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Westfield botches ‘blessing’ again

October 13, 2013

By LAURA A. IMM I graduated from Westfield Academy and Central School in 2009. At that point in time, just over 60 people were in my graduating class. It has only declined since then....

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Oct-15-13 5:08 PM

Steiner clearly reading comprehension is not your forte. I did not state anywhere in my comment that money is evil, merely that my generation does not think it grows on trees. I have no idea where you get your figures from, but they are wrong. Youth unemployment in the E.U as a whole is 24% in Central Europe it is 17.6 % and in the U.S it is 17.4%. ( source economic world forum)There was no original thinking when we founded America? Oh really where did we get the idea for our government then? I'll give you a hint the Roman government was the first to use this style of government, so no America wasn't wholly original in it's structure. Please educate yourself before you post. Oh and the libs destroyed America? Right they moved all the jobs overseas and cut taxes for the wealthiest one percent.

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Oct-15-13 8:52 AM

people and young people for sure think money grows on tres. Student debt more than credit card debt. More people on disability than ever. Black folks worse than ever under obama. yet these people vote democratic. they want the money. record people on food stamps. the libs have killed all job creation in this country. So whats left? The govt. Liberal largess they call it.In my lifetime, the libs have detroyed the america i knew. Where money was not thought to be evil like cec comment. Whats wrong with money by the way?

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Oct-15-13 8:37 AM

hey cece, if europe passed us educationally, how is it that youth unemployment is 25 % across the pond. Why do we always look to see what other people are doing ? Thats not original thinking. we certainly did not do that at the founding of america. It arose much later. from the liberals. they were the ones who could not think, never could. I agree with Laura and Dk on this. Wil we keep schools open for 225 people ? i think not. the 1%ers and wall street. We could not function without banks and or money. read american history. Money troubles galore. this eased when the robber barrons arose, yes posters, facts. They recued the govt more than a few times. they were the banks. The libs have turned on the people that feed the system. Merge all the districts. it will arrive one way or another.

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Oct-14-13 1:41 PM

Clowns, if you are speaking about me, no I am not a teacher nor work for the school district. I am tired of the small town mentality when it comes to these subjects. You and Bill must have coffee together and apparently have nothing better to do with your time. No programs, no students no money. I will be watching as this unfolds and will give you a big "I TOLD YOU SO IN THE END"

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Oct-14-13 12:13 PM

My guess Bill is without a doubt is a teacher who would have lost his job if merger went through. Typical person only worried about themselves. Scumbag.

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Oct-14-13 11:32 AM

We are around 17 trillion dollars in debt in the USA. Everyone thinks money grows on trees (it began in the 1950s) if you say otherwise your lying.

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Oct-14-13 11:32 AM

We are around 17 trillion dollars in debt in the USA. Everyone thinks money grows on trees (it began in the 1950s) if you say otherwise your lying.

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Oct-14-13 6:36 AM

Bill you are presuming all young people think money grows on trees. I don't think this is a fair assumption. Yes, Ms. Imms could have gone to any school, but that's none of your business. What should be your business is that taxes will continue to increase and population will decrease. You like many of the old money in Westfield are stuck in the dark ages. Besides, who are you to judge where someone attends school and how dare you assume the reason behind choosing such school. How do you know about Ms. Imms personal information regarding her schooling? Keep spouting off your crap on this site because no one else cares of wants to hear you anywhere else.

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Oct-13-13 10:03 PM

crusin, my county has a consolidated district with 72,000 students. The district is recognized for excellence by every national educational organization.

Don't say it can't be done...

...and I applaud this young woman for standing up to entrenched thinking.

P.S. In 2012-13 our spending per pupil was approx. $11,500/ student. That's what consolidation -done right- gets you.

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Oct-13-13 8:07 PM

Consolidation isnt necessarily better. Hawaii has a single state run school district with one doe board. Principle have little authority. While student funding is equatable, test score rankings are at the bottom. Good teachers leave in droves. Facilities are crumbling. Becareful what you wish for.

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Oct-13-13 7:53 PM

Laura I for one agree with your opinion and people like bill who are worried about losing their job ( he may be a teacher ) don't care about the quality of education he just spreads lie's

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Oct-13-13 5:04 PM

Just like in the Ripley merger, taxes would increased for Westfield and nothing would have changed, except for the fact that school costs would have continued to climb with the merger money. This way forces the school board of education to make changes. Its about time.

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Oct-13-13 5:02 PM

You sound like a parrot GRIFFEN60. Just because you say it over and over again it doesn't make it true.

The plan said without changes, without retirements, without adjustments, without additional state aid changes Westfield would go broke in 2021.

That is WITHOUT CHANGES. It's not a realistic view to think things will not change.

Keep drinking the kool aid.

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Oct-13-13 4:00 PM

Merger or not taxes will go up as the population goes down in Westfield ! It's predicted that Westfield school will be broke by 2018. Less electives , less extra curricula activities ... Yea it's a good thing Westfield voted it down!

