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Shutdown continues

Budget, debt unresolved on shutdown’s third day

October 4, 2013

WASHINGTON — Three days into a government shutdown, President Barack Obama pointedly blamed House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday for keeping federal agencies closed, while the bitter budget disput......

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Oct-04-13 6:19 AM

Sure, what does Boehner and the rest of congress care, they are getting paid. What about the millions of Americans that you now have on hold. These are working families most of which are middle class. I think they should all be impeached and lets start over.

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Oct-04-13 7:06 AM

What concerns me most about the shutdown..(other than what bronski is truly affecting many real people and their families in a wide variety of direct and indirect ways) the total disregard to our Constitution on how we make and change laws in our Country.

The Affordable Care Act (yes folks it is the same as Obamacares)...was passed by both Houses of Congress. It was then signed into law by the President. (all clearly outlined in our Constitution) It was then ruled CONSTITUTIONAL by the Supreme Court. It became a central issue in the last presidential election, with the person opposing the aca losing the election, and the person supporting this law WINNING.

The House then tried to repeal the ACA some 44 times, each time failing.

Now some (a few extremists) are holding our entire Country hostage because they still do not like the outcome.

Spoiled brats who are acting like bullies right now. I am so disgusted.

Speaker Boehner LET THE HOUSE VOTE.

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Oct-04-13 7:33 AM

**** em.

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Oct-04-13 7:47 AM

Liberals, liberals. What do you really know and care about? Obama and his health plan are BAD for American. Spending is out of control. We pay too much in taxes but you want us to spend more. The Dems won't cut our taxes or do any reforms but the liberal press blames the Repubs. Wish the main street press lived in the real world and didn't get their education at liberal colleges. No the sky isn't falling. Obama isn't KING. Why won't the Dems compromise for the good of the people? BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ONLY ABOUT POWER!!!!!!

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Oct-04-13 7:51 AM

Judeye is posting nonsense again. The ACA is legal. Well judeye, so was forced sterilizations, Buck vs Bell, women not voting and the feeding chairs. Jim Crow legal too. The holocaust was legal. judeye are you that ignorant of history or just plain stupid ? Calling repubs extremists only adds fuel to the fire. The prez talks to iran and wont talk to repubs. The libs are mentally ill folks. I say shut the govt down. ACA is a train wreck, big labor agrees and judeye just parrots the company line. Golly, such a lack of brain power is amazing ! Bring the govt to its knees just like all the boston bomber amputees are. As the amputees are legless, bring down the federal govt after the stupid govt employees missed the tsarnaev brothers even when tipped off. Judeye, how do ya miss again and again just cuz somethings legal, that dont make it OK? You are learning disabled for sure !

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Oct-04-13 8:05 AM

I agree w/the GOP in one respect, but not at the cost of a govt shutdown that will certainly harm an already fragile economy. What's the point in establishing a debt ceiling if the Dems keep raising it and spend as if it were an imaginary or unenforceable limit?

judeye: don't you agree that Prez Obama & the Dems are just as guilty for not willing to accept necessary spending cuts? It seems clear to me that if he & the Dems would agree to such cuts, the debt ceiling wouldn't have to be raised.

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Oct-04-13 8:08 AM

here would be judeye in other eras. After civil war, to keep those freed slaves from voting, jim crow them.See the United states vs Reece,1876, the court said disenfranchising voters because of race illegal, BUT, it left the states to determine other ways, literacy tests, poll taxes etc.Whites were exempted due to the grandfather clause.The south went on a huge stop the vote campaign. This was legal till 1944, smith vs allwright and then terry vs adams, 1953. all enforced by terror, the klan. All legal she would say.later buck vs bell said forced sterilizations ok. they had darwinian science and genetics to prove it. The govt has put a rein of terror on its citizens. Now they mandate buying a product and judeye is OK with that. judeye ia another ida tarbell but does not know it. So judeye, i have given you facts. You have only opinions.winning an election ?so did the dixiecrats. JFK won by fraud. judeye would continue the massive govt intrusion all becuz its legal ! she is amazing

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Oct-04-13 8:10 AM

wiseup...the issue is NOT on the benefits or downfalls of the ACA. It is THE LAW.

