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League Women Voters holds event with Sierra Club

September 28, 2013

The Sierra Club, “American’s largest and most influential grassroots organization,” is fighting for clean energy and has brought the battle to Dunkirk....

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Sep-30-13 1:05 PM


Well I didn't agree or disagree with him but I will admit that I will sometimes start reading what he posts but the moment I see it's simply another rambling rant post, which normally can be seen real quick, I move on. I usually do the same with Dcronlg's posts since he's basically become the leftist Steiner when it comes to posting here.

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Sep-30-13 8:56 AM

The only thing that shocks me about this article is that I see agrees and disagrees on Steiner's posts. This indicates that some people are still actually reading what he writes.

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Sep-30-13 8:01 AM

If we could harnass the hot air created by these leftist groups the US could be energy independate immediately.

What's ironic is that the Sierra Club spouts tripe about wind power but then opposes the actual construction of windmills if there are any birds within a 100 miles.

Remember this is the same group that has long demanded that everyone be forced to use recycled paper but until recently wouldn't use it for their calandars because it wasn't of high enough quality for them. LOL!

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Sep-28-13 10:24 PM

Lost all my respect for the local Phil says what a wacky group! Non-partisan?...yeah right, sure

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Sep-28-13 10:01 PM

Well, I think we should all bow to Steiner's knowledge of electricity - Lord know he's had enough electroshock treatments. :-)

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Sep-28-13 8:48 PM

Steiner just for you a small list of women scientists: Chemistry: Louise Hammarström (1849–1917), Swedish chemist Julia Lermontova (1846-1919), Russian chemist Mary Engle Pennington (1872–1952), American chemist Vera Popova (1867–1896), Russian chemist Nadezhda Olimpievna Ziber-Shumova (d. 1914), Russian chemist Agnes Pockels (1862-1935), German chemist Anna Sundström (1785–1871), Swedish chemist Ellen Swallow Richards (1842–1911), American industrial and environmental chemist Anna Volkova (1800–1876), Russian chemist. Physics[edit] Hertha Marks Ayrton (1854–1923), British physicist Mileva Einstein-Maric (1875–1948), Serbian/Swiss physicist Margaret Eliza Maltby (1860–1944), American physicist Mary Somerville (1780–1872), British physicist. There are thousands of women who are very well versed in science. I picked the oldies just to show you how far back smart women go. Just Google them.

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Sep-28-13 7:50 PM

Chuck392 you beat me to it clowns thinks he is getting power from elsewhere but shut the Dunkirk plant down instantly and he will lose power until switch overs are made!

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Sep-28-13 7:25 PM

Steiner.....facts are one thing going on and on and repeating the same thing over and over is ranting!!!! We know women are all stupid and know nothing about science. Libs are all idiots and are to blame for every bad thing in the world. No matter what the subject is Steiner you repeat the same thing "as facts" over and over!!! I call that ranting!!!

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Sep-28-13 4:06 PM

a tidbit for the gals and anyone who knows a tad of science. commentor would call it rants. This is going to sound unbelievable. A permanent magnet is not the same as a magnet produced by an electromagnet. yep , thats why i figure and see. If one can get past the rant calling and take a look see at science, it is much more interesting than i ever remember it taught in school. but of course, we have to swallow the liberal line about climate change, stop bullying, misogyny , war on women when its actually men etc. Science is being driven backwards by the libs and it can only mean bad things. starvation and cold will be back! Just like the early days of the soviet union . The ruskis loved starvation and cold.

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Sep-28-13 4:00 PM

hey commentor, since when are facts rants ? Do you know what facts are ?Everything i have said is either from PBS or in my personal history book collection.Tuttle is just another Ida Tarbell adjusted for historic time. tarbell hated std oil. Gals just never get it. All the patents, all the things we take for granted , electricity, chemical are all men with very rare exception. So gals, when are you going to join 21th century science . The heisenberg comments ignored by commentor. That poster is completely ignorant of all the foundation science that the great men like bohr and einstein have said. back to the gals, do ya need a jobs bill too ? Equal pay ? you gals are unwittingly ignorant of the greatest advances in science since about 1865. i cant fathom why, unless it is true, my theory, gals and science dont mix.

