been said before, time & time again, and with the same net results: increasing losses.

Sorry, Ron -- but being a businessman brings zero upside to governing, as in "you know what to do". If that were the truth, then 87% of companies wouldn't be operating at less-than-market averages: they would all be growing. But they don't. Running a business is NEVER, EVER done by consensus with your competition -- you run a business from the top down, you get to pick your customers (markets) and you're really answerable to no one -- politics never works like that....

Sorry Ron -- you're not offering're not offering anything at all that hasn't been said before.

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Sep-01-13 2:24 PM

Steiner, sorry you missed the sarcasm. Better luck next time

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Sep-01-13 5:31 PM

cronig spoke out against a consensus ! What ? a consensus is science he has it aint no good. joew seems to be quite smart. we have high KWH rates here next to 3500 Megawatts of falls. How can that be ? Are the electrons unionizing for better working conditions ? Are the wires to small for them ? Nothing is gonna change till the power of the unions and democrats are broken. hey cronig, consenesus in business ? The best thing going. One does not touch certain markets of your competitor. . The lucrative stuff is left or divided up.this works fine.

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Sep-03-13 4:36 PM

The GOP will create all the jobs we need, just as soon as they ban abortion and overturn the Affordable Care Act. They do have their priorities, just like anybody else.

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Sep-03-13 7:18 PM

Judeye for Johnson, well we know how to vote now,our vote will not elect the next county exec but neither will judeye

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Sep-03-13 9:00 PM

Joe W, other states get their revenue in ways NY doesn't--like exorbitant licensing fees for everyone from baristas to doctors (Tennessee), and the low taxes result in the shabby building construction North Carolinians have to deal with. Watch out, if you get what you wish for, you will somehow pay.

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Sep-03-13 10:59 PM

Shovel ready? Did we not hear that one before at the national level? Please change your approach. We can't stand another "shovel ready" promise. The big question is what are you trying to shovel our way?

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Sep-05-13 7:08 AM

Steiner with 8 years of Republican leadership which has reduced the county workforce consistantly how can you continue to blame democrates and unions? Truthteller thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about how much different states charged for different things to avoid using the work "tax". I have family who live out of state and I am shocked at what they pay for things such as car registration.

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Sep-05-13 8:36 AM

Truthteller and notalways you can cherry pick all you want but the facts are as I stated. I suggest you both "comparison shop" the whole gamut of taxes and fees and then make your statements. Don't forget all the "non taxes"we have such as a user fee when you register your car.

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Sep-05-13 8:50 AM

Why do Neocons always throw in Hitler???(joe required w). I just don't get it. So NY get over it, the jobs are never coming back, every politician that runs for office is going to say "I will get the jobs back" but believe me they aren't coming. At least in manufacturing they aren't and that is what Dunkirk was famous for. You could develop the waterfront, start selling the Wine region and Wine tours, you could sell fishing, perhaps golf etc. but the big tax base manufacturing is gone. If you want lower taxes you have to cut services, if you cut services that means firing people, unemployment goes up and you have angry people. Quite a predicament

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Sep-05-13 8:51 AM

Oh yeah, don't forget to change the entance to the Point. that will help a lot. LOL

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Sep-05-13 9:13 AM

How many mayors and councilmen over say the last 10 years have all said the same thing "I will bring back jobs"?? Everyone of them, not happening. Look at the south where all those jobs are going, low taxes, cheap electricity and of course no snow and cold weather. The only thing lacking is an educated workforce, hence the migration of the Nothern work force to the south.

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Sep-05-13 9:15 AM

All you crabby old retirees ( Phil, JoeW, steiner) get used to the high taxes, they aren't going away.

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Sep-05-13 9:16 AM

so get used to paying the high school taxes and then paying for Junior to go to college and after shelling out all those $$$$$ they move South of the Mason Dixon line.

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