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Be “one” for change and love

October 12, 2013

You have no idea how rewarding writing this column is, but I’ll give you an idea by sharing a letter I received from Elaine Hogan of Brocto....

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Oct-14-13 12:04 PM

stweeneey why don't you get your own column in the paper,so you can bash your self loathing self..

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Oct-12-13 3:19 PM

Steinerdzz...just a few FEMALE PHILOSOPHERS...Marilyn McCord Adams (born 1943)O Linda Martin Alcoff Alice Ambrose (1906–2001) Julia Annas Tullia d'Aragona (c. 1510-1556) Marilena Chaui (born 1941) Diotima of Mantinea G. E. M. Anscombe (1918–2001)C O R W Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)C O R W Arete of Cyrene (4th century BC) Aristoclea (6th century BC) Aspasia of Miletus (5th century BC) Mary Astell (1666–1731)A B C D1 D2 R Babette Babich (1956–) Annette Baier (born 1929)O Simone de Beauvoir (1908–1986)D1 O R W Helen BeebeeFrances Wright (1795–1852)D2 Dorothy Maud Wrinch (1894–1976) Alison Wylie (born 1954) Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski (born 1946) Alenka Zupancic (born 1966)

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Oct-12-13 9:45 AM

maggie, America was founded on certain philosophic principles. the libs are trying to turn america upside down. they succeeded in judeye. she gets everything backwards. The power of philosophy will raise up nations or destroy them .Witness the mideast and the jihad principle. This was launched just after ww2 by the islamic scholars. very few people know this , but it is in books and on TV like PBS. maggie, please look up hitlers and lenins life. see that they were book lovers, believe it or not. they were smart in a cunning sort of way. Ideas move history, not love. that just makes families and is fun. love, not religion is the opiate of the masses. until you feminists understand this, you will be hooked on the govt and not realize your full gal potential. You are actually hurting yourselves gals by depending on the the great inventor minds, love was not in their loves or rather just a love of science and drive to make it so.they never thought love alone was enough. it ai

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Oct-12-13 9:34 AM

the "wise " commentor is spoken. I must respond. hey maggie, your article shows why gals are 2nd class citizens and will remain so. Because you gals do not understand philosophy and there are no gal philosophers of reknown, you gals will fall into that love trap. Love is great among families. It will absolutely fail on the world scene. Only one versed in philosophy like Hitler and especially Lenin will understand what i just said. Lenin was well versed in hegel. One of the greatest minds since the greeks. You gals think that you can fight against such minds like lenin on love, It will not ever, ever work.Another example, the Magi would know what hegel would write. they got it from ancient writings . the magi knew sometimes it was life or death. love was an illusion. i cannot fathom why you gals miss this over and over. Since the dawn of history it was valid, yet you gals miss it. the magi would be like that rambo character. they would ask what happened and then go do the mi

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Oct-12-13 8:45 AM

Steinerdzz leave Maggie alone. She is entitled to live in her world just as you live in yours.

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Oct-12-13 8:25 AM

Very nice column Margaret. I read with interest the part about controlling people so can you please forward a copy of this to the White House and the screen writer guild posthaste?

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Oct-12-13 8:20 AM

hey Maggie, i think you do have to be hit by a bolt of lightning. See your Hitler Lenin comment. Then ask why we should support public schools, the haven of non choice. Schools run by democrats so by your own statemnent the govt is making more mentally challenged people, democrats as replacements. Why else would the govt fight choice so fiercely ? In NYC a would be mayor candidate said to voucher advocates, no way. Public or nothing . Its the spirit of c o m promise trumpted by the local libs, judeye , cronig etc.By calling for love you have made a throwback to the 60's hippie culture. that did not work either, Maggie. You should remember that.

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