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Invest, don’t punish!

October 26, 2013

How many of you are familiar with Covenant House in NYC? It’s a wonderful haven for children lost on the streets. They take these children in and change their lives....

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Oct-26-13 7:54 AM

hey maggie, did ya ever read american history ? I think not. greed bad ? Nope, greed is a great motivator. The colonies were started by greed. first by the sugar plantations, then tobacco and finally cotton. fortunes were made. Yep, thats the way it was. Taxes were non existant. Bootlegging was done too. All motivated by money. Invest, not punish ? that model failed in our public schools. we spend a fortune and get criminals and more recently a lot of school shootings. Not a good return on our investment. Criminals in jail ? They would be democrats. Cronig would like them as they vote democratic and then go to jail or the cemetery. they like it and want it so we should support them. Maggie, why did columbus go west ? Becuz east was blocked by islam and they wanted tribute, greed. So did the europeans and america wa started. Facts for you ! greed is great. Apostle Paul was confused

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Oct-26-13 7:58 AM

Maggie , give the same to each person ? are you kidding ? even the parable of the talents contradicts this. Rich people give more to society . They should get more. If it were not for corporations, we would not have had the labor saving devices we have. Fortunes were made.people are different. the libs dispute this and apparently so do you. I am suprised you have not learned this at your late stage in life. usually you figure things out by just being alive after decades of life. I think you missed a lot of stuff.

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Oct-26-13 8:28 AM

Steinerdzzzz...only an idiot bigot praising American greed from the plantation system GOOD, as the plantation system created, fostered and sustained slavery for hundreds of years -- the genocide of Native Americans, slavery of millions of fellows humans, caused a horrific civil war and lingering racism which we still have today.

You are a vile, mental midget.

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Oct-26-13 8:32 AM

Mrs. Valone is a big-hearted person who writes with sincere good will. Even if I don't agree with everything she says, she is good-hearted, and THAT's what this country needs. If all of us who have good hearts were governing, we WOULD find compromise for our disagreements.

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Oct-27-13 8:02 AM

hey stupid cronig, america did not start the plantation system. I believe it was the dutch and the spanish with sugar. It was YOUR beloved party that fostered the racism. You miss that always. Why is that cronig ? Anyways, thats the way history went. The did not colonize america to lose money as you libs do with all your money wasting ideas. So cronig, like judeye, you dont know any history. the corporation arose, the repubs answer to the plantation and you libs dislike that too. PS. the native americans were susceptible to disease , the portuguese found slavery already existing in Africa by black leaders and you blame america ? Cronig, you are one remarkably stupid person.

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Oct-27-13 8:07 AM

truth teller, you got it wrong too ! c o m promise. lets see . there were no bad references to slavery in the founding documents . Do you know why ? The party of cronig at the time would not permit it. The party of cronig fron 1820-civil war end held up expansion of america westward. The cronig party wanted slavery in the west. the repubs, the very people he hates and mocks did not want it. yet cronig shows himself, like a peacock with fethers arranged in glory, as the party of justice. the truth is all the other way. the libs today are the party of oppression. look at the lack of choice in schools, shootings etc. cronig neglects that too in his self righteous condemnation of any who disagree with them.

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Oct-27-13 8:13 AM

hewy cronig you missed also the reason columbus went west. It was the muslims. the same people who gave is the treaty of tripoli. Cant go east, go west. Fact for you cronig. Indians eliminated ?It was legal and to use your phrase, they , washington and others, liked it like that. yep, guess you dont know philosophy, you dont know anything cronig, this was a classic hegelian maneuver. history moves in such fashoion, Lenin and Marx knew it even if you dont cronig. The indians worshipped the great spirit of yaweh, a lesser god vs the christ of christianiy. Cronig, you are ignorant every which way i see. All my observations based on philosophy and historical facts. You just name names cronig, steinnerdz Not too smart are you ?

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Oct-27-13 8:20 AM

maggie got confused too. be nice. I almost cant stop laughing. the business world is not that way at all. John D showed Ida tarbell , who thought like Maggie. Ida won a small battle got Std oil broken up, but Ida lost the war. Maggie lost the war. John D was a religious type person. these people almost always win against the likes of maggie or ida. another fact for the ignorant posters like cronig.You libs have no philosphical or religious foundation except feel good or steal money. Your way always lands up on the scrap heap of history.the steiner business and life model is like Hollywood before digital movies. Roll 'em. roll over the opposition before you get rolled. It is fun when you know how. Gals, this is where you mess up ! you gals are clueless.

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Oct-28-13 7:56 AM

especially for maggie and cronig, from PBS special about slavery. The white man did not start or cause slavery in africa, it was done for hundreds of years, blacks selling blacks. Why? ethnic problems and money. Black historians on the show said that it would have been a miracle if america started without slavery. Also brought out was the fact that blacks, still living today sold them, the slaves, fellow blacks and made very good money.All before the white man. So cronig, you are wrong as usual. Maggie, you need to read history. PBS is not right wing. This info has been in other print media, but this is the 1st time on TV. Cronig, you dont know a thing.

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Oct-30-13 12:49 PM

Definition of punishment: When your computer takes 30 seconds to load the comments from the article and you find out it's just another Steiner rant.

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