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Municipalities not making grade

Publisher's Notebook

October 4, 2013

Big headlines this week center on the federal government shutdown and the lack of accountability by our bickering Congressional leaders for allowing it to happe....

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Oct-18-13 7:36 AM

My Village is far from an F.

In fact I would give it an A .

I love my Village and all it offers to its residents. We have a great relationship with the College, expanding opportunities for all. The Opera House is a valued treasure, with shows and presentations of the highest quality, at reasonable cost. The activities offered in the Village, such as all the festivals, the weekly farmer's market, and the concerts in the park, give back to each of us who live in or near the Village.

Oh is an A for sure. Working on making it an A++

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Oct-05-13 2:31 PM

Typical yardstick of how neo-con your district is. No one is really fooled by this.

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Oct-05-13 8:51 AM

BASEBALL - in a consolidated mode there would be an entirely new government, an entirely new school system and a structure of both that would be conducive to growth and prosperity. The alternative is stagnation and deterioration which is what we have now.

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Oct-04-13 6:48 PM

PhilJulian, Really, you are the first one to complain how bad the City and its school system are run! Who in Fredonia in their right mind would want to be a part of that!

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Oct-04-13 4:28 PM

A C+ for Dunkirk and an F for Fredonia. I can agree with that but surely you want to know why. Village leaders and residents have always had their noses pointed firmly toward the sky. The only time they want to be associated with Dunkirk is when they are desperate for water. Just mention a merger of the two communities and Fredonia residents get goose pimples. They want nothing to do with Dunkirk's minorities and Dunkirk's school system. So, someday when our area sinks to the bottom as it surely will, just remember that it was the elite class in Fredonia who wanted nothing to do with government consolidation and reform.

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Oct-04-13 12:12 PM

If this "group" were to be considered credible they would not dwell on the negative without a suggestion for improvement. I didn't see any suggestions as to the answer to these problems. As for Fredonia getting an F and Dunkirk a C+ really. Brocton is a c+. Must be having a downtown that looks like the city dump is the qualifier. What a joke!!!!

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Oct-04-13 10:10 AM

And it is comical that John mentions Saturdays event when neither he nor Gib could be bothered to show up. No newspaper coverage whatsoever. Shows you how much they want to publish positive news and try to better our community.

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Oct-04-13 10:09 AM

Have you driven through Perrysburg lately?? If that is what an 'A' looks like I pray that Dunkirk never gets there!

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Oct-04-13 10:08 AM

If some of you feel that the Observer should not publish what they believe to be factual,one might ask if you feel the same towards other media as well such as the main street TV news outlets?

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Oct-04-13 9:23 AM

we think that this another example of the " pot calling the kettle black" when did John D become the grade giver, the people (taxpayers) should be that, not the publisher of a newspaper who changes his tune more often than not, John's opinions reminds us of Texas weather, if you don't like it wait a minute it will change..

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Oct-04-13 8:25 AM

These grades are actually high. Why don't some of you people sit back and look at your community. It is falling apart around you. Quit living in fantasy land.

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Oct-04-13 7:29 AM

I am glad you are not my teacher because you refuse to talk about the positive. We all may need to change, but your article does nothing to support that, you just whine.

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Oct-04-13 7:24 AM

John D. Must not have paid attention much during school. If you average these grades, it turns out to be a C, which is considered average, not below average as mentioned in the article.

It is hard to believe that someone who wants taxes lowered would rail against not paving a dead end street. Many municipalities are cutting back on dead end roads because, as they should be, they are the least of our problems. I wonder if John lives on that street?

Also, how can you be in support of school mergers that will raise taxes, yet in many articles you demand lower taxes?

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Oct-04-13 6:28 AM

Article is shallow, shortsided. Grade D-

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Oct-04-13 1:47 AM

What a joke these grades are!

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