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Cooling trends also evident

September 4, 2013

This is in regard to a recent column regarding climate change. After our short mid-July heat wave, more than 1,100 U.S. cities have recorded their coldest July temperatures....

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Sep-04-13 7:49 AM

Mr Miller nails it. the recent articles have been written by women, proving again and again that science and gals just dont mix. Check the record gals, men rule the roost. Dont produce that pathetic list oif women in science. men have done all the major life changing science. The EPA gals are a special lot. Bound and determined like Carrie nation to wreck society. I have said over and over that water traps much more heat than CO2 . Any analytical chemist knows this. It is the analytical guys who would check the water for fracking chemicals, gals.So lets see the conversion disorder gals, you know you can do it. Climate change by man ? Junk science by the democrats. Global cooling was once a consensus, now just junk. These luddites will set back society hundreds of years , the trees wil disappear and we will freeze. gals lets hear from you !

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Sep-04-13 8:37 AM

I have NO idea where you are getting your MISinformation. More than 98% of all climate scientists agree, based on data and real scientific studies, that the climate on the earth is changing, and it is due in a great part to human activity.

NASA 2013 "The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years.The evidence for rapid climate change is compelling: Sea level rise, Global temperature rise, Warming oceans, Shrinking ice sheets, Declining Arctic sea ice, Glacial retreat, Extreme events, Ocean acidification"

I suggest everyone read this report from NASA..Climate Change Evidence. It gives all the data, the causes, and links to other sites.

If this is not enough to convince anyone I can provide many more sites with something called FACTS and not just opinions.

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Sep-04-13 9:06 AM

Well Judeye it appears Mr Miller gave more than "opinions" just as you did! He gave names and organizations did he not? Why are they any less sources of "MISinformation" than yours? As you always say Judeye,"look it up"; "just google it". Which July was the Coolest on Record. Please report back,thank you!

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Sep-04-13 9:15 AM

judeye, for the umpteenth time i have quoted facts. Co2 does not trap heat. Water vapor does. i have quoted many things where the consensus was wrong . judeye, you are just parroting. The temps have been flat for 16 years from drudgereport links. even the die hards are saying the oceans are absorbing heat as it is not showing uo in the atmosphere. judeye, you like the gals at the epa are worrying over nothing, conversion disorder. I have facts, real science, the chemical industry is built on these facts. You have nothing but a collection of so called facts from ignorant people.what part of this dont ya understand ? I have turned legal claims on analytical science, infra red and along arrive the libs saying it is false and we need facts.these are facts libs, you just dont understand anything at all in science.

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Sep-04-13 9:21 AM

judeye, why don't you back up your "98% of climate scientists agree..." claim? Where is that figure? Give me a source!

The libs want us to believe man, in particular Americans, are evil destroyers of the world. They read TIME magazine and worship the Arabs. They hate Christians simply because of their beliefs. They think it's natural for men to bone each other, and have no problem with killing innocent unborn babies.

And then, if you disagree with them, you are an uneducated, red-neck, gun-toting, bigot. That's how they see things - black and white. Liberal academia vs. back-woods toothless gin swillers.

Well, sorry, it's not that way. I'm going to exercise my right to hate liberals because of their beliefs. What good for the goose is good for the gander, no?

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Sep-04-13 9:21 AM

judeye, you have no idea about anything in science. You have said methane traps heat, I agree. you ignore that water does too. You never boiled water ? Water and co2 arise from burning. You ignore that. judeye, you cherry pick the data at all times. Ask any chemist, water vapor and co2 arise from burning hydrocarbons. why do you miss this over and over ?how can you be so ignorant ? If we prove co2 does not trap heat and water does your climate theory sinks. We should be trying to limit water vapor emission on this planet.An impossiblity as it is water planet. it picks up water from comets. judeye, how can you be so out and out ignorant ?I have sold 9 figures of chemicals on this science, it is proven by simple observation in nature and you deny it ?what is wrong with you ? mommy instincts ? they dont work in science.