Wolverine Pride = Wolverine Ignorance

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Oct-13-13 2:39 PM

Westfield did what was in their best interest. If we cannot educate our children at a cost of 25,000 dollars per year then shame on us.

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Oct-13-13 12:57 PM

Like Laura , I too am a recent graduate of Fredonia State and yes I did go there because of cost. Believe it or not my generation does not believe money grows on trees, despite what Bill from Westfield claims. In fact my generation will be worse off economically than my parents generation. How have we kids led to the demise of the economy Bill? I can assure you it wasn't Laura or I that have plunged our country into financial ruin, Laura and l didn't cause the subprime housing meltdown, we didn't cause the wall street meltdown and we surely didn't cut taxes for the richest one percent. Assuming Laura and I had the financial means to go to an Ivy League school the point she was making was that no Ivy League school would bother to take a look at us if we had no extra curriculars, we would not be competitive candidates in the admission process. An investment in education is an investment that guarantees returns. Your attitude is exactly why Europe has surpassed us educationally.

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Oct-13-13 10:40 AM

Check Business Firsts latest rankings. Many small schools seem to be doing just fine. Mergers just kick the can further down the road. In 2010-2011 Chautauqua Lake ranked 4th out of 98 local districts spending a whopping $24,016 per student, while Catt-Little Valley spent $22,071. If you're fiscally responsible you don't offer electives for 7 students even in a merged school just because you can. NY has to change the way they do business. Many area students do just fine at college. West Point,NYU,RIT,Columbia to name just a few. Most choose a school based on programs and affordability. Merged or not students will continue to go to college and do well. Desire and hard work are the key.

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Oct-13-13 10:22 AM

People feel the fix is to dissolve Brocton and send students to Fredonia and Westfield. So there goes taxes to bring the WACS building up to State standards and technology ie smart boards and so on. Again were these things explained during this whole process? How many people came to the open house/tour in Brocton to see these things? My understanding is not many even the folks who were in favor. Still lots of stones unturned in this process from where I see it.

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Oct-13-13 10:07 AM

Whom ever Mr. K is it is not me Bill so once again all of the needed information to make a correct decision is not there. Not saying your position is wrong but I feel that the advisory committee could have done a much better job of putting info out there. Specifically about the debt in Brocton and what caused it. IF is related to the CLASSROOM Upgrades it is one thing. The swimming pool should have been filled with stone a long time a go.

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Oct-13-13 10:00 AM

Brocton is in the most trouble so they are looking for a quick fix. They were a lot cockier in the Fredonia merger. Westfield taxpayers used their brain. Why they even entertained the thought of a merger is what puzzles me.

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Oct-13-13 9:44 AM

No Sabres9289 aka Mr. K. I will not run for a political office, I will leave that up to politicians. I will do what I do best, run a business and employ people, oh and pay my taxes.

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Oct-13-13 9:09 AM

Bill so we will see you name at the top of the Ballot for the next BoE Seat? Maybe County Ex? Mayor?

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Oct-13-13 8:12 AM

Bold statement, you must be kidding.

Kids grow up thinking money grows on trees and then they become the adults that have lead us to where we all are now. The government is BROKE.

The fact is merging schools has not worked in NYS to reduce the taxpayer's costs. The 25 million in state aid is taxpayer money also.

The fault is with the local BOEs and Superintendents who refuse to make tough decisions.

Once again this writer could have went to any school she wanted to. In the end she probably went to the cheapest one because like taxpayers she doesn't like paying out money any more then we do.

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Oct-13-13 7:56 AM

Pretty bold statement to Ms. Imms. You need to find the right balance. Are you willing to support the school if enrollment continues to decline? I agree with Ms. Imms. The small town mentality wins every time. No one wants to change. The state needs to come in a force their hands. I went to school where there was only 2 jr and sr high schools. Traveled 10 miles to get there. If you combine all of the sr highs in chaut county they would make up the 2. Only 2 principles, 2 assistants and so on. Big savings but to this county it is a blind eye.

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Oct-13-13 7:46 AM

I am thinking Ms. Imm probably went to Fredonia state. Nothing wrong with Fredonia, but more then not people go there because its CHEAPER then other major colleges.

Ms. Imm could have went to Stanford, or UCLA or another 5 star college. She could have went to an Ivy League school. She didn't.

More then not the answer is MONEY. Ms. Imm why didn't you take out money to attend a school. More then not its because you would have to pay it back and you didn't like looking at the loans. That my friend is what taxpayers feel like.

Even with 25 million in incentive aid Westfield taxpayers would have seen an increase in taxes. Plus we would have been paying that $25 million in incentive aid.

For most it comes down to money, we spend around $25,000 on a student every year, K-12. Isn't that enough? We don't need to create a bigger system we need to reduce the system we have. A merger WOULD NOT have done that.

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