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Help others; inspire yourself!

October 5, 2013

It’s so inspiring to hear stories of people who have a purpose in life. One of these purpose-driven lives involves giving young boys a new lease on life....

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Oct-05-13 8:24 AM

Maggie, thanks for doing your part to help wayward boys. But first, to be a complete success the camp must be a money loser and subsidized by the govt. For inspiration , i would read the lives of great people, like tesla, rutherford or even curie. Read american history too and see what life was like and america built with a very limited govt. Rugged individualism was the norm . It was a DIY nation. Of course this is rigorously hated by the libs. They believe the govt did all things without there being much of a govt.The libs today ignore on purpose the part that religion played in the founding of the country. They say, it was not a christian nation, the response to the islamic people who gave america trouble. the libs forget columbus went west becuz the arabs had control of the east. The arabs were strong military wise too.Go back to the ways that work. liberalism flunks

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Oct-05-13 9:24 AM

Steinerdzzz...a rugged, DIY small-govt individual, such as yourself, obviously has no need for the Social Security money free Medicare health insurance and all the consumer protection from good, safe food to insuring your bank account to protecting you from predatory practices of the utility monopolies you receive every day, every month, every year.

But there you are, wolfing down at the liberal government trough -- quite the stand-up rugged DIY guy example for us all...

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Oct-05-13 10:06 AM

hey stupid cronig, the govt out and out steals from its own citizens trillions a year and you are ok with that. my electric bill is 60 bucks a month for an all electric house, except for heat. What can you get for 2 bucks a day cronig. I can draw 20 KW if i want and it still works. oh electric system invented by private diy, tesla and westinghouse. all your liberal largess is arising from private enterprise. You miss that again and again. cronig, you lack any knowledge of any history , science etc. you are a good liberal. or your are stupid, one or the other. your liberal income tax makes all of us poor to support monopolies like the public employee unions. thats ok to you.

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Oct-05-13 10:26 AM

cronig, what is predatory now except the govt ? It spies on us, pats us down at airports, takes pictures of us anytime it can. It held up tea party applications at the IRS. private enterprise is predatory . You must be nuts.In the diy days before this stealing of money for public unions, any farmer /smart guy would have by now a natural gas to liquids plant. Making gasoline and fuel from fracked natural gas. Hey stupid cronig, even the robber barrons cheapened the cost of gasoline and food. Your beloved govt arose and drove up the price of everything. Why is that ? History shows the democrats from day one were stupid and dependend on slave labor. All the brains were up north. even Davis could not convince the south they would lose if not smarter. The south lives on in cronig.

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