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Sep-04-13 9:29 AM

now judeye believes the govt invented darn near everything, well at least the rail roads. that women do science, robber barons are bad and unions good. This in the face of a terrible record by the libs, civil war, jim crow, KKK, segregation, inner cities, detroit bankruptcy ,etc. judeye , any employer looking at a prospective employee extolling tht record you admire would have to be insane to hire you or at least one confused liberal. enter christopher, grandaddy and the rest.tell us and you have refused again and again, what we should do to replace hydrocarbons in heat, light, chemicals , fertilizer and death reigns supreme . tell us how green energy can fill this void. it cannot . Only liberals , fools believe it can.tell us learned judeye. you cant can you ?

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Sep-04-13 10:31 AM

Let’s talk science, shall we?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) publishes the findings of thousands of climate scientists worldwide. Its 2013 Summary, due this month, will state it is “extremely likely” (95% certain) that humans are behind global warming, that we’re on course to change the planet in a way “unprecedented in hundreds to thousands of years.”

Ocean acidification “threatens the survival of entire ecosystems.” Left unabated, global warming will result in sea-level rise flooding a great deal of the East Coast. Much of the carbon we emit (20%) stays in the atmosphere more than 1,000 years and, even if we cut back, warming will continue for “many centuries.” Further, "a large fraction of climate change is thus irreversible on a human time scale."

The IPCC is endorsed by NOAA, US National Research Council, International Council for Science, American Geophysical Union, European Geosciences Union and other renowned scientific bodies.

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Sep-04-13 2:07 PM

There is no science for the right wing. After all, these are the people behind trying to force "Creationism", or "Intelligent Design", into the public school curriculum, because Darwinism is JUST a theory.

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Sep-04-13 2:43 PM

PR24601, all I can say is wow. That's quite a rant. And I know a LOT of liberals, and none of them think the way you say. And most of then are Christians. But you do have the Constitutional right to hate people for no reason if you want to.

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Sep-04-13 3:00 PM

"...toothless gin swillers..."

Well, it depends - what kind of gin? :-)

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Sep-05-13 7:35 AM

Americans are generally pragmatic, with respect for the value and legitimacy of scientific facts. Unless the topic is climate change.

Gallup poll: 52% of Repubs agree global warming is happening (up from 38% in 2011).

Public Policy Poling poll: 58% of Repubs think it’s a hoax.

I’m one of the Repubs in the 52%, and here's one reason why we’re becoming that party of old white men: League of Conservation Voters poll - 80% of those under 35 believe in global warming.

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Sep-05-13 8:30 AM

HUH? NASA was my source, and I encouraged everyone to go there to read the extensive information they have on their site regarding climate change.

Now as for 98% of all climate scientists agreeing based on DATA and EVIDENCE that the climate is changing and YES we humans are at least in part to blame.


I could go on with a huge list of almost every leading academic report that is based on real science that concludes that in fact climate change is occurring and yes we humans are at least in part the blame.

Now I ask you, have you looked at who is FUNDING the idea that climate change is NOT happening and that we humans are not the blame? Follow the money....they have a vested interest in LYING to the public..kinda like the tobacco industry lied to us for years..even when under oath!

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Sep-05-13 8:30 AM

dk, you are becoming like christopher. People like christopher have a hard time accepting facts vs theory, like darwin or as I call him dumbwin. Dk, consensus is not science. Many things taken for granted have been overturned. the biggest was newton, phsyics overturned that. Now paul wants to keep on making dumbocrats with his theory of evolution accepted as fact. this will be hard for you paul. it really will as libs just cannot think.i have said this many times, but you unlearned libs just dont get it. Co2 does not trap heat. Water does. burning hydrocarbons yields water and co2. the water overwhelms any properties of the co2. Scientific fact, never changing. Unlike the climate theory, first they were adamant, a consensus , dk. then , behold that was not science and climate change is. They had to drop warming because all I read is temps been flat for the last 16 years.old white men, nearly all if not all of the science has come from white haired or soon to be white haired men.

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Sep-05-13 8:36 AM

hey judeye, you never heard that if you knock out the premise of an argument the argument collapses ? Co2 does not trap heat. wrong again judeye rings in. The libs are imbeciles for believing this. talk to an analytical chemist. He will set you straight. If you said water does, he would agree. Chemists built the world from hydrocarbons and even made the chemical warfare in the news. they know what they speak as they would be dead if not. Someone is handling dangerous chemicals and living . If you say that the extra water in the air is the problem, you might be correct.even a local weatherman said the temp will drop tonight as the skies clear and guess what, the humidity is low. where is your co2 now dk and the libs ?answer, it is irrelevant to the issue.

