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Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

October 12, 2013

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week: BEST FIREFIGHTER HONORS — Sheridan volunteer firefighter Ron Keddie, who died in June 2012 after having a heart attack while responding to a......

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Oct-12-13 11:15 PM

You can disagree with me if you like, but show me where a village was dissolved and it resulted in any real savings.

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Oct-12-13 8:41 PM

All towns, cities and villages should be absorbed by the county and have one governing body for all but we will never see that until it is forced on us!

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Oct-12-13 10:32 AM

The towns are not set up to provide the service of the villages. Christopher is correct, they should be absorbed by the villages.

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Oct-12-13 9:21 AM

Dissolving a village to potentially save a meaningful amount of money is unsupported by facts. Randolph just went through this a few years ago. End result - former village residents saw NO decrease in taxes and residents who lived outside the village saw a "less than 5% decrease." Go see what you are paying for your town taxes, calculate 5%, and then yawn.

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Oct-12-13 8:28 AM

hey commentor, from American histroy we know that america became great with little govt. that includes schools and towns. See Abe Lincoln. This was told in letters back to the folks in europe who flocked to get here becuz of this. Now the libs, since JFK and his beloved public employee have changed this to mean the govt did all, knows all, sees all, invented all. That aint true. Commentor, do you actually know anything ? You seem like judeye !

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Oct-12-13 8:24 AM

hey commentor it is you who have said nothing. I have asked what the people will do when the population declines even further. there are no signs of a turnaround. Even the large multinationals are smarter than the local people. they use the Ireland - cayman Island connection to reduce their tax burden. they are not as stupid as cronig . They know the govt wants their money bad. It is all legal even after rants by democrats saying the corporations were avoiding paying their fair share.Then we get posts from people like the libs here saying tax the wealthy. the wealthy are not as stupid as the liberal posters here. Now commentor you were saying ?

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Oct-12-13 8:19 AM

As usual Dcronut and Steinerdzz say the same thing.....nothing. Christopher is 100% correct.

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Oct-12-13 8:07 AM

Mr editor, cronig did not disappoint you did he? he called you clueless church lady gaggle. But there is no war on women from cronig. cronig it is you who are clueless. thats all you say , church lady gaggle. cronig your beliefs fly in the face of americn history.What do you propose to do when enrollment declines even further as it will and is ? Keep a school or a govt open for just a few hundred people ?cronig, the govt never solved or invented anything. Private minds did it. So try and learn something other than the same tired phrases you always say. Are you brain damaged ? cronig lives in his alice in wonderland, the liberal gal, the opposite of the church lady gaggle. The clueless gals, like cronig need their man. They have learned nothing from history.

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Oct-12-13 7:29 AM

Our democratic process and elections have repeatedly validated the obvious: we like our structures and their interactions -- schools, towns, villages, municipalities, counties and state -- just the way they are.

And relentlessly obvious: we don't listen to the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board.

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Oct-12-13 6:59 AM

Why do people seem to look to Town Government to solve political issues? Towns should be first on the list of political entities to dissolve, followed by Authorities. Most states do NOT HAVE Town Governments, and seem to get along just fine without them. Example: Fredonia, Population approximately 11,000, Town of Pomfret, Population about 2500. Take a look at what the costs are to run those two entities per resident. Who should absorb whom?

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