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Jury finds Taglianetti guilty

November 9, 2013

MAYVILLE — After hearing impassioned closing arguments from the defense and prosecution Friday, the jury found Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti II guilty of second-degree murder....

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Nov-09-13 4:35 PM

I have to correct my previous statement. A little research shows that there were four (4) spent rounds found in the cylinder of the recovered 357 revolver. Further indication that there was nothing accidental about the gun going off. The cylinder must partially rotate to bring the weapon to "battery" for each shot. That can be done only by either a long pull of the trigger in "double action" firing, or 1st thumbing back the hammer and then pulling the trigger for the optional "single action" type discharge available on such revolvers. The evidence indicated that the muzzle of the gun was purposely, not accidently, placed with each shot that struck the victim.

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Nov-09-13 3:46 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the cylinder of the recovered revolver found with three spent and three live rounds in it? And wasn't the victim reported to have been shot three times, point blank, one of which was almost immediately fatal? I'm not going to believe for one second that that a double action revolver went off "accidently" three times while being used to bludgeon someone as each shot would require a separate "long" pull of the trigger. I might buy one shot, but three? NEVER!

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Nov-09-13 2:27 PM

I said to my lady friend, if I'd been the public defender, with both Taglenetti's and Reed's DNA on the gun, I'd have argued a struggle, no intent to kill but just to beat the "crud" out of him, an accidental discharge. Lo and behold, paul Cambria on the news made that exact same case for a possible appeal. I'm apparently in the wrong line of work! :) Anyway, very, very few cases are as open and shut as many seem to think, and good lawyers find the cracks and holes in them, it's their job.

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Nov-09-13 9:42 AM

The evidence was overwhelming. And they even had the " Smoking gun" with his DNA on it. God bless the Reed family and we hope for proper justice in the sentence.

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Nov-09-13 9:18 AM

There's always one wanna be lawyer in the jury room. You think he is guilty but you're going to be a jerk anyway!!

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Nov-09-13 6:31 AM

My condolences to the Reed family. Do I think he did this horrible crime? Yes. Was the circumstantial evidence heavily incriminating? Yes. But I do feel Barone did his job in raising reasonable doubt. The jury, however, relied on obvious conclusions b/c the case lacked, according to Barone, any irrefutable forensic proof.

Yep, I'd be that "pain-in-the-***" 11-1 holdout. ;)

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Nov-09-13 4:03 AM

sad all the way around. justice was served.

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