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Sep-28-13 3:35 PM

Clowns, your actual energy essentially comes from Dunkirk (physically), but on paper you are probably purchasing it elsewhere. Ever wonder why it's called a power grid? Because it's all interconnected.

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Sep-28-13 2:06 PM

It takes a whacky group like the League of women voters to join forces qwith another whacky group, The Sierra Club. Both are extreme liberal organizationa and neither group displays any common sense.

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Sep-28-13 12:28 PM

Sierra Club = misleading, elitist, good-for-nothing group that pretends to conserve natural resources. Bunch of jokers. Now, LOWV is as big a joke as them. FFS.

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Sep-28-13 9:09 AM

This is just fuel for Steiner's rants, however, these two groups give women a bad image.

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Sep-28-13 9:05 AM

The League of Women is nothing more than another community organizing group for Obama and the Democrats.

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Sep-28-13 7:45 AM

so gals what is the energy future, besides growing natural gas in the earth with my hydrocarbon grower energy blend. here is the future gals. You have been slipping a lot since curie. You need much govt aid and help to be fully liberated. like that makes sense. the future is the direct manipulation of the heisenberg uncertainty world. You dont have a clue do you ? This is where curie began work, but no gal has picked it up since. I guess youi gals dont have the mind power after all ?!Facts for judeye, our world is derived and descends form this world. It is better than nanotechnology as nano is still on our side of the uncertain heisenberg world.AKA debroglie waves. Modify this world and energy and even life itself is there gals miss this entirely , using your so called feminine intuition. I call it the feminine mistake, not goofed it again gals. you are good at goofing.

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Sep-28-13 7:37 AM

hey gals, the former world trade center towers used 25 million watts of electricity each. thats 8 large windmills. NYC and other large cities could not ever run on green energy or even heat from the core. We would have to have so much pipe drilled into the earth it would be impractical. The gals are against fracking but for geothermal ? Are you plain crazy or just activist women ? gals, you need 5-10 acres of solar panels / million watts and thats only when the sun shines . So the dunkirk power plant would be thousands of acres of solar panels. Jobs from green? NEVER have they produced as much as claimed. Never as much as the fracking boom out west.Will the green energy make more choice available via abortions for our gals ? anything for our gals.

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Sep-28-13 7:30 AM

so the gals want transmission upgrades. that means there must be a plant somewhere generating electricity. Else there is nothing to transmit. Gals, what is with you and prohibiting coal like alcohol ? is it your mommy instincts ? you are taking the greatest invention of all modern times elctricity and goofing it up. By the way a man, tesla, gave this to us. it works well, better than any govt agency or even femiminst organizations. My goal in life is to see the feminists twitching in mental illness, like a leroy high school gal. twitching from their lack of any scientific knowledge.lets see, i have mentioned how gals trieds to stop anasthesia work by men both in US and acroos the pond. face it gals, the men have BURIED you in can only mess it up. you were saying gals ?

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Sep-28-13 7:22 AM

There is no such thing as a scientific activist woman. None whatsoever. Beyond coal to renewables ? You gals dont know a blessed thing. You need thermal plants as a backup as wind is not 24/7. This is so obvious, it proves my point that gals are learning disabled. Look at europe, with its green energy troubles. thats what the gals want here. Hey gals , did ya ever wonder why you got the vote later than the freed minority slaves ? because you would only goof up society. Even christ knew this because there were no gal apostles. Whattsa matter, prohibition not enough for you ? look at that big smile on Tuttle goofing it up and loving it ! so gals, life is moving to beyond woman, yep, ancient writings indicate you are an aberration and destined to be replaced. if not society will fold with feminine intuition.

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Sep-28-13 6:23 AM

George you could have showed up at the meeting and gave your opinion. Must be you are your relatives work for National Grid. I live in Dunkirk and receive my electric from nowhere near the Dunkirk plant. Waste of money the Dunkirk plant is.

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Sep-28-13 5:17 AM

Shame on the League of Women Voters, who claim to be nonpartisan, for sponsoring the radical left Sierra Club on this topic. Sierra Club's position on the NRG plant is hypocritical and dead wrong. They are actually supporting the closure of the plant and the development of a transmission line to old-fashioned dirty coal plants in Ohio! The Sierra Club is National Grid's lap dog and has compromised their principals by supporting the transmission line option.

Where was the opposing viewpoint in this discussion? Where was the balance in this important debate?

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