We have ways to change that law...Shut down the government is NOT one of them.

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Oct-04-13 8:24 AM

Captain..have you looked at the budget? The GOP are getting almost EVERYTHING they have asked for.

Center for Am Progress..The Senate CR is Already a Compromise

"The Democrat-controlled Senate agreed to temporary funding levels that are far closer to the Republican-controlled House budget plan than they are to the Senate’s own budget for fiscal year 2014. ..The Senate-passed legislation to keep the government open sets funding levels that are even lower than previous compromises.Just ask House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)—the compromise incorporated in the Senate CR was originally his idea."

Please go to read the entire article which comes with charts showing that compromises have been made..too many in my opinion...and the budget is exactly what they had asked for. But now it is not enough? extremists taking our Country hostage....they are out to destroy our Country.

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Oct-04-13 8:34 AM

judeye, you are ignorant, plain and simple.we have ways to change the law she says. You gotta be kidding. Suffragettes stormed the white house in wilsons day to get the vote. The south went to war to keep slaves. the libs went on riots in the 60's and 70's to get what they want. look at detroits history. Judeye, you are one ignorant liberal.judey you forgot again big labors opposition to ACA. Judeye, do you actually know anything, read anything except the party line ? every indication is no, you dont.judeye, why do you ignore all the facts i post while always saying you have the facts ? you are learning disabled arent you ! judeye, history is full of legal but later regreted actions by the govt. judeye learns nothing. She just keeps onmaking mistake after mistake.your beliefs are staggering judeye, staggering in their ignorance of cause and effect and reality. wise up she says !

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Oct-04-13 8:37 AM

judeye, i saw on tv the ACA is up to 17,000 pages . how in hades is anyone gonna understand that ?how can anyone implement that ? Are you plain nuts judeye ? Will you set us straight in your misguided and wrong historical posts ? judeye, be our guide ! LOL

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Oct-04-13 8:43 AM

Yes Judeye Obamacare is/was passed according to our laws. Then there have been 19 changes, and counless exemptions and waivers instituted without the consent of congress so we do not have the same law as was legally passed do we?

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Oct-04-13 8:47 AM

Let's face it folks. We have a dysfunctional government controlled by special interests and extremists elements in both major political parties. In the past these problems would be solved in the process of negotiation and compromise. When extremists get involved compromise is no longer a possibility. In the final analysis we have a society that has become dependent on government from cradle to grave and the result will be a socialist country with no incentive for hard work, self reliance and accomplishment. The answer is for a third political party to emerge, one that actually represents the majority of the working class, coupled with comprehensive campaign finance reform and spending controls.

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Oct-04-13 9:01 AM

This Tea Party fiasco is going down in flames -- the country is against it, Wall Street is against it, even the GOP is having a civil war over it -- and Team Obama-Reid-Democrats-Liberals are sitting back, immensely enjoying the entire disintegrating implosion.

The outcome is crystal clear: there will be a clean CR, the debt limit will be increased, Obamacare will endure, the GOP brand will be severely weakened with 2014 election impacts, the Tea Party will be forever branded as amateur loonies, Obama will emerge stronger than ever, Boehner will be a nobody and more minority than white babies will be born...

Deal with it guys -- your racial resentment world changed forever in November 2008 -- the country is moving on and leaving you behind.

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Oct-04-13 9:06 AM

its all on I call him. He is the problem, and he needs to get spanked..oh wait...election time is here..another fiasco..oh wait..if the govt. it shut down no elections..

