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Schools: Chautauqua Lake is a model

September 26, 2013

We do, loyal online readers, take time on occasion to check out some of the blogs posted at our Web edition. Some are insightful. Others are offensive....

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Sep-27-13 8:11 AM

Steiner, you sure as*****are not a fiscal conservative, huh? If you were, you would realize this merger plan is absolutely terrible. It will cost all NYS taxpayers more as they will be using tax funds for the grant money and in the long run local taxes will go up too.

Basically Steiner is the liberal that he despises so much.

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Sep-27-13 8:00 AM

It is the clueless liberals , like dcronig and his now famous clueless church lady gaggle that are wrong. In all my science career, I have not met such ignorant , illiterate posters as the libs in the observer. Cronig is always right and everyone else is clueless. only in cronigs deluded mind is this true. Libs, wait til the population declines even further, cronig will call that an increase and everyone else clueless.cronig has zero proof of any of his beloved govts alleged good doings. But that does not stop stupid people like liberals.

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Sep-26-13 3:16 PM wonder fewer and fewer people are buying the Observer. This is a joke. I don't know who wrote this or where they got their "facts" but no wonder this is such a failure of a newspaper with this kind of employee.

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Sep-26-13 9:05 AM

CLCS spent all of the incentive aid and the dollars from the sale of three properties and needs Ripley or anyone else they can get to help them out because they are broke. In the 2012-2013 school year C Lake had about the same number of students Westfield had in their building and C Lake spent 5 million dollars MORE to educate the same number of students! That is a "model"????

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Sep-26-13 9:02 AM

The reason why students from Ripley are going to Chaut lake school is because Chaut lake needs the money.

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Sep-26-13 9:02 AM

Thank you Dcronig I was wondering when schools like CVCS merged. 75 years ago, I guess the observer didn't look into that. That is funny!

I wish the Observer would have done some research on merged schools like Catt-Little Valley I heard there are no savings there and its a mess.

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Sep-26-13 8:43 AM


In 1939, the OBSERVER was a real newspaper. Seventy five years later though…

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Sep-26-13 8:42 AM

That silly clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board is at it again.

As "proof" of their merger argument, they hold the CL merger has "worked"? Worked? Is that it, it "worked"? What does that mean???

If they mean, kids attend CL, classes are held at CL, teachers teach at CL, etc, etc, like any other school/district works, well then by golly, the gaggle is on to something. All other county schools "work", too, I guess.

But if the silly gaggle argues "works" means, greater efficiencies, lower taxes, seriously cost savings overall, better academic achievements -- all sorts of benefits from synergies "working" -- the gaggle shows & offers Z-E-R-O proof to support their "working" claim.

Besides, as a parting shot to bolster their argument, they use CVCS as another model for "merger working"...CVCS "merged" in 1939...seriously, that holds solid proof some 75 years later? In 1939, the OBSER

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Sep-26-13 8:17 AM

For the real facts for the Westfield-Brocton merger.

Go to Facebook and type in:

The Real Facts for the Westfield-Brocton Merger


Once a merger passes its over.

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Sep-26-13 8:15 AM

Westfield has about $500,000.00 in surplus reserve funds. The Westfield school is in great shape until at least 2018-19.

Why would we risk paying back 35 million dollars of the Brocton Debt? Why would be vote yes to pay back $90,000.00 more of the illegal "safe zone" money that wasn't mention for the past 9 months that a Westfield resident was trying to get answers?

Why would Westfield residents vote yes to pay back the Brocton superintendent salary and new 3 year contract of $125,000 per year?????

Bad, Bad, Bad deal for the Westfield taxpayers.

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Sep-26-13 7:41 AM

Big whoop? If taxes are so high everyone moves away, there won't be a need for the school at all.

All you are doing is paying more per student than in any other state, and what do you get? The educated move away because business can't afford to pay these high taxes. You are just helping the brain drain.

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Sep-26-13 7:35 AM

CL is always in the top 2 or 3 in the county in Business First rankings so your pessimistic view on life is not applicable here baseball and shofu.

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Sep-26-13 7:29 AM

How much is Dogastino getting paid to support these plans? He can't be this dumb.

Chautauqua Lake is the model for screwing over your own taxpayers and all of those across NYS.

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Sep-26-13 1:08 AM

OMG, this article is such a joke! The building is falling apart, infested with mold and the taxes are more than what they were before! What a joke. Observer wrong as usual!

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