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Football coaches, others share thoughts

September 18, 2013

Jehuu Caulcrick was an assistant coach on the Westfield/Brocton football team in 2012 and remembers fondly the time he spent with Damon Janes....

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Sep-19-13 8:51 AM

(Cont.)From what I heard from a third party that play resulted in a broken collar bone to the Silver Creek Player. Now if true, that is a serious injury and a serious situation that needs to be addressed. Should start by looking at the films. With your connection to the community can anyone verify this injury? If we as parents and community cannot find the common sense to serve due diligence to the serious matter of protecting our children then I welcome the “Nanny State” (which I usually despise) in closing the whole thing down.

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Sep-19-13 8:48 AM

Agreed, it is a basic responsibility, IE, individual or collective to protect the well being of our children while playing this game. I find it a breach of contract and outrageous that the school system makes parents sign a waiver stating that you sign away all your legal rights when they when there are so many flagrant occurrences that shows they are delinquent in doing just that. From all your years experience with your son's football years, how often did you see the AD, principal or school board member at football game? I know here in Fredonia it's a rare occurrence. From what I can see the head coaches from both Fredonia and Silver Creek are both dignified professionals. Nevertheless, it is their basic responsibility, to be vigilant as well as parents and administrators. I would assume, like everyone else, they were looking way up field at the ball and not back where the infraction occurred.

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Sep-19-13 6:33 AM

This is exactly what I am talking about. These coaches have training to some degree. Whether it seem like it is something minor or not the coach should address it right then and there. The boy should be taken off the field and the parents should be notified. What do the coaches have to gain other than a win. Nothing. I understand SC lost to Fredonia 55 to 8. I also understand that there where at least 6 adults on the side lines. What was more important to them, the game or the child? You probably already guessed it. For these coaches to not take the injury seriously, they should be releaved of their position. Unfortunately parents are living through their children and some times turn a blind eye. He is tough, get up brush yourself off and get back in the game.I am thankful that my son is still with us and pray for Damen's family. As for the coaches and schools, they need to be on top of their game and teach and protect these boys.

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Sep-18-13 10:18 PM

To Bronski, since you have a very personal connection to Silver Creek thought I would bring up the unnerving incident I witnessed there a couple of weeks ago at the Silver Creek Fredonia matchup. I witnessed a bone jarring BLINDSIDED unnecessary hit (in my opinion) perpetrated on a Silver Creek player. I say unnecessary because the ball was way passed area of engagement. The first indication that this was going to be a serious outcome for Silver Creek kid was the sound of a monstrous crack followed by his helmet being propelled 20 feet in the air. He lay writhing in pain for 10 min on the field and later walked off. As a Fredonia parent I was horrified not only by the event but the acceptance of it by coaches and parents because the whistle had not blown. This kind of crap is what is going to end HS football because idiot coaches and clueless parents do not see anything wrong with this. Does anyone know the extent of that injury from that play? Someone please answer if possible.

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Sep-18-13 9:40 PM

To PhilJulian, I know the player you are referencing as my brother was next to him on the field when he collapsed after the hit. I watched in horror as a 6th grade student. Obviously this did not make the current news story with the 1975 Westfield death that paralled it because of privacy issues to him and his family since he is still surviving. I bet all of three of these incidents had a similar forensic pathology. This latest tragedy has resurrected the last painful memories of the last two. I am sure there is a reason... and I will leave it at that, least I get ticked off.

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Sep-18-13 8:19 PM

It was Silver Creek. Steiner, CTS is a slow progression. We did not notice the changes while he was in high school and no he did not say anything to us because he new we would pull him from the sport. I am only saying that changes have to be made. I do not attend any of the games since our last son graduated. I hope that the coaches recognize that they need to educate these athletes more. As for the sports worship, look at any professional sport. These fans are die hard and will never give up right along with those that play the game. Take a look at Tampa Bay and Leonard Goldsten. He has been fined at least 3 times for helmet to helmet contact. When is enough enough. Young children and young adults watch this game and idolize these players. After being fined once he should be suspended. If it occurs more than that he should be banned from the game. From the NFL to high school football, changes need to be made.

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Sep-18-13 4:25 PM

bronski, what school was it?

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Sep-18-13 11:51 AM

Taking the hard hitting out of football would playing dodge ball without a ball. Nevertheless, if the game is going to survive it obvious that it will have to be more regulated or it's going to get sued out of existence. Even the NFL knows that. At all local levels it starts with the administrators, coaches and parents exercising common sense and then implementing that. For starters no blindsided hit should ever be tolerated, legal or illegal, while the player is vulnerable. This crap has been tolerated for way too long. Have seen it too often even around here in the last few years resulting in injury. Obviously a lot more education and science has to be imparted from the top down regarding helmet issues and concussions. If these issues are not seriously addressed in the near future, the beloved game of football as we know it will be a thing of the past, especially at the high school level. So administrators, coaches and parents, please find some common sense real quick.

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Sep-18-13 11:24 AM

High school football is very physical and very intense. I personally nearly lost a member of the family in a football injury that resulted in several brain surgeries. A young player from Westfield lost his life that same year in a football injury. Maybe we need some rule changes or equipment improvements but the recent death surely must start the thought and improvewment process. It's simply not worth losing your life over a sports injury.

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Sep-18-13 8:35 AM

hey bronski, i am sorry about your son. there was no change in behaviour during 4 years ? No mention of loss of consciousness from your son ? I am puzzled as to this sports worship. i do not understand it and neither did any of the nobel prize winners that emmigrated to america in the 20th century.if there is one big mystery to medical science it is the mind and nerves. they seem to be in a different world than the rest of the body.

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Sep-18-13 6:55 AM

This is such a tragedy. Maybe now the students playing the game and their coaches will take this as an example that no one is invincible. Most high school football athletes will not be moving on to the big league. So many give their all and don't think of the consequences and unfortunately the coaches want to post that win. I know this first hand. Our son played all 4 years and after his senior year told us of the many times he was hit and lost consciousness. Question, did he tell the coach? Reply, yes and the coach said to sit for a play and then he put him back into the game. Is it the coaches responsibility? Yes. He as the adult should have told our son he was done and then told us. Now at the age of 22 and several CT and MRI's our son has memory loss and headaches that are common to CTS. I know there is a risk with any sport but coaches hold the highest burden to make sure their players are taken care of. No young man that loves sports is going to pull himself from the game.

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