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Sep-05-13 8:44 AM

judeye, you do go on an on parroting. This is for christopher. he is totally unscientific and does not even know it . Darwin did not believe in energetic mediums. his whole theory is based on this. It was published before quantum physics arose. The biggest energetic medium is the wave vs particle duality. This is totally missed by the dumbacrats. This is at the foundation of all matter. Einstein and bohr said so, i am quoting for judeye.Take the medium i just spoke of and combine it with yet another one, the one behind hoemeopathic preps and darwin sinks on the spot. yes paul,that is science, not dumbwin. Thats why the libs love it , it keeps people dumb. yet our govt, led by dumbacrats wishes to keep us stupid, yes stupid. And paul dislikes the robber barrons.

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Sep-05-13 8:52 AM

this is for lindsay, she said soemthing about the apocalypse unveiling to be bad our culture is. She is wrong too.The ancients spoke of two worlds, one is unobservable, unseen and the other is the world we see with our eyes,newtonian dk, another white guy. . We had to wait for physics to get direct proof of this. The heisenberg uncertainty principle. science, judeye and christopher, real science. from the guys who gave us nuclear bombs.The easier science has been done ,by the white haired, white males posters, for us. the new science is a mental one as the mind and its thoughts or how it works is at yet unobservable.So paul, the ancients were actually correct, creationism is valid and dumbwin is junk.Pauls beloved unions wish to keep everyone ignorant of what actually is. They deny reality as Paul does again and again as does judeye. But thats how a lib thinks and lives folks.

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Sep-05-13 9:00 AM

especially for the libs, all i wrote before is relevant in the mideast turmoil we see today, it actually is. many scholars who wrote this are long dead and we cant teach this stuff in schools so paul and the libs can keep us stupid. The east believes only in the heisenberg world as it is where all things arise. But they neglect that a considerable amount of science and culture can be done in the newtonian world. this newtonian worlds was the consensus folks by all of the scientists, before quantum physics. That is why they are so eager to die in suicide bomber things and hate guided missiles. we are called cowards for that. The west took everything the east had and that would include the physics part and changed the world. The mideast world has been put to shame and they know it. See why do the nations rage by catherwood. this is real science, not junk like climate change

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Sep-05-13 9:12 AM

Speaking of NASA...

A study led by NASA and presented at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this year indicates the “Little Ice Age” of Europe ended due to soot from the Industrial Revolution. Using a mass-balance model, scientists indicate the melting effect of black carbon explains the Alpine glaciers’ retreat without a corresponding increase in ambient temperature.

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Sep-05-13 9:39 AM


Talking points for the republican party are great. The GOP's about to be dead in ... ten? years? Have fun taking the party to the grave with you all.

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Sep-05-13 10:28 AM

Yes, cooling trends are evident -- they are soooooo evident which is why glaciers across the planet are retreating, why the arctic polar cap is melting, why 2012 was the hottest year on record....Yes, cooling trends are evident

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Sep-05-13 12:23 PM

“...temps [have] been flat for the last 16 years...”

As you must be aware, 16 years don’t constitute even a blink of the eye on the geologic timescale.

“...junk like climate change.”

Well, seeing as how (as is claimed) the “steinertron” increases gas mileage 25% AND cures some forms of cancer, couldn’t you also reconfigure it to slow global warming as well?

Or are BOTH a hoax? :-)

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Sep-06-13 5:48 PM

'cooling trends also evident'.... well duh! Global warming is poorly chosen mis-nomer. The end results is widely fluxuating weather extremes caused by shifting wind belts caused by warmer ocean temperatures caused by many factors including industrialization and fossil fuel usage. Some places are warmer, some colder, some dryer, some wetter. Please, please, something besides fox news to get your information.

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Sep-06-13 5:52 PM

"the recent articles have been written by women, proving again and again that science and gals just dont mix"....I'd call Steiner a cave man but that would be an insult to neanderthals.....and is the observer paying him for his posts by the word? Total windbag but has nothing useful to say.

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Sep-06-13 7:33 PM

When all else fails the looney tunes crowd always attack THE BIG DOG.

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