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Horrigan urges legislators to rise above politics in County Home vote

October 18, 2013

Chautauqua County Executive Candidate Vince Horrigan is ready to move forward and approve the private ownership of the Chautauqua County Home to the proposed new owners....

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Oct-19-13 12:29 AM

Why is it none of you are concerned about legislators voting one way to get your vote, then stabbing you in the back after election day and changing their vote? Lori Cornell has said just that - she will vote NOT to sell before election day, but if they wait until after Nov. 5, she will vote to sell. Just keep smiling.

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Oct-18-13 3:04 PM

Sure Judeye I'll point it out to you right after you answer the question I have been asking you that you refuse to answer,Deal or no Deal?

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Oct-18-13 2:43 PM

Quote from another article today: By tabling a resolution to require a percentage of local workforce and suppliers be used for projects funded by the taxpayers through the IDA, these legislators decided they don't want to let the public know what they support or do not support. They took a pass on taking a position. Two of these legislators are asking that we elect them to a higher office Vince Horrigan and Larry Barmore. Yet they voted not to voice their opinion.

Do they support local workers and suppliers, or not? It's a simple question that they dodged under the protection of their partisan colleagues. NO VOTES FOR INCUMBENTS!!!!!!!!

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Oct-18-13 1:33 PM

JoeW...what polls?

Show me where a poll was conducted..outside of this paper...that indicates that most people in our County want it sold.

See NO one once again addresses the old issue of the gas well.

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Oct-18-13 11:38 AM

It's selfish to want to keep CCH open. They have made no attempts to lower the cost, it's ridiculous. They have overpaid RN's who only do treatments, an LPN job. The CCH will end up just like Lake Shore, so sell it now.

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Oct-18-13 10:54 AM

If the legislators truly voted the wishes of the people of their districts, the vote would be 21-4. Clearly 75% of the people in the county want the CCH sold.

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Oct-18-13 10:34 AM

After the vote on the Home and the election of cty ex this will be the Observer headlines.....Cty home vote NO SALE.....Johnson elected cty ex or Cty home vote yes......Johnson elected Cty ex. Looks like Horrigan can't win or can he. We all know this vote hinges on are there more voters to sell or to keep the Home????

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Oct-18-13 10:01 AM

Well Judeye since all the polls show a overwhelming desire by residents to sell, it should be a slam dunk right?

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Oct-18-13 9:00 AM

Judeye there is a very easy answer to your questions,call Mr Edwards and ask him and then let us know. What could be easier? Call him today,get it done.

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Oct-18-13 8:50 AM

When a person calls another a liar using a phoney name there should be no credibility given to their comments since they are based on conjecture and slanderous remarks.

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Oct-18-13 8:40 AM

NO ONE should be guaranteed a job and Vestracare actaully said they would NOT be bringing in Philippino nurses - spreading lies to defend your position is wrong!

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Oct-18-13 8:01 AM

Again, it appears that the supporters of not selling the homes real objective is the employees. Just read Judeye.s comments and you see what is really going on.

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Oct-18-13 7:48 AM

"vote their conscience based on those they represent"

I am thrilled that my legislator is doing exactly that. Voting his conscience based on people like me in his district who strongly oppose the sale of the CC.

How can a For profit company hire all the same workers at the same pay with the same benefits and still make a profit? And yet our County is unable to do so? Makes NO sense..because it simply is untrue. Wages will decrease, as will benefits, and not all the workers will be hired.

When will questions regarding the drilling of a gas well that sits there idle be answered? Until those who were in our legislation can honestly answer questions on why a half a million of OUR money was wasted, how can any of us trust you with any financial decisions?

No to the sale of the County Home.

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Oct-18-13 2:40 AM

You are lying Mr.Horrigan. Vestracare learned its lesson after buying the Ulster County Home,the lesson is that if you hire all the current employees of the County Home(50% plus 1)as they did in Ulster County,then the CSEA Union is automatically recognized and comes with the deal and they will have to negotiate a contract with the CSEA Union.Vestracare admitted they made a mistake,and has said, that wont happen here if they succeed in acquiring CCH.Vestracare will not hire no more then 50% of the current employees!.They will bring in workers much like the Philippino nurses Farbenblum did in the Avalon Home,resulting in 16 nurses walking off the job because of breach of contract and slave labor.Here are 2 direct quotes from the Asset Purchase Agreement. "Nothing herein shall require Purchaser to hire any of sellers current employees" "The Asset Purchase Agreement shall not constitute an employment agreement or condition of employment for any employee of the County or an

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