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The worries with religion

September 15, 2013

It was Blaise Pascal, the French scientist and Christian philosopher who said, “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction....

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Sep-15-13 8:05 AM

Once again, an excellent article my friend.

In the words of John Lennon... Imagine....Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace...

Imagine that....

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Sep-15-13 8:12 AM

dan has selective memeory. Listening to him, one would never know marxism/socialism has killed scores of millions of people since its inception. Or even dans own beloved party, the dumbacrats in their civil war. A million dead and wounded and dan is a democrat . thats ok with dan. dan, we do have an established religion, the democratic party. The high priests are the unionized govt workers. their chief sacraments are a poor education and abortions. 50 million of them so far. right up their is their pagan love for the environment. They have passed many sacred laws, rituals in a vain attempt to save off a non existant threat , climate change due to man.Even our thoughts are controlled by their hatred of citizens united. A high priest, Lois lerner, an activist gal, imagine that, ready and willing to mess it up, proves it. Your party and beloved socialism , will cause and are well on their way to many more deaths than religion ever did.cuz, you care you say !

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Sep-15-13 8:16 AM

The Almighty is not & never has been the issue.

Its all his fan clubs which have always been the problem.

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Sep-15-13 8:20 AM

judeye quotes musicians. i quote history. imagine that ? Judeye is an activist woman and i am a guy. So libs, the deaths by socialism could not have happened until two things happen. First was hegel and his great mind and dialectics.Marx worked this into the USSR. the second was all the genius white males who gave us the technology that was used by the marxists. Explosives, chemical warfare, diesel and gas engines, petrol. hey judeye, no religion. Then there would be no steinertrons a point continually missed by you. It was from the ancient texts and christs own words that i got the idea for the enhanced gasoline and others. No religion ? No civilization and judeye is praising that. Judeye does not seem to know anything at all and she is proud and sure of that ! those activist gals, ever ready to lend their hand messing it up. Dan is asleep at the wheel.this is common in liberals. Poor cognition.

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Sep-15-13 8:27 AM

cronig is wrong as usual. He probably is still fixated on body parts, the libs fascination with sexism, race and abortions. Christ said he was not sent to make peace but war.the near death of the magi prove it.Uhoh, religion again, those magi.descendant from one of the smartest guys on the planet. Ignatious Loyla picked up on that and founded the jesuits. the gals are singing hymns or swooning for musicians. cronig you are very ignorant of history. try reading history books or even watching PBS.have you found the brain or rather the mind in the human yet ? After your post on women and abortions you indicate a resounding NO. so libs, without religion we would be dumb. the dumbacratic party proves it. The ancient religious people built magnificent buildings. The libs gave us shootings and the inner cities. those dumbacrats.

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Sep-15-13 8:33 AM

more evidence that cronig is ignorant or dumb. The almighty father time, aka the father in the New testament said to himself, musing, what if i had an opposing force ? uhoh. dialectics again. Something the libs just dont understand. From this, ahriman, the opposing power was made. since the libs believe only in CO2 and the power of matter, they dismiss this and the steinertrons as pure nonsense. But as the scripture says, a fool says their is no strong force or god. Cronig falls into this category. the magi knew of this and the attempt on their lives.Some of christs own apostles killed and cronig says the almighty is for peace. cronig is confused. Better say church lady gaggle cronig !judeye, got any songs ? kumbaya maybe ? leys hear it libs !

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Sep-15-13 2:48 PM

Dcronk has it EXACTLY right!

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Sep-16-13 8:20 AM

christopher speaks from ignorance as usual. Ancient writing scholars would back me up on this completly. Christopher, do you read anything at all ? Know the history of your own party ? The world at is foundation is opposition based.Hegel knew this and so did heraclitus. Along arrives liberal like paul and says no way. oh paul, are you this ignorant on purpose or is it natural. dan just could not retire and not try and make any more dumbacrats. He ignored his own party history and the socialists too. thats why i call the libs the dumbacrats folks. They really are dumb.

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Sep-17-13 7:59 AM

for you ignorant libs. The USSR said point blank, dialectical materialism.This derived right out of hegel and his monumental works, unequaled by any woman before or since. Life was a struggle between the capitailsts and the workers. the USSR was a workers paradise they said. Thats why they built the wall to keep out the paradise seekers like Oswald and Ohaire out. The capitalist exploited its workers and would fail.The libs say the same thing even in the face of huge costs to the soviet people and life itself. Those dumb liberals. The soviets were great copiers, imitating the west. The Bomb , jet and B29 were simply given to was hegel. hegel has had more influence on society than anyone realizes.the libs are simply too stupid to see it. Probably becuz "hegel did not write that."

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