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Complex decision

Fredonia Board of Education?presented with project option

September 25, 2013

The Fredonia Board of Education has a big decision to make regarding how to present the upcoming EXCEL Capital Project to the public for a referendum vote....

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Sep-25-13 8:37 AM

golly, fredonia has to do this. You have to make tax payers liable for more money in a declining enrollment period. Plus its for football !cheerleaders too ! A student has a better chance of being a doctor or lawyer than a pro ball player. But no matter, spend the money, issue a bond and spend our way to the promised land.

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Sep-25-13 8:56 AM

A million here, a million there, no problem - just raise taxes. Here is an idea! Why not share Dunkirk's already renovated field. One team could play on Fridays and one on Saturday. Oh wait - forget it - it makes too much sense. Go ahead and raise the taxes.

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Sep-25-13 9:06 AM

Yet, again and again, the village of Fredonia and its taxpaying residents are telling the rest of the county, "We don't need any of you...we have a growing, admirably-ranked state university, big beautiful houses on beautiful streets... so go bugger off..."

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Sep-25-13 9:08 AM

Fredonia will be broke in 5 years.

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Sep-25-13 9:15 AM

Did you people read the fact that the sports complex committee is raising the local share so there will be no increase in taxes for it? Phil, Dunkirk did a very bad job with their field, the facilities for fans are horrible! Visitor bleachers are pretty much non-existent in Dunkirk, the home bleachers are not that great either, plus parking is limited also! Besides football you need to also schedule boys and girls varsity and JV soccer for games! Plus all the practice sessions. Dunkirks field really does not qualify as a sectional playoff site, because of the limited seating, nice field but thats it! A turf field is also cheaper to maintain than a grass field! There are already alumni that have pledged funds for the local share!

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Sep-25-13 9:15 AM

If they do this, and build this "complex" then it's high time to just regionalize and center the No.Chau. HS at the corner of 20 and 60.

Do away with the current school taxes and put it all into the County Tax. Give every kid in Chau.Co. equal opportunity and access to the best equipment and facilities. And not just athletics.. tech/computers, art/drama/music, etc.

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Sep-25-13 10:22 AM

Student population as well as village population shrinking, school cutting 3 teachers and running out of money, taxes outrageous BUT let's build a multi-miillion dollar sports complex. ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD VOTE TO DO THIS!!!!!!

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Sep-25-13 11:28 AM

Phil read half of the article. It's easy to throw stones. Mr Gullo made a good presentation and outlined the facts. Naming rights and sponsorships will pay for the taxpayer portion of the complex. The Orange Bowl is a dump. The Baseball field on route 60 is a disgrace. The softball field is a cow pasture. I say do it. Why do you think Fredonia has all of the "big beautiful houses and beautiful streets" it's because people take pride in their houses and streets. Now lets finish the job and upgrade the athletic facilities at our school. Phil, Steiner, Commentor you guys live in Dunkirk. You need to worry about the marina money pit and leave the fredonia athletic complex project to us.

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Sep-25-13 12:18 PM

Get 4 or 5 schools together and build a major sports facility that they can all use.

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Sep-25-13 12:34 PM

HaveANiceDay.....first of all your got all of us live in Dunkirk wrong. The other thing is that although Mr. Gullo may get plenty of money the maintenance of this "complex" will be on the backs of taxpayers for the coming years. If you live in Fredonia I will bet you are a renter and that is why you are a spender.

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Sep-25-13 1:05 PM

Pay my mortgage every month my friend. The field will be turf. Don't have to mow that buddy. The baseball and softball fields will be mowed just like they are now. The only difference is that they will have bathroom facilities, parking and a field that doesn't look like a cow pasture. Do it!!

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Sep-25-13 2:05 PM

commentor, FYI Fredonia has increased in population, Dunkirk actually is the one that has lost population! hate to say this, but the truth is Fredonia is a mostly white working population, they now only have 1 or 2 kids, being responsible and spend what they earn! Like it or not Dunkirk is a welfare community where people have as many kids as they want, because the tax payers will pay for them! The truth hurts, buts thats what it is!

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Sep-25-13 2:07 PM

commentor Turf field has almost NO maintenance, get it right!

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Sep-25-13 2:15 PM need to get it right. Student population is down. I do, however, have no doubt that Fredonia will vote yes on this. Then they will bi tch about their taxes. Nothing is totally maintenance free.

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Sep-25-13 2:29 PM

Commenter, you still haven't explained how this will raise our taxes? LESS mowing, LESS liability (because of handicap accessibility) = no tax increase. Please explain how it will RAISE taxes.

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Sep-25-13 3:52 PM

I think this is a good idea. A do find the thought of having other schools use the facility interesting, if it can work, and they are willing to contribute. But Fredonia has needed new fields for years.

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Sep-25-13 4:20 PM

No Marcia, my idea was not for other schools to utilize Fredonia's fields, it was for everyone to go in together to build an independent field that everyone can use. No one is going to help Fredonia build a facility on their campus. But, if it was an independent facility that all of the schools utilized, that would work. Build it out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of room for parking and to expand.

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Sep-25-13 4:42 PM

commentor, the only maintenance, is a groomer, which comes with the turf field, and run over the field once a week, thats it! The orange bowl downtown would be abandoned! The complex would be funded at 80% by the State, the complex committee is gearing up to raise the local share cost, one person has already pledged 1/3 of the local share cost! So no increase i school taxes to build it, and a lower maintenance cost. Get your facts straight.

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Sep-25-13 6:38 PM

I hear The Badd Kitty Club is interested in the naming rights.

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Sep-25-13 7:35 PM

Have a nice day Fredonia has all the beautiful houses and nice streets I think the people on Holmes Place would disagree with at least part of that!!!!

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Sep-25-13 9:33 PM

I like sofuh's idea. Stagger games on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons and evenings, along with the away games.

You'd have better facilities with higher utilization at a lower shared cost.

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Sep-25-13 10:12 PM

Baseball....A bond for $1.8 million would therefore have to be issued over a 15-year span, The local net cost would be about $600,000, or $40,000 per year for 15 years. Who pays for this...Santa Claus or taxpayers????

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Sep-25-13 10:54 PM

Fundraising and corporate naming rights to the stadium will handle the cost. Heck, if little league all star teams can raise thousands in just a few WEEKS then surely $600,000 can be raised in 15 YEARS......

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Sep-25-13 11:01 PM

commentor, are you really that stupid?? That $600,000 local share is being raised by the complex committee, without really trying they have already gotten over $250,000, they will have plenty of time to raise the rest. Many Large corporations have money set aside to donate to schools for projects like this, alumni also donate to projects like this!

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Sep-26-13 9:08 AM


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