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Oct-04-13 9:15 AM

Judeye, if the ACA is the law, how can the president issue exemptions to this law to different groups and organizations? Can Obama issue exemptions to other laws to different groups? Maybe he can give the Mafia an exemption to run prostitution, gambling, and murders? How about issuing the Cartels an exemption to import illegal drugs into America? Maybe I can get an exemption to forgo my income taxes for this year? Maybe if it was treated like a law by Obama and applied equally to everyone in the nation like other laws are, then Republicans wouldn't have a leg to stand on and would go ahead and approve funding it. Until the president takes a leadership roll, it's just a bad nightmare.

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Oct-04-13 9:19 AM

Politicians are also "special interest groups." Most of them do what's best for them (to get re-elected), NOT what's in the best interest of the country as a whole. As long as there are bleeding-hearts, as well as voters who rely of govt assistance as their sole source of income, nothing will change and the country will seek further into debt.

"...the answer is for a 3rd political party to emerge, one that actually represents the majority of the working class..."

You're right, but it's still pure fantasy!

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Oct-04-13 9:21 AM

Phil, the so-called extremests on both sides aren't really the problem. The problem is that we don't have a president that is a leader. All the guy does is make campaign speeches blaming others for his failings. It takes leadership by the president to get stuff like this worked out. We've had 17 shutdowns since the 1970's and the leadership of the presidents got us through them. Clinton's leadership in working with Gingrich back in 1995 not only came to good compromises but led this nation into a prosperous time. We need a president that's a leader, not a finger pointer and whiner.

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Oct-04-13 9:46 AM

judeye said: "The GOP are getting almost EVERYTHING they have asked for."

Really? If the GOP is getting all the cuts they've asked for, then judeye, feel free to defend and/or explain why the Prez and his party still insist the debt ceiling be raised? Oh, I'm sure they'll spend ALL the money from any cuts they've allegedly agreed to, but the debt ceiling MUST remain intact, otherwise, the debt will keep growing...duh!

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Oct-04-13 10:04 AM

Steiner, you're going to accuse someone of parroting and toeing the company line and then say Obama will talk to Iran but not republicans! Not too must be losing a step.

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Oct-04-13 11:48 AM

The big problem is that our govt is dysfunctional. They are in power too long and just get power hungry and owe too many favors. Term limits are needed. The govt is like a bunch of kids fighting in the playground. They suffer nothing because of their decisions. That is just wrong!!!

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Oct-04-13 12:06 PM

Stang, the President blames starving kids in third world countries for your last post. Not his fault.

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Oct-04-13 12:24 PM

Why is the Government shut down? Because the Congress does not want to increase the National Debt. When Obama has a problem his answer is to spend money. Has he cut any unnecessary programs? Well he did cut the military budget by $500 billion dollars. Does that make sense? All he (Obama) can do is spend money and when he runs out he ask for the debt limit to be raised. 19 times he all by himself changed Obama care after it was passed. He can't do that. Even a first year law student will tell you that. It is about time that someone stood up to Obama and his out of control spending. Also, all the talk is about the National Parks. Not nSA, EPA, military. Why? Because you want to get the people behind you. This happened in Germany in the 1930's and you know what happened. Don't believe me? Get a copy of Mein KAmpf and read it. There are a lot of similarities.

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Oct-04-13 1:39 PM

Really, hadenough, really? Your "Obama is Hitler" meme is as ludicrous as it is foolish -- you just can't stand a black guy is running the show and that the country -- your country -- elected him twice!

All presidents and all congressmen of all parties -- every one of them -- have been spending for decades. Everybody wants stuff for themselves and not for others -- multiply it by 536 and it gets huge fast. That's the way our system works.

Obama spends more than who? Reagan? Nope, Reagan had HUGE deficits. Dubya fought and bought two expense wars dollars? Nope: borrowed money and HUGE deficits.

Hitler, spending...what else don't you know?

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Oct-04-13 2:06 PM

Apparently Boehner is still delusional, believing he's the one in charge of running this country. Too bad he's using his power and position to ruin middle class lives.

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