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Small rally on big issue at SUNY Fredonia

November 1, 2013

SUNY Fredonia was the site Thursday for a rally to support Campus Equity Week, a nationwide effort to upgrade the status of professors and other campus professionals from part-time adjunct and......

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Nov-04-13 11:37 PM

What's missing in his whole discussion is EDUCATION. The imparting of knowledge and skills to students. Over the years I have been taught by TA.s, MS, ABD's and PhD's. The depth of knowledge is generally much greater as you advance up the the academic scale. Granted, PhD time is often siphoned off to direct research, but even that generates curent knowledge passed back down the chain. The idea f a college is to educate the students, not building monuments to the reigning president. Fortunately there is a new SUNY president who wants to move in different direction. Many of her goals focus on ..... education.

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Nov-02-13 10:02 PM

Also, the complaint about UUP as compared to CSEA and the "show us what you make" complaint are both unfounded. The point is that some Profs. make much less than the janitors and secretaries...this is a fact that is reported publicly on SUNY Fredonia's website...The Profs. in question make less than unemployment for a full-time load...

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Nov-02-13 7:29 PM

Some of these comments indicate that the article was not read carefully. Many of these people have PhD for the notion that the solution is to find another job: well many of us have other jobs. The fact that there are more lucrative opportunities does not change the fact that a majority of profs. across the country are being paid less than fast food workers and this amounts to exploitation for supply and demand issues, that is why unions were established in the first place...

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Nov-01-13 10:00 PM

The adjuncts I know with an MS teach at community colleges, typically programming or systems engineering courses. Adjunct PhDs around here drive hundreds of miles a week to settle between 4-year schools.

It's a buyer's market right now, and the prevailing wage is what it is...

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Nov-01-13 7:32 PM

Oh yes - and workers at fast food restaurants should be making $15.00 per hour. Ask any union leader and they will tell you there should be no limit to union demands. Ihave the same advice in this matter as I do for other occupations. If you don't like your wages - go find a better job! If you don't like your benefits - go find another job! How much longer would you want our students to go into debt for their tuition loans!New York State should be following the lead of Wisconsin by elimiating union bargaining power.

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Nov-01-13 4:57 PM

Maybe the Ph.D.'s are making a lot more money and have job security because.. oh.. i don't know.. the GOT THEIR PH.D.'s!

You want tenure at a University (worth going to) and you want the pay and 4 classes a semester that goes with it - put in the work, do your thesis, get the doctorate, and there you go.

Whiners. You are adjunct because you have an undergrad degree and you are teaching undergrad 100 level courses.

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Nov-01-13 3:02 PM

It’s simply supply and demand – there are far more PhDs looking to teach college than there are positions to fill. And it’s much cheaper for a school to hire part-time professors than it is to bring them onboard as FTEs.

(You wouldn’t know it, though, looking at how tuition increases have far outpaced the cost of living.)

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Nov-01-13 10:08 AM

There's those unions again. Hello times are tough. Now is not the time for demands. Publish everything you have and your pay. Let's see just how tough you have it.

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Nov-01-13 8:59 AM

Really? Replacing MANY vacated "lower" staff positions is more important! If you don't have the clerical and support staff all colleges would cease to function. The "lower" "less important" postions (otherwise known as CSEA), are being required to do more and more work for the same pay! One critical department at SUNY Fredonia went from a staff of 6 to a staff of 3 and they are expected to do all the work. Quit bellyaching UUP - you have benefits that you should be embarrassed about receiving - i.e. a 2 hour lunch on any day an you don't have to use any of your accurals!

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Nov-01-13 6:45 AM

Quit. With that much education, finding a much better job shouldn't be that hard. If colleges don't have turnover or difficulty finding people dumb enough to work under those conditions for literally more than a decade, what's their motivation to change?

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